You Knew It Was Gonna Happen . . . .

| July 29, 2014

The Duffel Blog has ripped Walsh a new one for his “the PTSD made me do it” BS.  Their article is a hoot.

You can read the article here.  Recommended.


Category: Satire

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“At press time, Sen. Walsh was seen writing “PTSD” on the line for the tip after a $500 dinner at a high-class Washington D.C. restaurant.”


Pinto Nag

Exactly what Walsh has become — a joke.


Montana, Idaho…. guess he can be Larry Craig’s soul mate


Wonder if our boy Elroy thinks a slap on the wrist is still punishment enough.


Voted for Obama? The PTSD made me!


Delightful work. Waiting for Walsh’s coven of dingalings to erupt in protest.


You guys are not taking this seriously. When I turned 50 I divorced my wife, got a 20yr old gold digger, bought a Porsche and after quitting my job moved to Los Angeles to be a Porn Star. This was all because of my PTSD I got from watching The Dirty Dozen when I was a kid.