Peace in Their Time?

| July 10, 2019

KABUL, Afghanistan — All-Afghan talks that brought together Afghanistan’s warring sides ended Tuesday with a statement that appeared to push the country a step closer to peace, by laying down the outlines of a roadmap for the country’s future and ending nearly 18 years of war.

Washington’s Peace Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has said he is hoping for a final agreement by Sept. 1, which would allow the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops. He will begin an eighth round of peace talks with the Taliban later on Tuesday also in Qatar’s capital, Doha, where the two-day conference was held.

Tuesday’s statement said that a post-war Afghanistan would have an Islamic legal system, protect women’s rights “within the Islamic framework of Islamic values,” and ensure equality for all ethnic groups. The much-touted conference was attended by Taliban, Afghan government representatives, women and members of the country’s nascent civil society. It aimed to produce a new level of consensus among Afghanistan’s fissiparous society. – Article.

The full story is at this link:

Originally set for July, the All-Afghanistan talks include the Taliban.

After 18 years of war with the US and prior to that, 10 years of war with the Red Army until the Soviets went bankrupt and withdrew in defeat, and before that, the British Raj, not to mention the centuries-long quarrels between the hill tribes, who are entities unto themselves, I have my own doubts that they will give up this hobby of warfare. It seems to be embedded in their genetic make-up. Just my observation. They still brag about kicking the Macedonian out of Afghanistan, when he was really just passing through on his way to India.

However, if Khalilzad is somehow able to persuade the Taliban to be more civilized – whatever that means now – I’m all for it. No, I do not think they have a clue about China’s long-term goal to “own” Aghanistan and Pakistan. China’s approach may be more subtle than warfare.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    There will never be peace in that region. NEVER! When the last American is out, the Pakis will use all of the material’ and monies that we have given them over the decades to start the subjugation until the PLA moves on in. China will find itself into the same tar baby that the USSR and the USA found itself in. They won’t care because they can easily replace and troops killed by “Rebel Forces” and the raping of the resources will pay for any equipment destroyed. India will not look the other way to the threats to their border.

    Three countries with nukes in close proximity to one another, fighting over the same thing cannot bode well for anyone.

    “Equal rights for women” means the women will have the same equal right to subjugation and genital mutilation. Oh and becoming a bride at 9 yo.

    Anybody know how many billions the American Taxpayer has pissed away over there? The graft and corruption seems to make the graft and corruption in VN look like a penny ante poker game.

  2. Mason says:

    The best we can hope for is enough “peace” to get our people out of there and quit sending tens of billions of dollars there to be squandered.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    “I have my own doubts that they will give up this hobby of warfare. It seems to be embedded in their genetic make-up. Just my observation.”

    After my tour there I have become convinced that some groups of people CANNOT be made civilized, A-stan has also been known as “The Graveyard of Empires” for good reason so let’s let it be China’s proverbial “Tar Baby”!

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      That’s fine by me, API. They wanted our help getting the Taliban out of their country almost 20 years ago, and look what came right back as soon as possible.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ah, Asscrackistan… peace must Pashto for
    “starvation and boredom” there.

  5. Comm Center Rat says:

    “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?” ~ Megadeth

  6. Hate_me says:

    As soon as a ballsy-enough warlord, tribal leader, organized criminal, or true-believer feels his or his groups objectives are being marginalized rather than enhanced, he will seek to prolong the conflict.

    Beyond genetics, virtue, or any ill-defined sense of nationalism or peace, that is simply how disparate politics work. To do otherwise is to be ignored and forgotten.