Stolen Valor suspect and Valor Vulture Blumenthal wastes no time at grabbing attention from tragedy.

| October 3, 2019

Seven people aboard a vintage World War II plane were killed Wednesday when it crashed shortly after takeoff, erupting into flames at Bradley International Airport, just outside of Hartford, Connecticut, authorities said.

State Police Commissioner James Rovella told reporters at an evening news conference that the families of all but three of the victims had been contacted.

Blumenthal who served during “Vietnam Times”, jumps in front of the first camera he can find to demand that legit veterans who spent a better part of their lifetime trying to preserve the history of World War II be grounded.

Something is septic about a man who takes to flights of fancy about his military service demanding anything from those who served with humility and honor.

I don’t really expect Blumenthal to be anything other than a Richard.

Richard Blumenthal was never in Vietnam.

Richard Blumenthal lied about his military service.

Richard Blumenthal is a valor vulture.

I hope the interwebnet thingy reflects that.

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Dick is a dick… an attention whoring dick, first class.


Hey Dick, I heard you like dicks, so while you’re being a dick, here’s a bunch of dicks while you’re being a big Dick.


There’s a face that I would love to give a knuckle sandwich.

Blumenthal needs to crawl back into his septic tank and shut up.


There goes Dick again, stepping all over his nuts.


“…stepping all over his nuts.”

Danang Dick has balls?

Asking for a friend.



He’s 73, I don’t think that’s his real hair color either.


Or his teeth, if Biden is any example…


Are dentures required for the DNC? Remember Pelosi chewing on hers at the state of the union?


Why does the first knee-jerk reaction of every Democrat seem to be revoking freedoms?

Dave Hardin

“every Democrat” is painting with a wide brush.

I think there is one in South Dakota that claims he is for freedom.

I could be wrong.


DNC is suing Iran for rights to the “Death to America!” slogan…

MSG Eric

I read that on the internet, it must be true.


Well, it was The Onion actually, but well laugh at things both because they are funny and because they are true…


Ol Da Nang Dickhead

5th/77th FA

The smarmy faced, self centered, back stabbing, valor thieving, asinine, chicken shatted, parasite on society Richard “Danang Dick” Blumenthal should just take his mofoing prissy assed, cocksucking, bitch slappable face straight to hell and burn while Satan devours his worthless soul. Another Google hit for you kiss my ass Richard Blumenthal. Another epitome of a waste of oxygen whose mother should have just swallowed. You are a lying sack of sh^t Richard Blumenthal. The souls of the people lost in this tragedy will be awaiting the chance to torment you for all eternity.

I’m wid Graybeard here. This mofo needs to be beat most severely about the face, head, and shoulders. I’d say kick him in the balls too, but I don’t think the asshole sucking, piece of sh^t has any. ESAD!


Item not part of the The Hemisphere of Insults®™

“parasite on society”


5th/77th FA

Honored my Brother. Glad to contribute… again. Maybe I can catch up to APIs level of contribution.

You do know that I read every word of the HoI each time it is deployed, looking for another addition that can be made.


Two interesting comments about Danang Dick from a Forum (link and comments below). He wants Vintage planes that are used in flying tour groups grounded until the NTSB completes their investigation on the crash.

My heart goes out to the Families and Friends who lost love ones in this tragedy.

(1) “Was the fire even out before Sen Blumenthal had a press conference to announce how he wants all vintage planes grounded?? Opportunistic…..never mind. Hope d/n stray into politics, but shameless, self promoting, uninformed, ‘look at me I’m doing something’ behavior needs to be called out.”

(2) “That is indeed shameful on his part. They probably hadn’t recovered all the victims yet.”


SOP for Democrats… the politics goes in before the bodies go out to the morgue.


That’s not his real hair color. He sure does use almost enough hairstuff for men to flatten that so that no one can see the skimpy parts.

I thought he’d gone away. He has no concept of what it takes to maintain anything, including vintage aircraft, but he just has to get attention – ALL OVER AGAIN.

Mark A. Lauer

I think he uses that spray on stuff.
Or just a can of Dutch Boy.


That aircraft just left Vermont, I wanted to go look at it.


I have flown aboard that aircraft five times.
That’s five times more than Dickhead Dick.
I once served in Vietnam. That’s once more
than Dickhead Dick.

What a ghoulish figure he presents.

5th/77th FA

Wow. That aircraft has prolly been closer to the Viet of the Nam than danangdick has been.

Those are good linkies that ninja put up there. Going by the marking, that aircraft also saw more combat and active service than POS asshole dickie saw too. Sometimes hard for me to decide which I despise more, this POS, Hanoi Jane, Lurch, or dasHildabeast skankapotomous.


I think he’s jealous.


Just spread it around, 5th/77th! Despise them all equally and thoroughly.

Any time one of these attention whores shows up, if I can, I turn the sound down and say rude thing that go with the way they wiggle their lips.

In this case, dickie-bird looks like he’s been getting botox for his lips. Maybe they’ll fall off his face some day and he’ll lose his train of thought.

What? I can dream, can’t I?



Is this the same aircraft?


Yes, my dads name is stenciled on the
fuselage as a “donor” from back in the
nineties when we donated to the upkeep.
Dad was a gunner/togglier in WW2.

We flew together on her from New Bedford
MA to Springfield VT.
I have many photos taken in flight.

A terrible loss.


Thank You, 26L for sharing this.

Yes, it is a terrible loss.


I once saw one come into Springfield Vt. on a very low cloud day. We could hear it but couldn’t see it till suddenly it broke thru the clouds and turned sharply and landed. It looked like you could shoot it down with a 30-06. A big slow moving target. That was back in the 90s. A B-25 was also supposed to land there as well but stopped in Keene instead.


That is it. I’ve been in it multiple times. I flew in the B-24 in the background this year.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Hanoi Jane” Fonda has more time in Vietnam than Blumenthal.


True dat.

MSG Eric

Thank you. I will definitely remember this one for future purposes.

Farmer 1371

Good one!!

The Other Whitey

I wanted to cry when I saw the crash on the news yesterday.

I took my kids aboard Nine-O-Nine when the Collings Foundation came to Gillespie Field last year. Three years ago, I submitted photos to Jonn for the WOT of my then-infant son in the cockpit and the radioman’s window/gunport. I have a beautiful shot of my wife holding my son with Nine-O-Nine as the backdrop. That aircraft is irreplaceable, as were the people aboard her. This is a tragedy.

(Limp) Dick Blumenthal can fuck off and die.


“Vintage B-17s are flying death traps… we should ban and have a mandatory buyback of all AR-15s!” Democrats called-for in response.


Pardon, couldn’t resist. (Democrats actually did demand AR-15s be banned after a stabbing.)

A Proud Infidel®™

Richard Blumenthal is as big of a cocksucker as ‘Alaska Bob’ Glaves.


Out of respect for D-rat Congress critters, I always us the more formal and respectful term “sucker of cock.”


Sausage swallower, choad blower, etc.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I’m surprised DICK didn’t call for common sense B-17 laws.


We need special warbird commonsense safety laws. The thousands of regs and dozens of statutes governing all aircraft are not enough.


Well, they are “military grade” ~and~they were only designed with for one purpose: to kill.


It is beyond sad when one of these flying history museums is lost. Of course, the loss of lives is the worst part.

Oh, sure, ground every vintage aircraft. Like that accomplishes anything. As if proving airworthiness isn’t already required by the FAA. And as if the crew would consider flying her were she not maintained well.

Bloomy? We already know that you are a class A dunce and a jerk. You don’t need to keep reminding us of that. Seriously.

Been around old aircraft my entire life. Most are maintained better than the commercial flights we take. Much safer, for the most part. (Maybe not the GB replica a friend built, but that was a notoriously dangerous aircraft when it was first designed. Very fast, and won a bunch of races back in the day. Killed a lot of pilots, too.)


Screw this richard. My Dad and I had the privilege to fly on Thunder Bird, a B17 belonging to Galveston Flight Museum. A memory I will never forget, especially as I was at the nose bombardier station when we landed (as senior vet, Dad got that seat on takeoff!)
B17’s that can fly should fly. Forever if possible.

The Other Whitey

I dream of flying in a B-17 someday. No aircraft in existence looks as beautiful in the sky as a Fort.

Perry Gaskill

A confederacy of dunces. Blumenthal obviously knows nothing about aircraft, and the news media trots him out as an expert on the topic. Apparently talking to a pilot, or the FAA, or NTSB directly never occurred to them.

I happen to be a big fan of vintage aircraft and losing one of the remaining B-17s is a grim event. What’s also true is that there is going to be an investigation whether or not Blumenthal demands it. The additional demand to ground all existing vintage aircraft is playing showboat. Under normal circumstances, a fleet-wide grounding is to catch and correct design flaws. After 75 years, and likely hundreds of thousands of air hours, it is extremely remote that all aging aircraft will share the same point of failure even assuming the problem was mechanical design.

Judging from the available information, which is scant because the news media wasted its time talking to Blumenthal, my own instincts would lead me to consider a fuel-supply problem. That could relate to either the Avgas itself, or a fault somewhere in the delivery system. All four engines on a B-17 would not normally decide to stop turning all at the same time.

The apparent facts are that the aircraft was able to take off but not able to gain altitude. The pilot decided to circle back to land but likely experienced a stall on the turn from base leg to final.


Concur, Perry. My first thought was incorrect type of fuel received at last pit stop.

RIP to the passengers/crew/and the bird herself.


It would not be the first time that a fuel truck was mistakenly filled with the wrong fuel or that it was filled with contaminated fuel. The NTSB will have a difficult time finding what was the mechanical or other problem, since the aircraft was destroyed by the resulting fire. For the benefit of those not in the know, there are no “black boxes” on these aircraft and the flight crew were likely all killed in the crash, so there will be no source of information about how the engines were performing on takeoff and climb out.


It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, gets recovered from the passengers’ personal effects. Having taken a flight on one of these 17’s this past summer I can tell you first hand that everyone is recording it somehow. There’s a very real possibility that there will be photos and videos from inside the flight.

Obviously those little memory cards are susceptible to heat, but they’re remarkably resilient. I’ve sent many through the washer and dryer to no long term damage.

The Other Whitey

There’s a fuel contractor in NorCal who’s paying for a bunch of new fire engine motors. Said contractor was fueling engines on a campaign fire, but never thought it was odd that the “diesel” he was pumping smelled an awful lot like avgas.


I know it’s not the most reputable source, but here’s an update.

Connecticut ANG Command Master Chief sounds like might have been the hero of the day, with his now lucky gloves. He’ll probably be the last actively serving airman to be able to talk about surviving a Flying Fortress crash.

The pilots, ages 75 and 71, are presumed dead, but the flight engineer appears to have survived. So he’ll be the key to the investigation. Though from what I saw on my flight, the engineer didn’t have a lot to do aside from work a fuse panel. It’s not like other heavy bombers like the B-29 where the engineer did everything engine-related.

Perry Gaskill

A possible clue might be the dense black smoke in the video. It looks awfully oily to me for gasoline, but might fit the profile for, say, JP-5 which is closer to kerosene or diesel.

If that’s the case, a wild guess is that the engines might have been able to fire up and run but not develop full power. There’s also a chance the fuel might have caused spark plugs to foul which could have led to a progressive failure instead of all at once.


Fuel would be a likely culprit as whatever happened seems to have taken all four engines out. The plane should have been able to fly with one dead engine.

The Other Whitey

A B-17 with no ordnance loaded can fly well enough on two engines. One is possible, but not advisable. Losing all four definitely suggests a fuel issue.

That really breaks my heart. Seven people and a priceless piece of living history lost because some dickhead didn’t pay attention.


Consequence of Millennials who always got a trophy and “socially promoted” in school perhaps…

The Other Whitey

I spoke with the CAF crew of Sentimental Journey last fall about their B-17 maintenance program last fall. They have the entire airframe x-rayed for cracks every year, have a custom shop that fabs replacement parts as needed, and swap out engines at shorter intervals than original specs call for. Expensive as all hell, but effective. The biggest wild card is always the human factor, as pilots with B-17 stick time are increasingly rare. The -17 is said to be a “pilot’s airplane” with very forgiving handling characteristics, but you still need to know what you’re doing in an in-flight emergency.


The Collings Foundation pilots are pros who have thousands of hours logged. You don’t let someone fly an irreplaceable warbird worth millions who doesn’t now what he is doing.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Very sad. I remember one was lost a few years ago carrying people. Retired NYPD retiree worked part time with us and he flew 17’s out of Kent England during the war, then fighters over Korea.


It sounds like something clogged a delivery line and engines lost power. One of the restored planes used during the filming of “Memphis Belle” crashed on takeoff.

These things do happen. It has nothing to do with “vintage” or “replica” or anything like that.

Blumenthal is just grandstanding again. You’d think he’d have at least enough decency to say the right thing, but he’s proved now that he can’t even do that.


There are so many fuel lines running from the multiple fuel tanks, I doubt that a single clogged fuel line could cause the crash. The airplane can take off and climb with only three engines and a light load, which would have been the case here. Two engines out and you have a problem on climb-out, especially if both are on the same wing. The pilot only reported a problem with engine no. 4, which is an outboard engine on the right wing, I believe.

A Proud Infidel®™

Pity it didn’t hit him:


My response to DickieBird Blumenthal is as follows:
A – He just is not important enough to listen to.
B – See the following video.


He really does love the sound of his own voice.
I heard him speak at at Veteran memorial dinner once, after 5 minutes of him speak and trying to keep my friends’ conversation down (respecting the office, def not the man), I politely excused myself, hit the latrine then went for a smoke. While out there I burned 2, had a quick phone chat with the cute chick I was banging at the time, went to the car to grab more drinking money. I went through the side door nearest the bar, out of eyeshot from most of the room, his handler (read: bodyguard) was standing there, we exchanged a ‘I can’t handle this guy speak anymore glance’ both smirking, and order a whisky with ice.
He was at it for at least 30 minutes.
Anyone that sat there for that long deserves a f*cking medal.

A Proud Infidel®™

I once had to hear Les Aspin speak at the AUSA Convention in DC, I was woken up by the E5 sitting next to me because my snoring woke HIM up!

Cameron Kingsley

Now that’s a funny story. First time I have ever heard of someone being woken up by someone else because they were snoring too loud. I assume this was a mandatory event (or one of those in which attendence is “optional” but strongly encouraged).

Comm Center Rat

I’ve heard it said “there are no former Marines.”

An exception should be made for Lil Dickie Blu despite his service during those “Vietnam times.” He only diminishes the honor of the few, the proud.


Well, he’s a genuine asswipe– never to be a “former” about that one.


One sweet WWII aircraft! Have had the B17 “Aluminum Overcast” fly over my home in the country, a number of times.

The Overcast was rebuilt by the EAA near me.

Not many more left flying.

Today, a total of only 39 surviving B-17 bombers (out of 12,731 produced) are located in the United States, plus several in other countries. Several B-17 planes are still airworthy today, including “Memphis Belle”, “Sentimental Journey”, “Nine O Nine” and “Aluminum Overcast”.

Guns: 13 × .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns in 9 positions (2 in the Bendix chin turret, 2 on nose cheeks, 2 staggered waist guns, 2 in upper Sperry turret, 2 in Sperry ball turret in belly, 2 in the tail and one firing upwards from radio compartment behind bomb bay)
Short range missions: 8,000 lb
Long range missions: 4,500 lb


Yeah, as for “Little Dick Blow-me-now”, fake Viet Of The Nam hero warrior??

Q: What does Richard Blumenthal and a porn star have in common?
A: They are both experts in switching positions in front of a camera.

Q: What is the difference between Democrat Richard Blumenthal and a prostitute?
A: The prostitute provides value for the money she takes.

Q: What do you get when you put Richard Blumenthal in a room with 69 lesbians?
A: 70 people who don’t do dick!

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Apologies for my poor linking skills today. 🙁


My brother bought a 1946 Taylorcraft taildragger when he was old enough to get his pilot’s license. He still flies it. It has had at least four new covers (stripped to the framework, new fabric doped and painted replacing the prior cover) and had the engine overhauled a couple of times. Just regular, routine maintenance. Plane hasn’t crashed in 73 years. Not even a rough landing.

In fact, the planes that fly to the EAA fly-in at Oshkosh, WI, every year are in some cases older than Blumenthal, who really should just get his mouth sewn shut and go sit in his corner.



Da Nang Dick is such a miserable lying POS. True to D-rat SOP, he never misses a chance to exploit a tragedy and get his smarmy mug in front of a camera. These aircraft are over 80 years old. Collings Foundation meticulously maintains them, but the parts for them are mostly also 80 years old or re-manufactured. Everyone who rides on one signs a release and knows or should know that flying on them is not as safe as a trip on a modern airliner.

If these historic aircraft can’t take people for a paid ride, they won’t be flown anymore and will not be fully preserved. I flew on the Foundation’s B-24 this year. We had an in flight engine malfunction and the flight was terminated. I watched how carefully the crew repaired the aircraft and confirmed the fix worked on the engine in question. I had a perfectly uneventful flight the following day.


Safe as a modern airliner? All those Boeing 737s are showing cracks in wing supports. I’d rather ride in an open cockpit Stearman biplane that some of these modern aircraft.

Comm Center Rat

For any fellow aircraft and aviation history buffs, I highly recommend the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center in Horseheads, NY (near Elmira and the Finger Lakes area). The facility has aircraft from WW II to the present day including helicopters and gliders. I have family living in the area and when I visit I enjoy seeing the exhibits. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers help restore/maintain the aircraft and give insightful tours. Many of the volunteers are veterans with intriguing tales of their service with various aircraft. Fun times!


The audio communication between the B17 Crew and the Bradley Tower, before and after the crash:


“But year after year, the numbers get fewer
Someday, no one will march there at all.”