Elwyn Evans; Canadian phony

| December 22, 2016

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Back in 2012, Elwyn Evans was sentenced to six years in prison for manufacturing automatic firearms in Canada.

Evans claims he was stunned to discover his property was home to a massive weapons operation, but jurors rejected that story in finding him guilty of running an illegal enterprise. The case revolves around an August 2006 police raid in Komarno, about 75 kilometres north of Winnipeg. Officers found 19 Sten submachine-guns, 121 Sten magazines and a homemade .50-calibre rifle. They also discovered three solid-steel pen guns — homemade weapons disguised as ballpoint pens.


Evans admits to being an expert at working with metals and that he would have been capable of assembling the guns in his shop. His life reads like a movie, including having his father killed in the Second World War, serving a stint as a paratrooper in the British Royal Air Force, becoming a Canadian citizen in 1971, losing a five-year-old son to a tragic house fire a few years later, being severely injured by a workplace accident in the 1990s and fighting skin cancer on three occasions.

According to our friends in Canada, he’s also a military phony;

He claims he served in 2 Squadron of the SAS and was taken POW in Vietnam however, Australian Government records tell a different story. The Aus SASR and the NZ SAS served in Vietnam, and there are legends that the UK SAS may have fought alongside them. However, there were No Diggers or Kiwis taken POW during the Vietnam War, and it isn’t a great stretch of the imagination to say that there were no UK POWs either. ELWIN / ELWYN EVANS of Teulon MANITOBA is just another just another poser who believes standing next to legitimate veterans, serving CF and RCMP members validates his claims…

Regardless of his claimed country of origin and service, Elwyn David Evans isn’t a recipient of the Military Cross (MC)! He’s rocking’ Sergeant’s rank badges, and during his time of his “service” in Vietnam only Officers below the rank of Major and Warrant Officers were eligible recipients… He’s not listed on any of the MC databases (UK, Aus, NZ). This dude is filthy lying sack of shit who has worn a pseudo-uniform adorned with bullshit insignia and spews tales of his adventures in SE Asia for a gullible audience!

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Geriatric D-Bag




He needs planted head-first in the moose-muck downstream from a beaver dam, eh?


Oh come on now guys, the Walter Mitty Hunters use terms like Cockwomble, lets be creative here in our descriptions shall we 😉


Rambling Thundercunt.


Now you are showing some promise LOL


Flaming sack o’ shit!
Ballsack worker
Taint tickler
Manhole manipulator
Peter puffer
Gonad gobbler

Semper Idem

Yes; Her Majesty’s boys show that those of us here in the rebel colonies really need to work on our smack-talk game.


It’s difficult to translate when the “C” word (that’s CUNT for you deplorables) is a term you call your best friend. As in “C’mere ya bloody coont, I got your pint here”.


Two thirds of the way through his sentence.

I’m wondering if even in the geriatric ward of whatever country club prison he might be in, does he still get up every morning with sticky bums?


Claw hes not in jail now but hes gonna back in jail shortly, hes still on probation from the 1st go round for the weapons offences, posing is an offence that would have him violating terms and conditions of his release!


Ah, now I see that. I had only just kind of skimmed the article.

But what a deal. 19 Months in pre-trial custody, given double credit for those months, but then had to do an actual 33 months after sentencing so that it looks like (on paper) that he got a heavy sentence.

He still needs to get “sticky bummed” by the barbed cock of Satan every day for Stolen Valor and posing.


Oh Canada, what a douchebag this guy is.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well at least it wasn’t Florida this time…it was the Great White North. Maybe he took the book Expedient Firearms a little too seriously for his own good….if you’re going to make those things, keep your fucking mouth shut.

Green Thumb

Another old, gnarly turd.

Bernie Hackett

Someone correct me, but isn’t the Parachute Regiment part of the Royal Army, not the RAF?
If so, the rest of his story falls apart. There is an RAF Regiment, but they do security at airbases. In WW II they also scouted ahead, looking for airfields that could be used.
What was he gonna do with Sten Guns? Or, who would want them? I’ve never heard good things about them.


The SAS and the Parachute Regiment have always been part of the Royal Army of the UK, even during WWII. I have never seen anyone in SAS wear a light blue beret. I can’t speak about the Canadian armed forces, but I wasn’t aware they ever fielded an SAS unit. There are or were only 2 SAS regiments in the UK, a Territorial Regt. and the 22nd SAS Regt (Regulars and on AD). The 22nd SAS participated in our annual European UW exercise in the 1970’s and I attended their 3 week CQB course at Hereford, UK. They wear a light brown beret, a shade darker than the Ranger beret. The Aussie SAS that trained with us at Ranger school wore the “sand” colored beret, anyway in 1968. Total poser and felon, as well.


There was a Canadian SAS Company, this fucker was never in that either!



Correct. It was disbanded in 1949, when this phoney phucker was prolly about 3 or 4 years old.


Except for the beret, he is wearing the WWII uniform of the 2nd SAS. However, according to Wikipedia, it was de-activated on October 8, 1945. So the unit he claimed he “fought” in when he was “captured as a POW” didn’t exist anywhere in the world. Maybe he received his light blue beret during imaginary UN service.

borderbill (a NIMBY/Banana)

Believe the term “Royal Army” is incorrect. I was told the imbroglio (Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, etc.)- but no Royal Army- and all its ins ‘n’ outs by Major Girdlestone (Royal Artillery) my gunnery instructor at Sill back in ’72, but as we were taken with the drink and it was some years ago I don’t remember the details.


You are probably correct, maybe they just call it the Army. Another point of correction is that the Canadian writer of the cited article says Evans is wearing a “pseudo-uniform with bullshit insignia.” His uniform appears correct for WWII and the 1950’s, except I think he should be wearing putees. Also, his SAS beret flash/DUI is identical to the one I have in my shadow box which was handed to me by the Major/XO of the 22nd SAS upon completion of their CQB course. So, the insignia on his uniform look authentic. He is even wearing the British jump wings properly on his sleeve. But he is a lying SOS, of course; and he probably never day in any elite unit.


never served, dammit.


The UK military consists of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force and the British Army.

3/17 Air Cav

Sten guns, stamped metal, cheap to produce, unreliable. British made during WW 2. The British answer to the American Thompson.


Yep. But America’s answer to the Sten was the M3A1 Grease Gun, which we were still using from WWII even into Desert Storm.

You had to love them. Flip the lid, now you’re shooting. Close the lid, now you ain’t.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember seeing them carried by CEV Crewmen when I was in Korea 92-93.


M3A1! Dang that brought back a bit of a memory. 🙂 I think the bolt and barrel were heavier than the rest of the weapon. It didn’t hose out the rounds, kind of chugged em out. Too bad we couldn’t have used the magazine for the M3 as an extended mag for the 1911A1. The safety was for sure almost tanker proof.


Yes Sir. We called them the poor man’s Tommy Gun.

Our 63F recovery crews carried them on the M578 APC/M88 Tank Retrievers.

Don’t ever remember them being shot by the crews on the qualification ranges though, so must have just been a weapon of last resort.


I had one in my arms room that was silenced. The entire barrel was enclosed in the silencer. I shot it once. It made a clanking sound because it was lacking an asbestos gasket that was supposed to silence the sound of the bolt slamming closed. It was quite a bit lighter than the 13 pound Thompson.


We didn’t qualify with the M3A1 in AIT. I fired them for familiarization and to give us something else to clean. I don’t remember even “Fam-Firing” them in AOBC. Our main weapons were those attached to the tank, our primary personal weapon was the good ol’ 1911A1. Which we had to qualify with as you all know. The impression I got about the M3A1 was that as you said, Claw, it is a weapon of last resort. The idea being we “sprayed and prayed” while running for our lives, in the event someone managed to survive the tank getting knocked out and still had their crap together enough to unass the tank.


“What was he gonna do with Sten Guns? Or, who would want them? I’ve never heard good things about them.”

They’re stupid easy to make, if you have a fairly well equipped machine shop.



He was manufacturing Sten guns? What was he planning to do? Start a private war in his neighborhood?

What a double kundiss!

I do dig the Mounties. I had a crush on Sgt. Preston of the NW Mounted Police. What? I was 8. I was normal.


Well King, this case is closed.




Oxygen thief.

Wilted Willy

Just another assbag poser of the great white north! I hope the old bastard freezes to death in prison camp! You old lying bastard are now internet famous, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, you old cocksucker!!!

A Proud Infidel®™

Another one from the Great White North, eh?


Combat Historian

A British SAS guy seconded to the Australian SAS who was then deployed to Vietnam and was captured and became a POW, and nobody has heard of this until now? Let me guess, this was so totally secret squirrel that Her Majesty’s Government kept this hushed up for the last 41 years? C’mon, posers and walts, you gotta do better than this load of polar bear shit…!!!


Wasn’t there a fire in Australia?
That would explain everything.

borderbill (a NIMBY/Banana)


Silentium Est Aureum

To borrow from Doug and Bob McKenzie:

“Fleshy headed mutant! Are you friendly?”

“No way, eh! Douchbaggery has made me an enemy of civilization!”