Honoring D-Day

| June 6, 2019

Some images from the Normandy beach landings, now 75 years in the past.

Powerful Images of D-Day: 70 Years Later



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5th/77th FA

Thanks for the post Ex-PH2. We must constantly remind the world that we have saved their azzes TWICE in that one century. They seem to keep forgetting that. Even before the US was involved in the actual combat, we were providing money and material to England, USSR, China, et al.

The American casualties on D Day itself were not that high compared to the overall war casualties, or to, percentage wise, the island hopping fights in the Pacific. We all know that the initial success of the landings did shorten the war, and ultimately led to less overall casualties v having to slog our way thru the Southern European end.

Of all the what ifs ever discussed the biggest would have to be, the initial invasion assault had of failed.


Those men in the landing craft, making their way to the beach, must have been been terrified, a natural response to the circumstances. And yet they displayed awesome heroism and went forward when the ramps were dropped. Heroism was a common factor among those men. Truly heroic. I can only imagine. I am humbled by men and women such as this.


What always had me amazed, even from a young age was they moved forward and continued to do so until the job was done.

Then boys and men like them returned home and did not see themselves as heroes. My uncle certainly didn’t. He returned home and lived quietly, happily and never once talked about the war. All he ever said to me was “ladies loved the uniform…”

Humble heroes.


Thank you Ex-PH2 for this thread. I cannot imagine the fear they faced as their landing craft approached those beaches. I cannot imagine, even more, their courage in facing such fear and moving forward. God bless each of them. As we lose more of these men each day, I pray for each the peace of the Lord, the hope of heaven and the comfort of God’s waiting arms.


Kids with “safe spaces” couldn’t handle it.
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