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| September 19, 2019

Suspect in Seattle Transit Tunnel Slaying Arrested; Notice Anything?

By Dave Workman
Seattle police announced the arrest of a suspect in a fatal shooting that occurred in the city’s Westlake Station transit tunnel last Friday; a man apparently “well known” to lawmen in nearby Bellevue, where the arrest occurred, but already Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is blaming guns, not the alleged perpetrator.

In a statement quoted by KIRO, the local CBS affiliate, Durkan declared:

“We must put an end to senseless gun violence – in our public spaces and neighborhoods, and in our homes and schools. Too many have suffered. Together we must change this culture of violence.

“While this incident does not appear to be random, acts of gun violence have a significant impact on our community, especially in a place like a transit station…

“The City and Seattle Police Department has been deploying new strategies to address public safety issues downtown including emphasis patrols and targeted operations. We must approach public safety in a holistic manner to most effectively address the root causes of crime and gun violence.”

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The Mayor uses the opportunity to tout “…new strategies to address public safety…” that don’t seem to be working. The article may be viewed at Liberty Park Press.

Armed robbery suspect shot by victim

by: Steph Machado
A man accused of robbing another man at gunpoint was ultimately shot by the victim, Providence Police said.

The robbery and shooting happened on Simmons Street shortly before 11 p.m. Monday night.

Tyrelle Palmer, 26, was charged with armed robbery after being located by police at Rhode Island Hospital, according to a police report.

According to the report, the alleged victim told officers he was outside his home smoking when Palmer “came up to him and placed a firearm to his head and said, ‘run your pockets.’”

According to the victim, Palmer wasn’t “satisfied” with what was in his pockets and pushed him inside the apartment. A physical altercation ensued, and the victim was able to reach his own gun and shoot Palmer, according to the report.

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The entire article may be viewed at

Mom of man in road rage shooting: It was self-defense
Investigators say man who was shot was aggressor

By: Melissa Luck
The man shot in an apparent road rage incident in the Nine Mile area Thursday night appears to be the aggressor, according to Spokane County major crimes investigators and the shooter’s mother.

The incident happened Thursday in the area of 8600 Block of N. Seven Mile Road.

Witnesses say a man was a passenger in a car and got upset with another driver. The passenger got out of the vehicle, was yelling at the driver and began physically assaulting him.

4 News Now spoke to the mother of that driver, Monica Pooley, who said her son warned the man that he had a concealed carry permit. He pulled it out as the man approached the vehicle and told investigators that the aggressive man taunted him, even as he warned him about the gun.

According to investigators, the driver thought the man was trying to take his gun and was punching him, so he fired the gun, hitting the man in the chest. He was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The driver then panicked, threw the gun into the passenger seat and left the scene. He got to a safe location and called 911.

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The article in its entirity may b e viewed at

Poor man’s trifecta, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, with zero morts, three ventilated, and none reported in the wind today. Added a link to an update on yesterday’s three slain burglars. Give that homeowner a cigar.

Fox News

The right of the people to keep and bear arms has been recognized by the General Government; but the best security of that right after all is, the military spirit, that taste for martial exercises, which has always distinguished the free citizens of these States….Such men form the best barrier to the liberties of America — Gazette of the United States, October 14, 1789.

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  1. pookysgirl (WC wife) says:

    “4 News Now spoke to the mother of that driver, Monica Pooley, who said her son warned the man that he had a concealed carry permit”

    I would not be surprised to hear that journalism classes have replaced grammar sections with activism seminars. Then again, given the current insanity, perhaps the son *is* named Monica.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      A big sigh for the death of proper English Grammar in print. Sister Mary Grace? Ditto the gun grabbing, we know what’s best for you politicos of Seattle.

      Another big sigh for Mother’s/sons named Monica. Is there a blue dress involved?

      Still another big sigh for Tyrelle (Claw?). Such a good boy trying to make enough to buy a new choir robe and books for junior college classes.

      Gun pr0n to show the bite from the bark or the squeal of the kill?

      • Ex-PH2 says:

        Sister Mary Grace is off gathering acorns in the woodlands right now. She’s also assessing the water levels in local fishing ponds, just in case there may be ice thick enough for ic fishing this winter.

        English grammar hasn’t died. The people who used to teach it have passed. Try asking one of these birdbrained reporters to diagram a sentence like we had to do in junior high school. You’ll get a blank look.

        • David says:

          “he had a concealed carry permit. He pulled it out as the man approached the vehicle”… who knew you could get shot by a permit?

    • Perry Gaskill says:

      For what it’s worth, an English class is almost always required as a prerequisite before taking a reporting class in J-school.

      My own view is that the road-rage shooting story didn’t have problems with grammar as much as clarity of the description of events. It seems fairly obvious that Monica Pooley is the mother of the shooter. A bigger question is why her son decided to pull out and display his concealed-carry permit instead of pulling his weapon first. Only the son can answer that question; it’s likely he was not available for comment because he had already lawyered up, and been told to not say anything due to possible criminal charges or litigation.

      Melissa Luck, the reporter, might well have tried to do the best she could under a tight deadline. If the story seems confusing, that’s because it was a confusing situation.

      As a simple thought experiment, those who enjoy throwing rocks at some of the FeelGood crime reporters might try for amusement to offer a better rewrite of the story. And do it with a five minute time limit.

      Bob Greene, the well-known Chicago Tribune columnist, once said he had no particular talents to offer as a writer, but he could give you 20-column-inches on a four-alarm fire in 20 minutes.

  2. Former EM1/SS says:

    I want my Thursday Feel Good Stories. Give us two Fridays I wont bitch. Two Wednesdays though?

  3. Ex-PH2 says:

    This is all because the Moon is now waning, past full, right? The Full Moon was Sept 13.

    It’s gonna be worse in October. The Full Hunter’s Moon is Oct. 13. Things are stirring under the surface….

  4. Charles says:

    Investigators say based on the witness statements, the driver’s statement and evidence at the scene, the man who was shot appeared to be the aggressor. While the shooter was initially detained, he was released. Neither man’s name has been released.

    So while the name of the man who pulled the trigger isn’t printed, we do know that his mother is named Monica Pooley.

  5. Berliner says:

    Some more info on the 20 year old Seattle Westlake Center Transit Center gunman:

    He had prior arrests as juvenile for theft and possession of marijuana.

    Sep 2018 – stole 2 purses from women sitting outside of an apartment in Bellevue, WA. He also broke into a Redmond, WA car rental agency and stole a car, all both were Felonies.

    Jan 2019 – stole a phone and bluetooth speaker from a 14 year old by threatening to shoot him. Arrested for 2nd Degree Robbery, a Felony, which was plead down to a 4th Degree Assault, a Gross Misdemeanor.

    As for his sentence… It was time served — he had already spent 100 days in jail waiting for his trial. They suspended his one-year sentence. He also got a three-for-one deal, because the time served also counted for the rental car break-in and purse snatching.

    • UpNorth says:

      Well, the state of Washington committed a gross miscarriage of the justice that was due that waste of oxygen. More ‘restorative’ justice? At the rate that some of those jurisdictions are going, it won’t be long before they lock up the victims and give the perpetrators a cash award as they release them.

  6. Too bad writer Melissa Luck didn’t Luck out on the road rage incident as the story was done Pooley.