Natl Guard Chief says NG troops defending border is a waste of time

| June 19, 2024 | 93 Comments

General Hokanson

The Chief of the National Guard Bureau, General Daniel Hokanson, testified to Congress that the NG troops deployed to protect the southern border isn’t a militarily relevant mission. The quote is that it has “no military training value”, which seems pretty dense to me. He’d rather instead of deploying to defend the nation, they instead play wargames or some shit. Defending the country has always been the whole reason the National Guard exists!

He also says that they might as well be deployed to Kuwait, since a CONUS deployment takes them away from their families just the same, except it’s infinitely easier and cheaper to take accrued leave from a stateside deployment to go home for major events.

From Military Times;

The National Guard’s ongoing security mission on the southern U.S. border provides “no military training value” to the troops stationed there and adds significant stress to their families, the head of the force told lawmakers on Tuesday.

In testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee, Gen. Daniel Hokanson, chief of the National Guard Bureau, said roughly 2,500 guardsmen are currently stationed along the southern border in support of Department of Homeland Security missions related to immigration issues.

That number has fluctuated over the last seven years, peaking above 5,000 at points during the Trump administration.

Hokanson listed the mission as a key ongoing responsibility of his force, and said the guardsmen’s presence provides “additional support” for the security operations there.

But under questioning from lawmakers, Hokanson acknowledged that the deployment does little to help troops with their long-term readiness goals.

“There is no military training value in what we do there,” he said. “This is a law enforcement mission. … They’re doing mission sets that are not directly applicable to their military skill sets. That time, I think, would be better used building readiness to deter our adversaries.”

He also noted that even though the deployment is within the United States, guardsmen “might as well be deployed to Kuwait or somewhere overseas, because they’re still away from their families.”

Lawmakers said they are watching the ongoing border mission closely. The larger issues of immigration reform and border security have been the focus of impassioned fights on Capitol Hill, with conservatives — and some Democrats, including Montana Sen. John Tester — criticizing the White House for doing too little to address the topics.

Hokanson, who was testifying on the Guard’s fiscal 2025 budget request, said officials are still focused on “building a force that is lethal, resilient, survivable, agile, and responsive” despite challenges facing leaders, which include both ongoing missions and fiscal uncertainty due to Capitol Hill fights.

“If we fail to modernize our equipment and force design adequately, we increase the risk of sending America’s sons and daughters into large-scale combat operations with equipment and formations that may not be fully interoperable with the active duty forces we serve alongside,” he said.

The Senate Appropriations Committee is still crafting its draft of the annual defense funding plan for next fiscal year, which starts Oct. 1. The House is expected to vote on its version of the budget plan later this month.

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FC2(SW) Ron

“There is no military training value in what we do there,” he said. “This is a law enforcement mission. … What a dickhead. Not like our country isn’t being invaded right now….


Most likely a Biden/Harris supporter.


He is a GO, so,,,you’re probably correct.


Also, he is from Oregon, so probably a good chance that he’s liberal


What a dumbass.


No value, huh?
Let’s find the General’s home town. Flood the area with military age men that speak no/very little English and limited transferable work skills. His kid’s schools will now have oodles of kids of varying ages with little or no English ability. Mix in people with different religions and customs with NO DESIRE to assimilate to America. Oh yeah, all the criminals gang members, mental patients, and other dregs their home countries didn’t want. Mix all that together with the fentanyl and sex trafficking that comes with unchecked migration and see his little slice of heaven is impacted. Fuck this asshole. His sucking dick for another star.
No value my dimpled ass!!!


Having some intimate knowledge of these sorts of operations, he’s not wrong.

Placing National Guardsmen in domestic law enforcement support roles or detainee caretaking roles, which aren’t on the Mission Essential Task Lists of combat arms formations, is not an effective use of troops.

Especially when you consider that every man-day spent on these missions is a man-day not spent on individual or collective training.

If I’m a commander, and I have limited time and resources, I’d rather be spending them on training my METL tasks. The NG and USAR aren’t the hide-out billets that they were in Vietnam, and last time I checked, NG combat formations were in AFG by 2002 and Iraq by 2003/2004.

I imagine that the Next Big War(tm) won’t be any different.

The solution to the immigration problem is via effective enforcement mechanisms. And redirection of resources to agencies already tasked with securing the SWB.

There’s not a single thing a National Guardsman is doing on the border that cannot be done by a DHS employee already on the payroll.


Oh rly? So you are saying US soldiers don’t deploy to protect borders in other countries? Fascinating.


Please re-read my comment. I said that using National Guard troops to perform domestic law enforcement missions, when the proper personnel and resources are available, is not an effective use of those troops.

Not to mention, prohibited by the Constitution.

I did not opine on what US Soldiers do when deployed to other countries. Though I’m sure we can all question the effectiveness of some of the missions we’ve all been sent on over the years.


Oh yeah,? Which part of the Constitution prohibits the National Guard from doing anything? And secondly, who believes that the proper resources are available? Unless you believe it I don’t know of anybody who does.

That’s a two-part question.

But the point that I was trying to make, was that if they do it when they deploy how can it not be part of their task list? And why would it not be good Training to do it?

Last edited 23 days ago by 5JC

I got my “C”s mixed up, the legal doctrine that prohibits the use of military forces perform domestic law enforcement missions is the Posse Comitatus Act.

As for your second part, simple Google searches show that money, manpower, and equipment resources are there in plenty for border security.

What’s lacking is willpower and desire on behalf of the White House and lawmakers.

You can deploy the entire Armed Forces to the border, but if anyone who gets past you gets to stay, and anybody who gets caught is “caught and released” into the U.S., then what point does it serve?


I’m not understanding you, 5JC.

Is it inaccurate to say that the current administration is enacting a open border with respect to the southwest border, and a defacto amnesty for those who are already here illegally?

If we stipulate to the above, then what purpose does one, one thousand, or one million troops on the border accomplish?


You are so right. We should stop doing anything because it’s all pointless. Crawl under the covers and sob. Someone will bring you some cookies and ice cream.

Just not me.


Stop. Your act is wearing thin.


Educate yourself and come back and talk to me.


I live and work in the border. Quit listening to the “official narrative” and go see for yourself. The NG is not used in any kind of effective manner. Texas is doing it right. Only Texas.


Okay, I think we can agree mostly on that. Texas is working their ass off but they are mostly alone. The support they are getting from the other states is not very meaningful. But it does send a signal of concern and support.

Once the oval office changes, this is all going to come to a screeching halt.


I’m not understanding why this subject is bringing out malicious denseness in some commenters.

The question at hand was, “is it an effective use of National Guard personnel to assist in border security”

That answer, given the current political climate, is “no”.

The follow-on unasked question is, “what would be an effective way to address record illegal immigration”

The answers, delivered to the House and Senate, legislative bodies, would be:

Enforce the laws already on the books
Blanket deny relief to any alien who committed a crime in the United States
Pursue civil action against businesses found to employ illegal aliens, such as dissolution of the business or forfeiture to the U.S. Government

If I was GEN Grunt, that’s what I would be telling congress.


And I’m saying you’re wrong.

Not just about the Constitution,
not just about Posse Comitatus,
not just about what the troops are actually doing on the border,
but about every single thing you’ve said so far in this thread.

Go back and read some of what they have actually done and you will see that it is an effective use. You presented zero evidence about anything so far that was correct, but I have. I’m guessing you’re too lazy to read any of it. You just want to say they’re not doing anything but they actually are, I show it to you and you ignore it. It’s like talking to a post.

Hopefully the mailman will come by soon and bring you a letter. The only thing I know that for sure that’s pointless is continuing this conversation. Until you are educated enough to talk intelligently we have nothing more to talk about.


You’ve gotta be drunk, dude.


That’s the beauty of America. We’re free to disagree with elected officials and those who would be elected.


Posse Comitatus DOES NOT apply to National Guard soldiers activated under Title 32. It only applies to the US Army, and then only when they have been activated federally under Title 10.

I love your give up attitude though. Reminds me of so many people in charge of yhings right now.


Nobody said “give up”. We’re saying it’s an ineffective dog and pony show.


They. Are. Not. Allowed. To. Pursue. Apprehend. Detain. Arrest.


I have no idea what happened to you but you are completely off the rails. And wrong.

Or maybe these guys are wrong?

Because even though it’s not being reported on, it’s happening and it is 100% legal.

All this is happening too. And yes, they are building obstacles to make it difficult to cross.

And yes, the National Guard can serve in a law enforcement role. They do it all the time. Here’s a good primer on what the National Guard actually does, I suggest you read it. And locate a copy of the Posse Comitatus Act as well. I can explain the big words if you have problems.,a%20domestic%20law%20enforcement%20role.

I’m going to put you down as a victim of Meta.


One more time:
Texas is not using the NG to support the DHS/CBP mission. Texas is using it to support Texas. And it’s working very well, with the added bonus of pissing Mayorkas off. Where the NG is deployed in support of DHS/CBP, it’s a colossal waste of time and money. Perhaps you need to look up the words “condescending asshole”. You’re an educated man, I’m sure you can find a definition. Meta? Never used it. I get my border knowledge first-hand.


If you could just circle on the screen where I said that the Texas National Guard or any national guard was supporting or working with the CBP, then I will declare you the winner of the internet.

If you can’t find it, it might be because it isn’t there, and never was. Again I don’t know how you got so far off track, but wow.


Have yourself a nice evening. You’ve defeated me with your superior intellect. Alas, whatever shall I do…


Ahh, but can we shoot them? That’s not pursuing, apprehending, detaining nor arresting them.

We are just sending a very clear message to those that don’t want to sign the guest book.

We already know where the problem areas are, as does NBC. They had a news crew there a few months ago showing Chinese ditching their passports after coming thru a hole in a chain link fence. I think they interviewed 1 border agent who basically shrugged and said their hands were tied.

A few dead bodies at such problem crossings and the word would get out pretty


I once offered a suggestion to a CBP station chief that we could easily mount an M249 on each camera tower, coaxially with the cameras. He told me to figure out how to do it with an M2 and forget we had this conversation.


Is somebody, not necessarily tou, working on figuring out how to make that work? Asking for a friend.


Any National Guard Soldier activated for a federal mission is under Title 10 orders.


Correct, now let’s take one more step… Maybe it would help if I explain the history of the Posse Comitatus Act. Once upon a Time there was this country called these United States of America. They had a big war because the people in the southern part of the country wanted to have people as slaves, and the people in the northern part of the country didn’t want them to do that. The people in the North won and the slaves were let free. For a long time the people in the south didn’t have any say in how the government ran. So the people in the North made laws that made it very difficult to mistreat people who had been slaves. They then sent the federal army down there to stop them from being mistreated by the locals. Years passed and the people in the south became upset at the people who used to be slaves because they were putting on airs and owning property and shitting in the same outhouse. But that federal army stopped them from killing them (mostly). Anyway, eventually the people in the south got to have a say in how the federal government was run. One of the first things they did was restrict the power of the military to operate internally in the country, and they made the army leave. After that they violated the rights of the former slaves every way they could. This was called the Posse Comitatus Act. Sometimes black people call it the big Republican sell out. Decades passed. There were a couple of World Wars. The old militia system fell by the wayside. People began to notice that the condition of the former slave did not improve any. That there were a lot of laws that restricted their freedoms and their access to resources. They tried to change that by integrating the public schools. In one state in particular called Alabama, The Democratic governor of the state sent the National Guard to stop them from integrating the schools. However, the president had the authority to take over the… Read more »


And so President Kennedy, federalized the Alabama National Guard and then used the Posse Comitatus Act to order the National Guard of Alabama and allow little black children to go to school with little white children. This was done as a law enforcement action.

It was a very tense moment in the history of my country and one that is not well understood even today. George Wallace wanted to use the National Guard to enforce state law that was in contradiction to federal law. This was in violation of the supremacy clause.

Last edited 22 days ago by 5JC

Posse Comitatus restricts federal troops from law enforcement against US citizens, which is why the Guard is there and on duty during large events (Super Bowls, Inaugurations, etc.) Posse Comitatus does not strictly prohibit federal troops from keeping foreigners (i.e. non-citizens) out of the country. Governors are free to use their Guard troops in any capacity not restricted by the respective State Constitution.


As for training. Here’s why the border missions are shit for combat readiness.

Probably the only folks who get actual relevant training are sensor suite operators.

Everyone else is performing “duty soldier” tasks.

Simple common sense examples abound.

How many tracked vehicles are on the border?

How many artillery rounds are being fired?

For aircrews, are they operating as though they are in contested airspace? Or are flight ops at straight and level flight at a fixed altitude?

How many combined arms maneuver exercises are being conducted in support of illegal alien detection operations?

Finally. Troops aren’t deployed as units. They’re all adhoc. So you’re not building any sort of unit cohesion. Sure, Soldiers figure it out, they always do, but for every leader that’s deployed on a border mission that’s a leader missing from a unit back at home.


You took a very long detour to miss the point.


Part of NG duties consist of helping states with emergencies of varying sorts from weather related to law enforcement. So NG have to be trained to in a duel role. National defense and state emergencies. I see border duty as one of their roles.


Unless they’re actively defending the border as an armed security force, there’s damn little they can legally do on the border. They cannot pursue, apprehend, or detain illegal crossers. They do not “free up” CBP personnel, it’s quite the opposite.


Ive not been to the border. So I thought NG did detection and report crossings to CBP. Who would follow up with apprehension. Allowing other CBP to be freed up. So why would CBP have to supervise NG. Other than to select LP’s or other locations for detection?


I live on the border and worked for CBP for three years. There is plenty of detection available (daylight and IR cameras, seismic and magnetic sensors), it’s nearly impossible to cross undetected. NG Soldiers are prohibited by the Posse Comitatus act from actively engaging in pursuit or apprehension of border crossers. There is literally nothing for the military to do on the border unless you make it a free-fire zone. A lot of the early border wall and fencing was built by engineer units, and they’ve done great work. But even that requires CBP to pull security. Putting Soldiers in admin jobs only slows down processing. Only politicians win from NG on the border. Texas has done well, but their approach is different. They’re not under CBP control. God bless Texas!


Again with this bullshit. Read the law before you start talking about something you don’t know about, SFC D, I normally find your posts a lot better but this is embarrassing.


I know what I see. Perhaps I got the law wrong. Small matter. NG troops on the border serve no purpose other than re-election photo ops. Why are you embarrassed? Have you been near the border? Have you seen something to prove me wrong?


You should read some of those press releases from above so you can see what they’re actually doing instead of just guessing or being spoon fed by CNN or whatever. You clearly have no clue and it’s embarrassing.


I. See. The. Reality. Every. Day.


They have been assisting other law enforcement officers who are making arrests. Not the worthless CBP, but for violations of Texas state law. That’s pretty much how it always works during a state of emergency.


Negative. The governor of Texas maintained control of the Texas National Guard. They are not in a CBP support role. Apples and oranges. Try again.


What the fuck! That is what I’ve been saying all along. That is why Posse Comitatus doesn’t apply. They’re not supporting the CBP, The CBP is interfering with them. They’re supporting Texas law. That’s like the 15 f****** time I’ve had to say it. Are you drunk or something?


I’m in Arizona. Texas is doing it right. The reality is that it’s not working elsewhere because the NG is working for DHS/CBP. They’re not using them effectively. What Texas does is irrelevant anywhere else.


Not so, I would say. They’re serving as an example of what could be. They also have the largest piece of the pie.

If you ask the leftist media what the big story on the border is, it is that jackass National Guard Guy that got arrested for smuggling a person.

The problem is their story isn’t getting out. They’re doing all kinds of things but it’s being ignored by the MSM.

If more people in the other border states notice this They might be tempted to change their government.


“Examples” are about as useful as “good intentions”.


Brought to you by The Good Intentions Paving Company…Now hiring…

RGR 4-78

Good Intentions Paving Company


Is that acronym pronounced “gypsy”?

As in itinerant workers offering to repave your driveway on the cheap with leftover materials?


Could be? Close? Or a play on the old saying that the highway to Hell is paved by good intentions?


5JC, I don’t know if you are trolling or just oddly dense on this.

The Texas border mission is it’s own encyclopedia of unique situations and circumstances, newly created laws, and back-and-forth court battling between Texas and the United States.

For starters, the Texas Guardsmen are not in a military status. They’re classified as state employees. Nothing about the Texas mission is applicable to this thread.


It’s what the whole thread is about.

National Guard general, El jefe is saying it’s a waste of time to send National Guard soldiers to guard the border. You, without any evidence at all agree with him. And then all that other nonsense you came up with because you don’t really understand the law, the Constitution, what is actually happening on the border, what title 32 means, the fact that the military CAN enforce Federal law, or under title 32 state law…. Embarrassing really. I think the public education system is at least partly to blame, but at some point people have to take responsibility for their own education.

I don’t mind the down votes. I always get a kick when I get those for providing hard irrefutable facts. It really speaks volumes about people when they can’t stand hearing the truth and are literally wrong about everything. And then you called me dense. That’s the funniest fucking part.

Like commissary, you also have my pity.


You’re looking at what Texas is doing and applying it to the entire border. It’s myopic and wrong.


I’m not, see my comments above.


You are factually incorrect in almost every comment you’ve made on this thread.

I don’t know what to tell you.

Slow Joe

Great fight!
Too bad I missed it…😊


It was…and you did. A real furball donnybrook it was, Slow Joe. Had some of everything in the book. Sniping, frontal attacks, flank assaults, measured volley fires, counter battery ToTs, may have even been air support carpet bombing. For sure there was a lot of steaming back and forth. A Great Fight, indeed. Just like old times when Steelyeye was around. I just hate that I missed the ticket concession. The profit from that would’ve enabled me to re-stock my Class VI Supplies that were depleted when Pappy and his engineers came by for a visit. Oh…and btw…Slow Joe…Welcome Home. You’ve been missed. Didn’t know if you were mad at us or on a seekrit squirrel mission. Draw yourself a Frosty One from my stores. Sorry, not sorry, you’ll have to settle for a Yuengling Flight, there is NO Butt Wipe here @ Fire Base Magnolia.

Slow Joe

Thanks for the beer.
I didn’t get mad at anybody here. I got mad at myself for crossing the line and saying a bunch of stupid shit at SFC D.
We can disagree all day, it doesn’t matter.
I only get mad a myself.
I am my own worst enemy.
We are all our own worst enemies to ourselves.
Blaming others is deflection and a failure to take responsibility. So yes. I am a retard, though I don’t think that’s news to anyone. And at least I am aware of my shortcomings.

Are we still boycotting Bud light?
Kid Rock seems to be fine with them now…
Or did he get bought? 😲


You’re a good man, Joe. No offense was taken, no worries. Welcome back. Personally, I never participated in the Bud Light boycott, mainly because I don’t buy it anyway.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

In this case, I think I agree with Herr General.
What the NG are doing now at the border ISN’T defending the border, and isn’t a militarily relevant mission.
As we all know, the military’s mission should be to kill the enemy and break their toys.
Instead, the NG’s current mission at the border is babysitting illegals, and filling out paperwork.

Here’s a novel idea, Tox. Instead of the current ROE, let’s make this a Military Relevant Mission. And invite ALL of the Active Duty Forces to come “train” for what their true Mission should be. You know…defending the Country…on both borders. Set up a free fire zone 1 mile inside the border, weapons free…shoot to kill. With the number of miles of border we have, the varied terrain, and the different units to rotate in and out, we have a win win. The troops are actually “defending” the border, training requirements are met, the money spent for said training and border security is spent on the local economy, and we are not propping up some despot. Think of all the single moms that could be supported by the troops in their off duty time.


Used car lots, pawn shops and stripper clubs to follow. The stripper clubs would be 53′ refrigerated trailers , easily moved as the troops moved. South Texas is hot in the summer time.


He’s right. The National Guard serves no purpose on the border. It’s a political prop, a dog and pony show. Their presence actually pulls CBP assets from their mission in order to supervise them. Now, if you’re gonna send engineers to build walls and barriers, there’s a point.


Nope, they are assisting in arresting people for breaking Texas laws. CBP isn’t “assisting” their interfering.

Last edited 22 days ago by 5JC

Yes. They are not deployed to assist CBP. Different situation.


Go get a map. Look at the US/Mexico border. You’ll see there are more states on it than Texas.


Are any of them bigger? I’m going to go ahead and say no. Nearly two-thirds of the southern border is along Texas. Since last November, year over year numbers through Texas have plummeted.


You’re still conflating the Texas NG mission with the NG mission elsewhere. They are not related. Federal use is a failure.

Skivvy Stacker

Seems to me that the Army, Navy, and Marines were originally created to defend the borders of this country, and not to be used to fight wars in defense of other nations on the soil of those nations.
Well, history being what it is, those goals were changed a bit, but it still seems to me that the primary reason for us to maintain an Army and Navy would be to defend the borders of THIS country. Strictly speaking, that would not be a LAW ENFORCEMENT mission unless and until a foreign national managed to cross our border and enter our nation illegally, and be wandering our streets. That puts them in the realm of a SPY.
I think that most countries of the world employ their military to guard their borders, and do NOT permit anyone to cross them with impunity. Hell, even Mexico will imprison you if you enter THEIR sacred country illegally. And down there, the prisons aren’t nearly as nice and charming as the ones we have here in the United States.


I’d say that there is always some training value As a currently serving NG officer, however, not a GO, so what do I know!?

I have to say that in another way I have to agree with him. If the government isn’t going to enforce the laws, what’s the point of NG troops sitting there. They obviously aren’t any type of a deterrent. The only value of them being there is if they are assisting the Air Marshals with passing out water.


What do you know? Probably more than the GO.


Sooooo….lemme get this straight:

GUARDing the NATION is a waste of time for the NATIONAL GUARD?


In the manner they’re being used, absolutely.


Careful dude. I know you have actual hands on operational experience in this realm, but some internet commenter is going to tell you how fucking stupid you are and how wrong you are about facts you have personal knowledge of from the comfort of his La-Z-Boy.


And life will go on, I’ll sleep well tonight, and they’ll still be wrong.


By all means prove me wrong, but quote me direct when you do instead of making some stuff up that I never said. I’d say that’s beneath you.


You keep using Texas as an example when it’s not applicable. The General’s point was about federalized troops. And he’s correct.


Like I said before, SFC D is normally pretty straight. You on the other hand, not so much.


How does the General feel about the NG being used to help out for natural disasters like hurricanes, etc? Not much military training value there, either. Filling sandbags, maybe. Now that I think about it, there was not much “military training value” in a lot of stuff I did in the military.


They confiscated guns during Katrina, the general has that going for him. Bet if bidum told him to start doing that he would pull his lips off bidumbs ass to issue that order.

Herbert J Messkit

I would suggest the General has a serious lack of imagination. With a little creativity, I’ll bet some of the border guard tasks can be tailored to meet metal tasks, and promote leadership skills especially by junior NCOs.


The General speaks out both sides of mouth. He doesn’t ‘like’ this mission but had zero problems when Guardsmen were activated during covid to support hospitals. By cutting lawns, doing laundry, and other menial tasks. That was ‘meaningful apparently.

I’ve was in the Oregon Army Guard when he was the 41st Infantry Brigade commander and The Adjutant General of the State.

Old tanker

I’m thinking he protesteth too much. Seems that national security is one of the Guard’s responsibility and unlike the Federal Military they CAN be used in civil actions. Seems like the guy is stuck on war time issues and disregarding the security issues here at home. I’d wager that he is looking for a nice Federal civilian position once he pulls the pin on the Guard career and figure sucking up to the current administration / Homeland Security will make that happen.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well there would be if they were free fire zones on the border and cross border operations to exterminate cartel strongholds by capturing and black siting HVT cartel figures….

We are operating under the false notion that the primary mission is controlling our borders from illegal immigration when in reality what’s happening is the corrupt state to our southern border is rapidly deteriorating into a cartel owned narco state, if it isn’t already there.

As a direct result of that reality the southern border represents a conduit into the US for all manner of criminal, terrorist, spy, and reprobate from around the world to conduct criminal or state sponsored spying activities.

If we don’t recognize this reality and address it with appropriate military response that clearly indicates we’re done being trifled with the influx of these invaders will result in an ever increasing level of danger for all of our citizens.

It’s not wrong to suggest this current border crisis is a lot less about law enforcement border protection and a lot more about recognizing and dealing with the actual eminent threat to national security and safety for our citizens.

The exploitation of those who wish to come here for purely economic reasons by those cartels using them as cover for their nefarious intent only intensifies the reality behind this current crisis.

It’s not surprising that as it becomes a political hot potato the reality gets lost in the stupidity of the current state of political discourse in these United States.

This is a direct invasion of the United States by elements of a variety of state sponsored and criminally sponsored bad actors. The General should perhaps press down on his shoulders, popping his head clear of his four corner contact and get a better understanding of what’s happening there and then he might comprehend the value of troops versus cops in such a situation.


Hey DJT! You takin’ notes? Front of the chopping block line for this piece of shit.

Just An Old Dog

I see another Cod-Monger in uniform sucking up to his Democrat Masters and angling for a post retirement position or running for office.

Green Thumb


But not really surpised.

Go AD General then get to deploy.


The Army picks the Army Guard Generals, as the Air Force does for the Air Guard. They will toe the line or be replaced, and I haven’t seen but one in the past 30 years that would stand up to the idjits in the 5-sided puzzle-place.

Last edited 21 days ago by AZtoVA