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Seems PM Trudeau’s “assault weapon” confiscation buyback scheme has hit a few snags. Whoever could have thought anyone would disagree with it? Actually, widespread civil dissent, passive or otherwise, is not the problem – their own government institutions are.

In a response to an order paper question filed by Sen. Don Plett in September, Public Safety Canada revealed that $41,904,556 has been spent so far on the government’s “firearms buyback program,” and that 60 department employees are working on the project.
“How can your government have spent $42 million on this, when not a single firearm has been bought back?”

The documents also reveal that IBM has been awarded a $2.27-million contract to develop, design and implement the program.

That figure is nearly double what that contract was worth when Public Safety Canada announced the firm’s involvement in the program in 2020.National Post

One of the key features of the program was that confiscation buyback would be easy – just pop your offending weapon in the mail, and presumably you would get a check in the mail by return. (One of the all-time Great Lies – “The check’s in the mail!”) Only one small issue with that – apparently no one checked with the Canadian PO to see if they were on board.

Ottawa’s plan is to have owners of banned guns place the unloaded and secured weapons in government-issued boxes and then send them back to the government to be destroyed. The owners would then be financially compensated.

Canada Post is refusing to collect firearms that were banned by the federal government in 2020, complicating Ottawa’s plans for a buyback program to remove 144,000 firearms from private hands, federal sources say.

The Crown corporation informed the government of its position in a recent letter. It said its decision was based on concerns about its employees’ security, according to federal sources who were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.  CBC

The government says it is puzzled, since long guns are mailed all the time…sure, by trained shippers and dealers…NOT by some yahoo who may already be ticked that he has to send the gun back. “Oops, did I forget that round?” Too, how many might go missing in transit?

So after four years and $42 mill – excuse me, $41,904,556 per the above named Post – they have managed to confiscate buy back a grand total of – none.

Hat tip to President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH  for this part:

Canada, like most of the British Empire, is one of the 50 countries whose official service pistol was the Browning HiPower (or High Power*) since the ’40s.  One would think a history of service like that would be a consideration, but to Canada, they are as disposable as any old vet is to their government junk.

At this time the Canadian Forces has 11,896 Browning handguns in its inventory, National Defence spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier told this newspaper. Of those, 1,323 are non-functioning.

“However at this time it is anticipated that given the age and wear of the pistol fleet as well as the fact that the Browning is a restricted firearm and the magazine is a prohibited device, disposal will be through destruction by smelting,” he added.

Ironically, the venerable High Power is not subject to the ban based on barrel length, but by capacity – and its service replacement, the Sig P320, holds 4 more rounds than the Browning does. It fell under a ban enacted after a mass  shooting (in which no handguns were used.)

The Canadian Forces Browning Hi-Power pistols are described, on the net, by Canadian Military veterans as “worn out” “Antiquated” heavy, and lacking spare parts.
Probably the same yahoos who used to call Army M1911s as worn out and inaccurate. In any case, with High Powers in production by multiple companies now, spare parts are abundant. Sell ’em with no magazines, or with 10-rounders.
There is a market for these historical guns, especially in the United States. It would ordinarily not be too hard for the Canadian government to sell them to an American distributor. However, with the hard commitment of both the Trudeau administration in Canada, and the Biden administration in the United States, to proclaim the ownership of pistols or “weapons of war” by anyone except a government, to be an intrinsic evil, such an eventuality is extremely remote.  Ammoland
Sad to see… if they sold them for $250 US, an American distributor would get an easy $400 each, he’s be happy, and the Canadians would be almost $3,000,000 to the good.
* whatever you call it, a P-35, Grand Puissance, Hi-Power – if it is made by Fabrique Nationale (FN) in Belgium technically it is a HiPower, if made by one of the several other locations it is a High Power.  Most Canadian guns were license-built by  John Inglis and Company, I believe.


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IBM is going to design the system for the buy back? Didn’t IBM aka Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen Gesellschaft help the Nazis with a punchcard system for the final solution? Guess they really are the best choice to help.
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I need that morale patch.


And that sent me down a rabbit hole…




It’s gonna be tough for the Libtards. Many of the guns they want to ban were non-restricted. I.e. There is absolutely no paper trail to show who has them since the Great Conservative PM Harper killed the Long Gun Registry in 2012. Good luck finding any.
The Provo IRA were masters of covert storage and there are many personal accounts.
A sealed and buried PVC pipe with desiccant packs is just one method.


Probably the same yahoos who used to call Army M1911s as worn out and inaccurate.”

I’m worn out and inaccurate, but it’s not because of poor design or inferior construction, it’s due to liberal use, occasional abuse, and lack of maintenance. Same as old military 1911’s.

If I’d known I was going to live this long I’d have taken better care of myself.


Sometimes I wish I had kept my gun in it’s holster….

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



Amateurs. Brandon would have spent $42 Billion and given hundreds of guns away to Hamas and cartels by now.


No kidding.


And advanced helicopters, night vision goggles, vehicles bla blah blah.


The soft-handed perfumed princesses in Ottawa went full-on nazi during The Great Honkening, do you think it’s going to get any better my Canadian Brothers?

You’re going to have to reduce the number of those too weak for life in your wilds.

Also, they can’t come here. We’re full up on commies, nazis, karens, hoplophobes, dysfunctional ‘artists’, ‘functional’ artists, sons-of-(p)Residents ‘artists’, etc.


Fascism with a Human Face


Well, $42 Million Canadian dollars is really only $30.6 Million in United States dollars, so there is that.


A bargain no matter how you look at it 🙄


Yeah, they use metric money.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sad to see… if they sold them for $250 US, an American distributor would get an easy $400 each, he’s be happy, and the Canadians would be almost $3,000,000 to the good.”

WHAT! And admit that guns aren’t useless dangerous tools of the conservative criminal, fit only for school mass shootings!?

But yes, I’d LOVE to be able to purchase one or two of those P35 chassis as useful collector’s items. Sadly, I don’t see that happening.


The surplus Hi-Power’s being destroyed as opposed to simply selling them to Canada’s much more gun-friendly (for now) southern neighbor is sacrilege.

On a related note, we sold a used FN Hi-Power just last week, and the handful of Springfield SA-35s we’ve gotten in have sold almost immediately. For those looking for surplus pistols, SHOP | the-mosin-crate ( gets them in on occasion. They usually release a YouTube video, but by the time I see it everything’s been sold.

On a happier note, Ian McCollum ( released a video yesterday stating that the ATF has reclassified around 4000 machine guns as transferable, including three MP5s that Morphy’s Auctions currently holds. When the ’86 FOPA took effect, these guns were in the hands of various LE agencies and were registered as Dealer Samples. Now, 38 years later, they’re legal to own for anyone with the money and tax stamp.

I don’t need a machine gun, but I want a machine gun. Being practical, I think something that shoots fairly inexpensive ammo would be nice, like an American-180. At the right price, though, I could see getting an MP5 or any other HK. Last I checked M11 .380 SMGs were still relatively cheap in the low $10k range.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

But yes, I’d LOVE to be able to purchase one or two of those P35 chassis as useful collector’s items.”

Keyword here is “useful”, as in, take it to the range, use it for self/home defense, everyday concealed carry.

The only reasons that I have guns that I haven’t shot yet is time, money & ammo. No safe queens in my collection.


I bought one used but in like knew condition at a gun shop in Phoenix in 1973 for $135.00. I wanted it because we trained with HiPowers when I did the CQB course with the 22nd SAS at Hereford. Unfortunately, mine was stolen in a burglary.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I wonder if Numrich Arms is still open. I went there years ago passing the billboard cannon that blew out a steam or smoke ring.


What’s next up there?
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Oh, and “wouldn’t it be nice” – H/T Beach Boys – if the US government reclassed its M14s as semiauto rifles and sold them through CMP? Unfortunately, it seems that the M1 Garand and Carbine are the last US service rifles that meet the criteria for being released to the civilian market. I’m just happy to own my Savage No.4 Mk.1* Lend-Lease rifle that has the “Property of the US Government” stamp on the receiver.


For 3-1/2 years in the last half of the 70s I carried an M-14 in college. On a daily basis they didn’t jave firing pins installed. However, should the odd weekend FTX arrive and we were going to go out and participate one of the first stops was the Armory on campus where the firing pins were installed and we were issued blank adapters and magazines. When we returned we returned them to the original configuration befre returning them to the barracks. These could only be fired in the semi-auto mode.

Before going on Spring Break my senior year we turned them into the Armory and when we returned we were issued 03 Spring fields that had the bolt face welded so that the firing pin could not function and the barrel had the bore filled with molten lead to prevent chambering firing a cartride should some enterprising individual circumvent the bolt face weld.

On the first standby inspection after spring break my Army Tac Officer wrote me up for having a dirty rifle due to some crud on the receiver near rear sight. I added that the bore was lead fouled too. Some of the powers that be were of the opinion that I had an attitude problem.


Seems like the appropriate attitude, what’s the problem? You weren’t wrong.


I was the A/1-3 Infantry Armorer in the mid-2000s. We had 142 M14s, along with the M16A4s and M4s issued for qualification and field training. The M14s, like the 112 reproduction Brown Bess muskets we maintained, were used solely for ceremonies, though rumor had it that The Old Guard qualified on the m14 as late as the 1990s.

Those M14s were still annually gauged like any other tactical weapon. During inaugural events, the firing pin and extractor were removed from all M14s, and the firing holes in the Brown Bess’ were blocked because, well, we can’t have someone in wigs and tights trying to take out the incoming president. The guy that did the gauging ensured all of our M14s were mission capable later in 2005, though.

We had M1903s, M1 Garands, and various other small arms, with M1896 Krag-Jorgensens being the oldest original ones, and reproductions of everything from Charlevilles to Mississippi rifles to 1853 and 1863 Enfields and Springfields. No Hi-Powers, though we did have about 11 M1911s, including one that looked to be an original M1911 configuration (minus the barrel, that had an NSN and was obviosuly a replacement), while the rest are A1s.


We were still being equipped with M-14’s at Ranger School in 1968 and 1969. They were extremely worn after several years of such service. I suspect the school decided they were substantially more durable than the M-16’s. Plus, they never jammed when shooting blanks.

My entire airborne brigade in Germany was still armed with them in 1969 and 1970. We also had enough full-auto E-2s for each infantry squad. We had zero M-16s.


When I attended Gunsite’s Defensive Carbine (223) course in 1993 I used my pre-boating accident AR-15 that I had bought pre “assault weapons ban” It had the heavy match barrel (HBAR). The rangemaster and I were talking and he remarked that if he was going to carry something that weighed that much he’d probably opt for something in .308. I had to agree with him when I thought about it. I liked the M-14 and might have to save my pop bottles and buy an M1A

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Fear the gov. that fears guns.

Green Thumb



Baby Daddy Fidel grins as he leans over to Lucifer and Che’ to say…”That’s my Boy!”


He’s shipping illegals across the Maine / New Brunswick CA
border where they get picked up on US rte. 1 by God knows who.
I wanna know how they got into Canader in the first place.


The Demoncats in Congress just voted that they want the 11 million illegals entering in the past four years to be represented in Congress and the Electoral College. Who here still says the Great Replacement Theory is a loony conspiracy, except the mendacious mollusk aka commie cuttlefish?


Not me.
comment image


Re:Tardo will be along eventually to counter loony conspiracy.

We need to ask him where he stands on this issue so we can see if there’s hope yet for him, or if he is drunk on the koolaide.


Been saying this since Pedo Joe usurped the 0ffice. Let in a few million illegals, 15 or 20 million, then he’ll grant them amnesty and issue an Executive Order allowing them to vote, probably issue it on November 1, at about 5:30pm.
The confusion will be nationwide, even if SCOTUS says that’s not legal.


Lil’ Fidelito Turdeau was conceived by leakage after the Cuban dictator gave Maggie Turdeau a backdoor pounding while Pierre Elliott was furiously spanking his flacid member in the corner.


Not just that, but Canada now want to retroactively criminalize “hate speech” (probably to include cracks about someone being Fidel’s love child) said online and go after anyone who ever said anything. (Why we declared idendependence in 1776 and our Constitution forbids ex post facto laws.)

Last edited 18 days ago by Anonymous
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Not being a subscriber to many of these “social media” circle jerks, how do I put something online such that Baby Castro will see it? I’d even be willing to give (koff!) “him” (koff!) my addy just to see how far “he” would go to try and stifle a US American citizen. One who has NO plans to ever go that far north to visit Kanuckistan.


I don’t know why they call Trudeau “Baby Castro” when he might have a Rolling Stone for a daddy. Margaret Trudeau was a groupie for them back in the day. It seems like the obvious dis.


He’s way too pretty to be Mick or Keith’s kid.


Plus, he has strikingly similar facial features to a young Fidel. He doesn’t look anything like Pierre.


Maybe Maggie had a coke fuelled gangbang with the Stones and Fidel?

Prior Service

America’s attic is acting stupidly again. Hmm

pookysgirl, WC wife

As a kid, I owned the book “Jokes To Tell Your Worst Enemy,” and one of the jokes involved cannibals and the phrase “The Czech’s in the male.”

Not surprising that I fell in love with a man who loves coming up elaborate yet terrible jokes (and that I hid that book from him).

A Proud Infidel®™

What’s to say the gummint won’t put those who “comply” on some watch list, y’know, the first homes whose doors will be kicked in?


Yup. They Red Serge Gestapo’s logic will be ‘ If they had some banned guns, they are probably hiding more.’
I found it hilarious that Turdeau’s Libtards actually thought Canada Post would ship thousands of guns from randoms.
You just KNOW some will inevitably be shipped with a live round up the spout.
Props to the Posties for refusing to take part in this whole retarded scheme


Every Hi-Power I ever signed for had a mag spring I could depress with my tongue and were essentially smoothbore.
All the time knowing there were still brand new ones slathered in sweet, sweet cosmoline.


If you travel to Canada. Pocket knives that open are prohibited. If they find your concealed pistol license they will search your vehicle looking for your hand gun. Which you didn’t bring. But they will tear everything apart looking for it. Be careful crossing the border. You do not have the right to self defense. Do not carry any self defense weapon of any kind. Now enjoy your self and remember the crown is your friend.