Hamas commandeering aid, Team Biden believes otherwise, warns against interfering

| February 26, 2024

Team Biden was among those who managed to get Israel to allow aid to be delivered into Hamas controlled areas. Based on some of their comments, Biden’s team expressed doubts that the U.N. provided aid is not being repurposed by Hamas. By extension, the Israelis “should not” interfere with humanitarian aid efforts. However, video has been uploaded into websites like X (formerly twitter) that shows Hamas “repurposing” vehicles used to deliver aid.

From Front Page Magazine:

When the Biden administration pressured Israel to open up more aid to the Hamas territories, it swore that the aid would not fall into the hands of Hamas.

“If Hamas in any way blocks humanitarian assistance from reaching civilians, including by seizing the aid itself, we’ll be the first to condemn it. And we will work to prevent it from happening again,” Secretary of State Blinken pledged.

Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer assured CNN that “the president was quite clear that if this assistance goes in, it cannot be misappropriated, it cannot be taken by Hamas fighters and so we are going to be watching that very closely.”

On Halloween, John Kirby, Biden’s national security spokesman, denied anything was going on.

“We have seen no indication, none, that Hamas has gotten their hands on any of the humanitarian assistance that has gone in. None of it. It goes from these U.N. trucks to humanitarian organizations and the U.N. for delivery to the people of Gaza. That’s what we’ve seen with every single one of them,” he claimed.

In late December, an UNRWA official claimed that, “there’s no hijacking of our (UNRWA) supplies by Hamas.” The official then argued that accusations that Hamas was taking aid were a “disinformation campaign” which was “aimed at the very agency trying to help people.”

These kinds of lies go through three stages.

1. It will never happen

2. It’s happening and it’s a good thing

3. How dare you prevent it from happening

There are numberless examples in the political arena, but we’ve now reached stage 3 in the Hamas aid lie.

Front Page Magazine has additional details, pictures, and linked video, here.

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Hack Stone

Just like all of that money that was funneled to Africa in the 1980’s to end hunger. The only thing that it accomplished was that the warlords hijacked the relief supplies, resold at highly inflated prices, and used that money to buy more weapons to increase their stranglehold on the population. Hack met a Marine on Embassy Duty in Africa during that timeframe. He said ”You would have accomplished more opening your window and throwing your money out of it.” Third World charities, like war, is a racket. Just ask Bill and Hillary Clinton.


At least we got Live Aid out of it.
No one seems to have figured out that all the Aid in the world doesn’t mean a thing unless you have good guys with guns to protect the Aid and recipients from the bad guys with guns.

Hack Stone

Maybe the celebrities supporting “Palestinian Independence” can throw together a benefit concert to raise some money to “end the genocide”. Roger Waters would definitely be on board for this. They could really take in the cash selling concert hajibs.


I will volunteer to man the 50 cal for concert security. Going to need a really long belt and lots of spare barrels, for… reasons.

Major Tuddy

You do you, but I’d rather have a Ma Deuce and 1,000 rounds of ammo soaked in pig shit.


They gave the money to the warlords to fight the governments that were all Marxist back then. Of course they lied about why they were doing it. But the Cold War was on, you know how it goes.

And Bill and Hillary didn’t have any choice. When the money pipeline from China got cut off, they had to steal money from The Haiti relief fund. If they didn’t do that they would be poor. Any day now she’s going to open the books on that and show how all the money was spent lawfully and legally.

Hack Stone

And the guy keeping the books for the Clinton Global Initiative will be found rolled up in a rug with a bullet to the back of the head tossed from the edge of Fort Marcy Park.


Clearly a suicide if I’ve ever heard of one.


Only reloaded once…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Nah. The bookkeeper is safe, so long as he has an extra copy of “the books” hidden deep, with a “dead man switch” such that if ANYTHING happens to him, the financials will be publicly released everywhere, all at once. And even the DeMSM wouldn’t be able to cover that up, too many that would want to claim “exclusive first!”.


Last edited 1 month ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande
Skivvy Stacker

“Hey Joe! There’s a pig flying past your window! Really! go look!”


But did they “pinky swear”? If not…no harm…no foul.

Green Thumb

And this is shocking….why?


Because they fired all of the UN workers that were caught being involved in the attacks. And the UN deleted the tweet about them stealing all the supplies. Therefore everything was kosher. Very few people were held hostage in a UN worker’s attic.

This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not go on and on and bicker and argue about who killed who. Let’s get those supplies out to the needy.

Hack Stone

“Therefore everything was kosher.”

Hack saw what you did there, well played, 5JC, well played.


Typical UN:

Forest Bondurant

The same UNRWA that has (had) ties to Hamas?



Those are not the UNRWA You’re looking for.


US giving aid to corrupt foreign entities?
The UN, Ukraine, and whomever…I just expect the aid NOT to get to whomever needs it.


It does seem to find its way to the pockets of some of the original “donors”. Funny that.


Glad J0e is at the helm. (is /s necessary here?)

It’s not like this whole thing is getting Kathy Griffin tré quick.

Sub Brief on China operations in Red Sea:


To be used against the houthis. Or American ships if Joe doesn’t follow instructions ( read orders).


“misery war acquaints a man corporations-doing-buisness-as-countries with strange bedfellows”
(all apologies to the Bard)

I wouldn’t put it by those cheeky devils passing targeting info to anyone for the right price.

Rumor is they learned from the [former] best!


Fill a few aid trucks with ham, pork sausage, bacon, and a couple hundred cases of SPAM. We’ll see just how hungry they are.


Send the meat brined. They have no refrigeration anyway.


SPAM is eternal. After the nuclear holocaust, all that will be left is cockroaches, Keith Richards, and SPAM.


Keith will be roaming the wasteland in a 1998 Toyota Hilux:

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ooooohhhh…….me like.
I’d gladly swap my 2000 4Runner (250K+ miles & still going strong) for a diesel one of those.

I’m still mightily pissed about having to give up my 1974 FJ40 Landcruiser in 1990. Who knew they’d appreciate so damn much?








Never been. Got dicked out of an over-nighter by a broke assed C-5 🤬


Pretty much. 7 years on that rock and expertly avoided all fistfights at the shockingly routine pallet sales of the stuff.

Fuckin Hawaiians put that stuff on everything.

Altho, this talk about spam had me craving musubi so just got back from the poke place.


Worked with a couple of Hawaiian mechanics a few years back, aasked them just what the hell is up with the spam thing. Answer I got was “You puckin howlies got us all hooked on that shit in WWII!” And yeah, loves me some musubi!

Hack Stone

The Internet, it’s not just for porn, anymore.


Major Tuddy

I see that Hitler is back and wearing a kuffiyeh in Palestine.