The Department of Veterans Affairs says it is not paying for illegal alien healthcare

| January 17, 2024

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) clarified a payment process involving healthcare provided to illegal aliens. The VA pointed to an agreement that has been in place since 2002. This policy/rule allows the VA to process and pay claims related to ICE, but with funding provided by ICE. Care was provided via ICE, the VA processes claims related to this care, then money provided by ICE is disbursed based on the claim.


VA officials said Thursday that, while taxpayer funding is used to process the health care claims, ICE, not the VA, pays for the work.

And, VA Press Secretary Terrence Hayes added, the VA has never provided health care to migrant detainees.

“VA does not provide or fund any health care to ICE detainees. There is a 2002 payment processing agreement, in which ICE pays for the FSC to process payments for ICE-funded health care. This involves no more than 10 employees, is fully paid for by ICE, and has been in place for every administration since 2002,” Hayes said in a statement to

In a recent statement to The New York Post, Tuberville’s office said the Biden administration was “playing word games” and accused the VA of allowing detainees to access its community care network, which provides private health care services to veterans outside VA clinics and medical centers.

“By definition, that means worse options for our veterans,” a spokesperson for the senator told The Post.

Under the agreement, however, the ICE Health Service Corps, or IHSC, program office is responsible for authorizing health care services for detainees and obtaining providers to deliver their health care.

“No resources meant for veterans are used as part of this agreement. FSC provides an administrative function for ICE, using ICE funds, that has zero impact on veteran health care or benefits,” Hayes said in a statement. has additional information.

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Taking VA Financial Services Center personnel off task to support ICE isn’t affecting veteran’s care, how?


You are assuming they were doing their jobs to begin with instead of just staring off into space waiting to retire and collect some largess.

Green Thumb

Long lunch breaks.


If ICE is paying for it, how about if we take this out of the VA office, put it in the ICE office, and remove the VA from the equation? The VA can hardly find its own ass with both hands and a stripmap most of the time, why add to their problems?


Better yet, lets create a new agency. We can put an SES 2 in charge and budget them a billion dollars. That is what they always do anyway.


Well, if we do that, we need an ES-3 Deputy, with a handful of ES-4s and ES-5s under them. Then, we’ll create the GS-15 positions and why not make it like JTF-NCR/USAMDW and have most employees start at about the GS-12 level? Make sure the agency’s HQ is in DC for that nice locality pay but maximize telework.

I haven’t stepped foot in an actual VA facility as of yet. I guess I should eventually get my VA ID (and my Retiree ID, for that matter), but I’m lazy and have a hard time caring about such things. My license and handicap ID suffice down here, where there’s little military or VA infrastructure.


I’ve only set foot in the Tucson VA for a disability examination, and I was very impressed. The other side of the coin is Phoenix, where veterans go to die.


I’m available for the GS-15 slot.

… just sayin’.


Put me in charge. 55 car garages for everybody 😏


Doesn’t matter if it is coming out of the VA or the ICE budget, it is ultimately coming out of the taxpayers’ budget. We DO NOT owe ILLEGAL immigrants ANYTHING.

I’d have no issue with providing $ to pay for bullets used to create a “Free Fire Zone” along our border.


All they’re owed is three hots and a cot while waiting for deportation bus.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Not even that.
One hot and a cot while the trebuchet is being wound up.


They say, but which department is?


I’m inclined to think they lie or abuse some technicality in order to make that statement.

Green Thumb

All-Points Logistics is foaming at the mouth and two-hole for this contract!

553rd CICO

But Wait! The VA doctors and facilities are taking care of illegals? Who cares if it’s not coming from the VA budget…whom cares where the $$$ is coming fro…. It is still taking Doctor’s time, Staff time, and Facilities away from deserving Veterans and being used on lawbreakers..

Green Thumb



My experience at the VA in Coatesville, PA has been nothing but great. Staff treats me like gold. I attribute it to their local leadership.