The real Master Sergeant Soup Sandwich

| July 19, 2011

UPDATE: Nicholas Androsky died on Saturday February 22, 2014.

I know you remember this guy – half of the blogosphere recognizes him thanks to your 6700 clicks of the Facebook “Like” button on that post;

Yeah, his buffoonery bumped our traffic up to the stratosphere. For that I’ll always be grateful to him. But that gratitude won’t stop me from posting his records, compliments of the good folks at POW Network. It looks like he spent four and a half years as a C130 Loadmaster at Pope AFB until fate took a hand;

For those of you who felt sorry for him because he looked like a fricken ritard – this might be the reason why; he was busted for using percoset, mushrooms and huffing “shoe cleaner” and nitrous oxide as well as dealing Ecstasy;

It looks like they dropped one charge of stealing percocet from his Air Force buddy, one charge of huffing shoe cleaner and one charge of selling meth.

So he got the Big Chicken Dinner and 5 months in whatever the Air Force uses for the brig. And from the looks of him, I don’t think he completely kicked his “shoe cleaner” habit.

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Who among us hasn’t on occassion huffed the Heel and Soul stuff. Let he who is without a shoe cleaner huffing habit cast the first Psilocybin mushroom…

Old Tanker

Duuuude, what TSO said, live and let live man…


Should have gone with Brasso…you don’t have such a bad drop at the end.


I so envy you bastards–we never got to have any of that stuff on the boat. Atmospheric contaminants and all that. Then again, I used to hear stories of the old time boat sailors who’d drink torpedo fuel.

Cedo Alteram

What? No model glue?


Then again, I used to hear stories of the old time boat sailors who’d drink torpedo fuel.

My grandfather was a bos’ns mate on the USS Philadelphia (CL41) during WWII and he’d talk about them drinking that stuff. Nasty.

Doc Bailey

No you gotta try duster! It makes your voice sound funny, and no embarrassing douchebaggery later.

Major Kong

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.”


There were many fine comments accompanying the original post but Cathy’s takes the cake. She wonders why this guy isn’t sporting his commendation from Star Fleet Command. Made me howl.


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Junior AG

“For those of you who felt sorry for him because he looked like a fricken ritard – this might be the reason why; he was busted for using percoset, mushrooms and huffing “shoe cleaner” and nitrous oxide”

OMG, with a chemical cocktail like nuking his brain, the dadgummed fool probably has 3 brain cells left… And 2 of them are fightin’ with each other. Wouldn’t be supprised if he drools on himself & sports a set of Depends.


They let this idiot on board C-130s? Im surprised he didn’t “trip” out the door. I mean accidental discharges or premature detonations happen all the time, but for this pos not to fall out of the door just means he s very very lucky.

John Curmudgeon

Honestly though, who doesn’t like mushrooms?


Dumbass entered the service 3 months before I did. Even if he were still in, he MIGHT have made Master Sergeant (E7) by now, but there’s no way he’d have that many awards.


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This guy is why ‘wall-to-wall’ counseling and public ass-whippings should be mandatory. I’ve been in over 31 years total now, and these guys make my stomach turn over.

A REAL Air Force MSgt

Where’s his Drug Addict, Court Martial and Took An A$$ Pounding in Confinement Medals?






I can imagine what his Form F’s must have looked like. He must have taken off out of M.A.C. all the time.


Holy Shit! This turd-murchant was a ‘130 Load! WTF! What a POS. Unlike him (Amn Basic) I actually WAS a MSgt Loadmaster!





Um.. i’m 99% sure I was at MEPS with his stupid ass. I thought he looked familiar… 214 confirmed it. Wow.


WOW…. straight up WOW…… give me a second here…. when was this photo taken?!APX July 2011…… I wonder what I would do if I saw him like that in public…… I’d prob stomp him in right there on the spot… For impersonating military, wearing those medals and ribbons, and looking like a total scum bag… I’ll respect a uniform.. when it is an ACTUAL UNIFORM.. not this clown..


As a real retired USAF MSgt, I was at first horrified… then just incredibly amused. The last time I saw an AF uniform that looked this bad was while watching a “B” movie on the Scify channel. I would love to get this guy in my old back office with a few other weapons loader SNCOs… and just when I thought Stargate SG-1 was fiction…


Check this out…is this the same guy?


He worked for my husband at pope. My husband has not seen this but I will sure will show him. He helped boot this guy out and he will be furious to see this. My husband is a real Retired MSGT and disabled vet




@26 WTF- He has more friends than I do… must be all those ribbons.


I doubt the validity of his DD214. In order to be a Load Master you need to spend time as a 2T2x1(my old career field), Air Transportation Specialist first so you know how to build up loads and tie things down so they don’t go careening around the air craft. There is no mention of him attending that school or holding that position.


He just posted this on someone’s wall: “Wounded Veteran and you Sir have my support Sir!! USAF brat & Flyer, RANGER, SF MEDIC, HALO JUMP MAster!! The VA claims that my PTSD is not a combat injury but a mental disorder; so I enlisted and have a TANGO SEIRA CLEARANCE AND I HAVE A MENTAL DISORDER?!! So I get my disability from social security!! I hate it Sir!!!
325-665-2902″ on Ron Paul’s timeline.


SgtJ, your statement is completely false. You do not need to be a 2T2 first to be a 1A2X1. I know this because I am a Loadmaster and have been my entire career. The guy is a dirtbag, but sadly he was one of us.


Holy shit? Ranger, SF Medic AND HALO JM? What a stud (I happened to know a couple but they are few and far between). Has anybody asked him on his post what his class number was at Ranger, when he went thru the Q course, when was he at Fort Sam, and when did he go HALO and what team was he on? I am very very interested to hear his answers…they should be as epic as his picture!

A Proud Infidel

So did he get the BCD, or an OTH (Other than Honorable)?


@34 FTA, he got the BCD, 5 mos confinement and busted to airman basic, which I assume is E1/Pvt in Marine speak.

jim clewell

and in his real AF career he didn’t even manage to get past A1C in his 4.5years….. how’d he manage that? just about everybody automatically advanced to E-4buck sgt back in the day.

MrGameandShow formerly C2

Just what Androsky needs…cialis to get it up after all his shortcomings.

MrGameandShow formerly C2

Jim, I think he was a SrA at one point and went down. He got busted down I think at least twice before he was an E-4, I knew someone who didnt make it to E-4 after 5 years. She kept getting busted at E-3


I agree with everyone who says this guy is more pathetic than contemptible. Can you imagine being his parents? Poor folks. They all need prayer. I am impressed he went to the trouble to put all his unauthoried ribbons and badges in more or less the correct order…probably a case of OCD to go with his ADHD, which may be what got him into his little chemical hobby in the first place. Let this be a lesson: don’t do drugs.


am I the only one who suspects a doctored image file?


Hole F*#@… This guy is a compleat POS!

“So he got the Big Chicken Dinner and 5 months in whatever the Air Force uses for the brig.”

Confinement, at least at the AF base I was at, is a small jail. It’s ran like Basic Training.

Any time you’re outside your cell you have to march and request permission to open doors, sit down, eat, every action except breathing.

The Confinement SGT would bark at them for every little thing and give them extra work as needed. The only thing that they were not allowed to do for discipline actions was physical training.

When in their cell they can be relaxed but they have to maintain their cell to a white glove standard.

The max time in the base jail is 6 months. Anything over that you would go to Fort Leavenworth.


Eric…not necessarily Fort Leavenworth. Depends on if something is closer. Sometimes its Miramar…sometimes the East Coast.


I was in BMT and tech school with this guy. I was medic but we all hung out. Never would have thought this