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| February 2, 2014

Chief Tango sends us our feel good stories this Sunday morning. The first is from my place of birth, Pensacola, Florida where a occupat answered a knock at his door at 2:30 i the afternoon. 19-year old John Paul Phillips tried to force his way into the apartment when the door opened;

When the resident attempted to block the door with his body, Phillips allegedly began shooting into the home.

The victim was also armed with a hand gun, and he began to fire back at Phillips, the report said.

Phillips was struck once in the shoulder and fled the scene in a vehicle.
The victim was uninjured.

A short time later, Phillips was located at a Wendy’s on Davis Highway and taken to Sacred Heart Hospital for treatment.

I always go to Wendy’s after I’ve been shot.

In Richmond, Virginia, Robert Lee Brown Jr. tried to hold up a 7-11 with a pellet gun. Let’s see how that worked out for him;

Brown was then grabbed suddenly by another clerk and during a brief struggle in which he bit the clerk on his left arm, the other clerk shot the suspect with a handgun.

Police sources said the clerk knew the suspect from being a regular customer and thought at first that he was joking.


Police said the suspect ran away empty-handed, but was apprehended soon after.

The gun shot ended up only being a graze wound.

The third story comes from Chicago, Illinois where a 44-year-old on crutches confronted a couple of fellows who broke into his home;

The 44-year-old homeowner was sleeping when his frightened 18-year-old daughter woke him up, then told him that she heard noises and thought someone was breaking into the apartment behind theirs, according to a police report.

At first she thought the noise was a heater in that apartment but after she heard something fall, she locked the door that separates the two residences, the report said.

The man “grabbed both of his crutches and walked over and unlocked and opened the door,” the report said.

He did not see anyone at first, so he returned to his bedroom to get his gun. When he went back to the rear apartment, he saw two intruders “charging towards” him so he shot at them, according to the report.

Both burglars stopped, turned around and ran back towards the back door, but one of them collapsed and fell to the floor.

As I’ve said before, the news isn’t that these shootings happened, the news is that these happened and they’re not reported by the national media. We’ve been running these articles as our “feel good” features for almost two years and we usually have at least one every day. They all come from local news stations where it’s still big news when it happens that a little guy protects his home and his family, but Big Media doesn’t want to be bothered actually informing the country about the benefits of the private ownership of firearms.

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Good shootin’.

Me Jonn, I like to go to Sonic after being shot. Nothing goes with lead like a foot long with onions and chili.


Onions and chili?

Polish with chopped onions, pickles, mustard and relish, from Wolfy’s on Peterson. And fries on the side.


@2 Ex it has to be the chili with NO beans and finely chopped onions. Sometimes with the thick cole slaw also, not the runny stuff. Mustard and relish are a given aren’t they? But hold the pickles for the burger. 😀


Creighton and Davis? At least it was just a short trip to Sacred Heart. C**p like this is the reason nobody goes to University Mall.

Jorge (in P-cola)


Sonic foot long Coney Island with cheese, please. Onions rings, thank you. A chocolate malt would be good with that, but a beer will do nicely.


For a hotdog, onions and chili. For Polish, kraut and brown mustard. Ditto for Bratwurst am Brochen.

Onion rings or fries work with either.


I finally figured out why there are no Sonic’s in NH. Ever tried to carhop through four feet of snow?


Green chile cheeseburger. Ultimate solace for what ails ya.
If it’s gotta be tube steak, Polish on rye with brown mustard.