Marine sees two high school kids fighting and responds in the most Marine Corps way possible

| September 14, 2019

Mason sends us a heartwarming story about a young Marine on hometown recruiting duty at his Stockton, California High School. He sees a couple of students going knuckles, and ends the fight in a manner not at all surprising to us who know and love our Leathernecks. Oooh-Rah!

By: Jeff Schogol

Marine tackles kids fighting
A newly minted Marine showed a little too much bias for action by body slamming two high school students who were fighting.

On Thursday, Terminal Lance’s Maximilian Uriarte tweeted a video which shows the Marine running toward and tackling the two students, then pinning one of the boys to the ground before the belligerents are separated.

“Pfc. Josue ValdezSarmiento witnessed what he perceived to be a dangerous school fight and intervened,” according to a statement from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego/Western Recruiting Region.

“As a service, we take great pride in being members of the community and would never want a student to be injured by the actions of any Marine or to jeopardize our relationships with the high schools where our recruiters often serve.”

No injuries were reported at the time and Valdez Sarmiento was counseled by his command, a Marine official told Task & Purpose.

The rest of the article and the must-see video may be viewed at Task and Purpose
Thanks, Mason

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RGR 4-78

PFC Freight Train.


The Pfc did the right thing. Being a son of a Marine and being stationed as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines. They are trained to quickly access the situation and then react! The situation would have worsened if it was not for The Pfc’s actions !


Oh good grief your full of hot air. Quit with your recruiting poster. Marines aren’t trained to walk around losing their shit over a couple of weenines fighting.



Eric Braun

Your right , force is a last resort … How about that command voice and using your authority. He’s a young pup , filled with piss and vinegar and trying on his new persona. I think we can a give our brother a pass on this one ….


Oh yeah you go in the Hood the bad area where the kids are fight they bring guns and then fight with the guns Marines did the right thing.idiot


Right. Hood area. Send the Marines in. And I’m the idiot……

Obviously you wanted to be a Marine.


No kidding! Talk about blind sided …


Your a dumbass. The fight could have gone on for a hour with no injuries. The so called marine blind sided a kid. You can’t even pull that shit in the NFL.


He blindsided TWO teens half his size, not just ONE, sport.

RJ-p Jr.

What that Marine was stupid and that PFC need to be busted down.
If that was my child and I saw that marine do that I would have beat his ass..and i am not talking just to talk i am a Marine vet and i am disgusted by his action..

USMC Steve

First of all, You would be welcome to try, and he might well bust your ass up. And if your kid, by that apparent age, cannot behave in a civilized manner, BOTH of you need to have a beatdown. He could have just let them kill each other, but he didn’t.


So you believe minor age kids acting like asses (whoever heard of two high school kids fighting – go figure)are open season to get blind side body checked by an adult with a resulting neck whip? And you think he “stopped them from killing each other?”They need a beatdown?

Pull your head out of the mason jar.


USMC Steve – I am retired Field Grade Marine Corps Infantry/Force Reconnaissance Officer and Command Legal Officer.

That PFC should be processed for immediate GOS discharge. The Marine Corps teaches discipline, good judgement and objectivity FIRST.Tbos Marine employed none of that ethos.

Physically assaulting two teenagers was not the way to go. He could have used the Marine Corps MCMAP tactics learned at MCRD to separate those two young men, rather than acting like a street thug and physically assaulting them.


Exactly sir. Street thug nailed it. The characteristics this idiot displayed have nothing to do with being a Marine. He had insecure bully issues long before that.


Oh yeah you go in the Hood the bad area where the kids are fight they bring guns and then fight with the guns Marines did the right thing.idiot


Is that what Marines do? Go in the hood and look to steamroll MINORS?

When did they become such pussies? According to you.


You must be a dummy! As a special operator veteran, we do not engaged with under age student’s at all! That’s a no no…karma will come back and hunt that dumb ass young jar head! He’ll get his coming in the near future…one last comment, that young jar head is a dam cowards for blindsided those young kids. How can you go to bed and not think about what that young jar head just did on that video..smh


So u would just watch them fight I’m disappointed by ur actions and to fight a marine who is one of ur brothers in front of them shows ur no better.


Myself being a former Marine I believe the young man did what he thought was right. The article did not say that he beat up the two boys the article says that he stopped a fight. In order to stop a fight it is necessary to be physical. What happened to honor courage and commitment. If a little old lady was getting beat up you would all be praising him. He saw the opportunity to stop a violent act and did what he thought was right so for that I applaud him. And there’s no way he should be discharged from the military I don’t care who you are that is not the answer. Let them without sin cast the first stone. no one is perfect.

5th/77th FA

Maybe Navy could find him some extra duty detail during an intra-mural athletic competition on Saturdays. Going by what happened last 8 December, Navy could use some help in that division. just saying

5th/77th FA

Scuffed up, steel toed, happy hooker lineman boots, becoming hairline challenged, shirt ripped from dragging tore up commo lines thru the bresh. Stood the waitress on her head and licked her like an ice cream cone. SHE made mention that I was the best of the bunch…not that it’s a big surprise. Ex-PH2 done told y’all I can’t be left unsupervised. daHell is AnotherPat, I need some back up here.

GO ARMY BEAT NAVY. ps Tide rolling all over hell and them SC boys. rtr My Dawgs had another gimme today. Am pulling for Navy against E Carolina.

mr. sharkman

The Cannoneers have hairy ears-
They’re dirty sons a bitches-

(someone else carry on?)

Sgt .JH

Glad he stepped in (former Army Ranger would have done the same ) He should be permoted asap !He did something to stop it.Almost everybody else would have stood and watched.He is a Marine seams too be ,a Dame good one.A Co 2/75 Abotts 1st plt


Apparently writing wasn’t a requirement for Ranger Battalion…


The lefts and parents have declared him a white supremist already.


The kid in the purple shirt slaps like a girl.
He’s the one on the ground crying.


IMHO, the Marine did the best thing those boys could have done unto them.

Maybe if the parents, and even the school administration pukes, got a little more physical with these boys they’d have a chance to turn into real men.


The real Marine way would to put football helmets on them, give them pugel sticks and let them fight it out.

And then PT them for two hours.

And then ask them if they want to make up.


Can’t do that in schools anymore


No And Then


Hell yeah!
Pugel stick battle

Just An Old Dog

I may be in the minority here but he gets zero respect from me.
He was a hell of a lot bigger than these kids and as a fucking adult, if he chose to intervene he could have done it in a better manner.
He’s lucky he didn’t serious injure these kids, who were both minors.
He needs to be sent back to his unit.

Cameron Kingsley

Yeah, if that had gone wrong such as one of the kids getting injured, that’s a guaranteed lawsuit right there and in this case well deserved. One of the comments in the article even mentioned that the two kids were pretty skinny too. Probably would have been better if he had just tried to separate them instead.


No Internal bleeding, no foul. If their parents loved them they would have beat the stupid out of them at a younger age.




I think you need your tall wipped


Judgement is now in question.

He took them down like they were a life and death threat. Watching their antics, were they a threat to anyone else? Were they even a threat to each other?

Bumps the one into the other and says “Bad? Fight me!”

Bumps the one into the other, bear hugs both, and says “knock it off or I’ll slam you two skinny assholes into the ground.”

Bumps, tackles, but like practice scrimmage with own team, pins them and says “knock it off or I’ll get real”

Walks up and says, “you like to fight, we can use that. Wanna talk about the Marines?”. Bumps one into the other if ignored. ” how come I ain’t afraid of two of you? How come I own both of you? Wanna talk about the Marines?” Subdue if needed.

Of all of those, which one stops the fight, and maybe makes mission?

Ascencion Gomez

You are obviously not a teacher. Best way to handle the first fight to to make it clear that behavior will be dealt with Fast, Firm and Fair…the USMC way.


He is likely facing battery charges, if anyone cares to press them. He is also likely going to get sued, himself and his colleagues. Those two clowns were not even a serious threat to each other. (Did you watch that video? Pfft. Ex-PH2 could have stopped that fight.) That was open and shut “excessive” for any half-assed lawyer.

How does he “Make Mission” UA in jail? If he gets his team kicked off campus?

Since you brought it up, what did he teach?

Who in that crowd didn’t know that a fully grown man, trained as a Marine, could blindside a pair of slap-ass punks?

Great judgement there. What did he do to the mission of recruiting? Yeah, plenty of street cred in the “captain obvious” category. I have personally watched my high school football team center wade into a couple of fights and -own- both combatants in the manners I described above. (Howdy! “Hulk”). What did Pvt Tackle-berry demonstrate unique about Marines, that we can’t see in a decent high-school football game?

Hope you folks don’t get kicked off campus. I hope Tackle-berry only faces his own chain of command for his actions.

What was the -Mission-? Did he support or hinder it? Did he seek a personal Glory at the expense of his Unit?


Yes, I could have stopped it. You just walk up and yell at both of them “What do you two think you’re doing??????” loud and nasty.

Then, while they’re babbling and pointing at each other, drag them off the field and if they start again on the way to the principal’s office, they get another snarling angry one. It isn’t all that hard. I’ve broken up fights between horses ten times my size by snarling at them.

Or just turn the hose on them and then snarl at them. Both ways are acceptable, in my book. And the hose works just fine.


Good grief…


Yep I agree. Reminds me of several experiences of “fresh Marine” home from boot camp and ready to prove it.


Yes sir you’re right, there was no reason for his OVERREACTION. Blind siding those boys was stupid. As a Marine in the old days if we had a dispute we’d take it outside. Win or lose you’d learn respect for eachother.


The problem is these kids nowadays most don’t know what respect is


“Hulk” the person I mention above was about 6’3 and around 285 of solid muscle with just a bit of “I love pizza” bulk. Farmboy.

In tenth grade. He got bigger by senior year.

He put -fear- in the hearts of bullies and thugs. He was trying to be a good Christian man, but had to have an outlet, so “Football”.

And thug control.

He taught respect. As far as I know, he never seriously damaged anyone off the playing field.

He had self control, judgement, and awesome power. Totally respected by all.

I heard he went into Seminary.

Sgt.T USMC 1371

That’s the problem with this world now no one wants be involved maybe we need stop being bystanders who always have something to say Good Job Devil dawg


Good job? He should be facing assault charges. Nice head in the mason jar philosophy.

USMC Steve

Really, You think so? Well let us examine that for a sec. He comes up to the two of them and tells them to stop. Then maybe both of them jump on him, or produce a knife or perhaps two knives. How do you think the scenario plays out then? And in this day and age, that is entirely plausible, perhaps even likely. Myself, I would have either let them kill each other, or stun gunned both of them til they pissed themselves.


“Then maybe both of them jump on him, or produce a knife or perhaps two knives.”

Since when is that a problem for a freshly minted Marine?……


Give them all a break will ya , boys will be boys including that young Marine. Semper Fi


You friggin lib tards are ridiculous. All the videos where kids are beating the snot out of each other and kids now adays are menace to society and burdens our prison systems by the kids shooting each other and your upset that a Marine tackles the kids. Oh come on get a grip. Your reality is precieved as ohh my poor little johnny is hurt by the big bad marine. Look your little johnny is still alive and breathing cause the fight could have escalated into something worse later on down the road. Be grateful that this Marine stepped in. Smfh


No. My perception is that the Marine was trying to show off his new manhood. He did not care one bit what happened to those two scrawny kids.


Oh, go fly a kite, Lori! There are no libtards here. it’s a veterans’ blog. Veterans! Got that!

We’re hardly the libretard type. You are quite mistaken about a LOT of things.


He did nothing wrong. Good grief our society is full of pussies.


Watch in slow motion. The pencil neck whips and folds big time. Mainly because he never saw him coming and it was a heavily outweighed cheap shot. Way overboard and it doesn’t make the pencil neck a pussy. Even though he probably is. The hit was not even close to being justified. Being a Marine (is he even really?) doesn’t give him permission to be a fucking asshole bully.


You a Marine? If you I take it you never broke up a fight.


Blow it out your ass. I don’t have to qualify my statement and you know jackshit about what I’ve broke up or not broke up. The dude slamming the 80 pound kid is a punk. Plain and simple. Didn’t even check on him afterwards. Was not concerned about the fight. He was concerned with proving his “Marine-ness”




You a Marine? If you are I take it you never broke up a fight.


Counseled?!?! How about dishonorable discharge?! Kids fight all the damn. This guy needed to mind his own damn business.


He reacted correctly, at the least I’m sure 20 adults witnessed the fight and did nothing. Shouldn’t have been necessary for the Marine to intervene but he did and ended the altercation. The end!


How insecure.


Pfc John Cena!


I agree many years ago I was in the Corps in the 80s President Reagan sent USMC 2 Lebanon they were killing each other then they turned and started killing our Marines I lost a lot of brothers that day and there’s still killing each other I say Let him fight if they want to get each other the Bible says to interfere is like grabbing a dog by its ears mind your own business the Marine could have really hurt them bad I seen The Tackle if it was my son that he tackled I would be very upset


I have a Marine son and to the best of my knowledge the Marine did the right thing. Children now a days need more discipline from their parents.

Cameron Kingsley

Agreed. Defineitly where some of our current problems are coming from (such as the behavior you see from the clowns in ANTIFA, an organization I royally loathe).


Your Son doesn’t have authority over blind siding a 90 pound punk. Stop it. You are making Marines look stupid.

Just An Old Dog

If this was another High School Kid that did this ( Come from out of no where and flatten two smaller kids who were fighting) Would you guys be praising him?
Some of you guys are so fucking blind in supporting ANYONE in in a uniform its fucking sickening.


Does everyone agree that his Marine overdid by going ballistic on two skinny twits half his size, when put together?

That’s my view. The parents of these two might have something to say about it.

The real question is why did he blindside both of them instead of walking between them and breaking it up? Neither of them was landing a serious punch. Neither of them looks like he weighs more than 100 lbs wringing wet, but the GIrine tackled the two instead of walking between them. Bad idea. It’s not his job to do that.

One of them was still on the ground at the end of that video, in case none of the rest of you noticed that.


A good idea poorly executed. I’m willing to bet the lawers are already circling.

Just An Old Dog

I totally agree with you Ex. I actually watched the video.
It seems like some people here just read the article ” Marine breaks up fight at high school” without even looking at it.
This jackass made no attempt to separate the two. This is clearly a matter of two people fighting and a third party assaulting both of them.
I point this out and people get their asses all up in the air here, call me a libtard and tell me I need ” My tall wipped” (whatever that illiterate babble means I don’t know).
There are people I have read comments from for years that seem to be really intelligent.
Others need to start looking into stories before they start flapping their cock-holsters and looking like a bunch of Oath Keepers knuckleheads.

USMC Steve

Ex, He could have, and he would have been exquisitely stupid to have done so. NEVER underestimate the opposition. For the stupid fucks here who think those two kids weight 80 or 90 pounds, wrong. Not unless they were about 10 years old. And they were not. You gently insert yourself into that fight, and you are going to get hurt. If you think walking between two idiots going full bore at each other, you are stupid and possibly self destructive. As I said above, they could have had knives. And they are not just going to stop because someone tells them to. Kids today are significantly less civilized than they were 30 years or so ago.


Understood, but I still think he overreacted and could have handled it differently. I watched that video several times. I will stand by what I said.


By your logic he should have just shot them both from 50m away. Because they might have had guns so why chance the gentle insertion into the fight.

He was the typical “back home” fresh Marine on recruiting duty and needed to prove himself.


Full bore? They were damn near bitchslapping each other. That was a fight only by junior high school standards. I guarantee had he grabbed one of those kids by the free arm and yanked, with his size the kid would have been separate by about 10 feet. Breaking up the fight was a good idea, but how he did it was not smart. And if they did have knives, wading into it and lying on them would have been a great way to get perforated. Both of their hands’ were plainly visible, too. Great idea, poor execution – I give the guy a 6. No more.


Opposing counsel will get boners watching that video.

See the above comment by Major TP USMC. I defer further comment to him.


It seems he was well intentioned, but his intervention plan was a bad idea, poorly executed. If one of the little twits had been injured by his take down, he would be in world of legal hurt. Since he is likely almost judgment proof, I doubt the lawers will think they will make any money from suing him, but they might by suing the school district for failing to protect the “chillren” from the bad ass stranger.