Andy Prado, phony Ranger, SF

| December 8, 2015

Andy Prado

The folks at Military Phonies send us their tireless work on this fellow, Andre “Andy” Prado, a Cuba-born American who enlisted in the US Army and who currently serves as the Post Commander of the Disabled Veterans of America Post 5 in Los Angeles, California. He tells the tale of his military service to the Library of Congress’ Veterans’ Project as a 20-year veteran Ranger and a sergeant major;

Prado claims LOC

He also tells his story to former classmates on;


He claims that he joined the Army in 1978, that he participated in the Grenada Invasion with the 75th Rangers, that he was in Operation just Cause in Panama, Desert Storm in Kuwait, and Somalia in Mogadishu, Somalia. he was in a coma for more than a year from his injuries, that he went from 200 pounds to 57 pounds. He claims that he has Silver Star Medals, Bronze Star medals, Purple Heart Medals, and a 3rd award of the Combat Infantryman Badge.


The truth is that he enlisted in the California National Guard a few days before the Grenada liberation in 1983 precluding his participation in that battle. His only deployment was to Desert Storm where he was a customs inspector in Saudi Arabia. Probably, he was the customs inspector who accused me of smuggling Iraqi weapons back from the war when he found our M240 coax machine gun stowed beneath the floor boards of my Bradley and he didn’t recognize the Fabrique-Nacional weapon as US Army issued. Maybe not.

Anyway, here’s his FOIA;


Andres Prado FOIA

He was a buck sergeant, customs inspector, not a Ranger Sergeant Major. No retired sergeant major would dress up like a street hood. The amount of money that he invested in all of his Ranger and Special Forces BS is all on display at Phony Warriors. The guy is such a douche – and of course, he has a “service dog”;

Andre Prado douche nugget

Added: This is what he’s passing off as a DD214. Our discussion of this abortion is at this link;

Prado DD214a

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