More Misconduct? Nah – Just Continuing Since WWII

| June 2, 2019

Photo by Ex-PH2

Oh, someone please tell me when it was ever less.  This is, as I stated in another article, NOT something new, NOT just an isolated incident, and NOT going away until or unless the people who do these things are stopped permanently.

From the article:  The 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit’s 2018 deployment achieved historic feats.

The nearly eight month deployment, which saw the MEU dispersed across the Middle East and Indo-Pacific, saw the first combat strikes by F-35Bs in Afghanistan. But it also saw serious discipline issues among its enlisted leaders.

Assault, fraternization, insubordination, destroyed hotel property, disorderly conduct, hazing and sexual harassment were among the charges filed against a number of staff and noncommissioned officers, according to the unit punishment book obtained by Marine Corps Times. – Article

It is not new. It is a continuing story of unchecked bad behavior:  One staff sergeant with the 13th MEU was charged for creating an “abusive” work environment, sexual harassment, assault and forcing Marines within the platoon to play a sexually explicit game called “f*ck, marry, kill,” according to details laid out in the charge sheet.

During the game, the staff sergeant sexually harassed two female Marines, who self-identified as lesbian, by calling them out to choose which male platoon members they would pick for each category. – Article

It is not remotely something new. It has been going on for decades and makes all people in any unit guilty by association. It also goes on in the civilian world. It doesn’t even stop when the people who do this are hit financially and legally. Joe Biden, the hair-sniffing groper, is one of the more memorable jewels in that parade of creeps, and he won’t be stopped until some one punches his face in.

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

I hope that the squirrel that is looking at me dosen’t think that I’m nuts. I Read the above story on the online Military/Marine Corps Times.


“This is evident in not only our accomplishments, but in the more than 100 personal awards earned by our Marines and Sailors in the Command Element alone.”

LOL. We gave our senior officers a lot of medals so it can’t all have been bad.

When did the game fuck, marry, kill become part of a hostile environment? What are people supposed to do on deployment?


I would never play the game with people you know as the options. I’ve only ever seen it played with celebrities as the FMK choices.

I agree it’s totally inappropriate to single people under your command out for that sort of stuff.

5th/77th FA

I learned at a very early age to keep my hands to myself, unless set upon. It was much later in life, I learned to keep my thoughts to myself. I’ve gotten a little away from the 2nd part here.

After seeing and hearing how higher ranking NCOs Officers, managers ect, it doesn’t surprise me that an E -6 Marine did stupid stuff. Disappoints me, but no surprise. That dumbass and everybody else that was involved can kiss their career good bye. Dumbass!

At the phone factory, any type of even perceived sexual harassment is subject to disciplinary action, up to an including immediate termination, plus legal ramifications.

Just An Old Dog

Had a SSgt Miss Movement when we left the PI and had to be flown to meet the Ship in Japan. Did some other crazy shit that led to SPCM and ended up getting out as Corporal with 11 Years in.

JarHead Pat

Nothing to see here …move along…move along, lololol, wtf…sounds like a bunch of broke dick homo`s got their panties in a knot.

Mustang Major

Sexual harassment was the “career death wish” in my second career. A deep pocketbook Fortune 500 company is not willing to take the risk of being accused of fostering a hostile work environment. I will also add the the definition of sexual harassment was very broad. For example- taking a look at a woman in the office fell under harassment in some situations.


“Good morning, you look nice today.”

Is immediately met with shrill screams of misogyny and sexism.

Then when you’ve got someone like Mike Pence who says he won’t have a closed door meeting alone with a female, he’s also a sexist.

Mustang Major

Agree. A few women- not all- know how to play the sexual harassment game to their advantage. One of the women (and easy on the eyes I might add) on my team would wear fishnets along with a short skirt to the office. She would come to my office, sit on my desk a show some skin not normally visible in normal circumstances, and ask if I wanted to go to lunch. Trouble waiting to happen. I would say sure, and bring my assistant to lunch to make a threesome for my protection. She later claimed sexual harassment from someone else, got a payout, quit and moved onto another firm. The guy she said was harassing her was fired after a sham HR investigation. He did nothing other than fall into her trap of he said she said. Just one example….

Cameron Kingsley

I can see that as trouble waiting to happen for both her and the firm or any other company when she and the company (can also be a school or college/university) end up screwing the wrong guy over and he decides to take revenge. Nothing more dangerous than a disgruntled individual who believes that they have nothing left to lose and are not afraid to take their anger out on the rest of the world along with everybody in it. Unfortunately, it would probably take something like that to get people to wake up and realize that this practice needs to stop. Something very extreme.


There is just one rule for success: Don’t fuck with the people, the equipment, or the money.

Take care of your people, take care of your stuff, take care of the taxpayer’s money.

Simple, really.

But some people are far too stupid for the levels of authority they have and abuse all three.

And no, mandatory training will not fix this. Adults too stupid or self absorbed to follow those simple rules are too stupid to be trained.

Every time I sit through mandatory training, I wonder who believes that some wife beater or sexual predator is sitting in the class and says; “ohhhh! I didn’t realize that my troopers are not play things”…yeah, I don’t think so either….


The answer is culling. We do it on ranches, farms, at civilian jobs…why not in the military? Just because a person has been promoted to some level simply does not make them indispensable…Kick those jagoffs on out of the military and let them work the drive through…


So SSG wants to play “fuck, marry, kill”?
Look him square in the eyes and say ” Your wife, your daughter, you mother (or maybe dog)”
Bet that would end the game real quick especially since he decided to pick on lesbians.