D-Day hero to receive posthumous DSC

| June 4, 2024

Waverly Woodson Jr

We’ve talked about Staff Sergeant Waverly Woodson Jr before. I wrote about him last year for a Valor Friday piece. Click the link to refresh your memory. Ex-PH2 posted about him a few years previous. [Editor’s note: I don’t realize how much I miss some people like Ex until I’m going through old posts and see those familiar names from better times. ?]

Woodson spent a full 30 hours straight on Utah Beach saving hundreds of lives, starting at 1000 hours on D-Day. His amazing determination and bravery under fire had his command recommend him for the Distinguished Service Cross. When that recommendation made it to the commanding general, he corrected it to recommend a Medal of Honor. The MoH recommendation died in FDR’s office, and Woodson never got anything more than campaign and service medals before he died in 2005.

Last year, he posthumously received the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Medical Badge. Just announced yesterday afternoon, he’d now being posthumously honored with the Distinguished Service Cross. Congress may still take action to allow the MoH to be awarded, and for my part I’m hoping it is.

Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) has announced the award. His office has a nice write up on Sergeant Woodson outlining just why he’s so deserving of this honor. Read it here.

Though Woodson didn’t live to see his bravery recognized properly, at least his widow has.


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Bureaucracy still sucked even back then.

Hooah– good for SSG Woodson! Hopefully it does get upgraded to MoH.

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Bureaucracy? Maybe, but it’s also a perfect example (as if we needed any more) of what flaming racists FDR and the Dims were / are..
Can you say Internment camps??? I knew ya could…


and BZ SSG Woodson! Terrible that you didn’t live to see these awards, but hopefully setting the record straight evens the scales a bit, even if very belatedly.


I knew many men of that generation and younger folks since who held/hold FDR in veryyyy low regard.


Well, like the current occupant, he and his wife lied to the American people about the extent of his disability…

Green Thumb

Yeah. Ex-PH2 was pretty bad ass.




FDR was a raging racist and anti-semite. He supported Woodrow Wilson’s decision to segregate public service. He wouldn’t allow blacks to attend Harvard when he worked there, and he put Jews on an allotment system. His socialist policies put the country on a bad path.

I hope Waverly Woodson does get the Medal of Honor. He is another one if you put His story into a movie nobody would believe it.


FDR…*spits* That power mad whore hopping bastard shoulda done the right thing and pinned The MoH on this Hero on 4 July of 1944. I hope that the Fires of Hell are burning FDR daily as the Barbed C*ck of Satan torments him for all eternity.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of and miss The Lioness of TAH, Mi’Lady EX-PH2. All I have to do is look at my gas stove and assortment of Cast Iron Cookware and she pops into my pea brain. We rest assured that she is supervising the Meal Prep in a Better Place.

A Battery Gun Salute for SSG Waverly Woodson Jr. Men like him lived so that other men would live.


If the true Big Guy can find it in His heart to forgive my various and sundry, though often hilarious, misdeeds I can think of a worse way to spend part of my eternity helping out in Ex-PH2’s kitchen.


I hate cooking …. but would be proud to wash her dishes and pots!