Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| December 5, 2023

Algerian “refuge” goes on stabbing spree, we need to crack down on the “far-right”

This is a good use of school time

Oakland loves Palestinian terrorists I guess

Teaneck too

Turns out he’s actually Native

Hookers know a thing or two about sex. Trust the experts!!!

Sounds about right

The Army sure has changed…

Biden going for a perfect lifetime record of bad foreign policy decisions

There’s no double standards here

What an asshole this guy is

This dude’s an asshole too

Poor oppressed Palestinians have to rape Israeli women?

Sounds right

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I wonder how many of these people in the videos would be triggered if I told them my preferred pronouns are GFY.




The above stories are why we are having to turn to Artificial Intelligence. There’s not enough natural intelligence out there anymore!


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Hey, bureaucracy sucks at the bank for everyone, but I can’t help thinking of…

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You won’t see Silence of the Lambs or Ace Ventura: Pet Detective on TV because they are “problematic” towards the transfreaks community.


Eh, p*ssies should get a grip… they say sh*t about everyone else.
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Why the f* do all those TikTok whackos keep reversing their video image– learn to use your equipment, dipsh*ts!


MorBark Woodchippers…They’re not just for pedos…neither are Pinochet Style Helicopter rides.


It would seem that my distant Irish cousin’s government has forgotten the lessons of their not-so-long-ago revolution. We have as well, it just took longer.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I’m waiting for the IRA Provos to re-start their “shoot-&-scoot” tactics again. Such a target rich environment.

C’mon man, everyone knows the IRA turned in all their weapons and are now strictly a political organization under Sinn Fein! 😉


Well the MP saying they have to give up their rights to the Government for the GreAtEr gOoD is a member of Sinn Fein. They did what all leftist revolutionaries do once they gain power. Seize it all for themselves and screw the proletariat.


Da, comrade, is always whole plan!
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“We were up on the highroad, checking cars for ‘I stand with her’ and Coexist bumpersticker compliance when the bog started speaking drunkenese.” –Anyone dumb enough to join a military/police force against angry Micks (redundant).

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Did that guy in the pizza shop retort to that dude’s question by saying “I’m not recording this”?

If so, promote ahead of peers! Civil, courteous, hard-working, AND hilarious! America needs more of that.

Also, re San Frans uglier, poorer, dumber neighbor: Oakland City Council commenter, “calling Hamas a terrorist organization is ridiculous”…

You sweet summer child, Hamas IS a terrorist organization (they are a government!). A pretty bad one at that. But at least they’ve got great falafel and didn’t firebomb Dresden.

Government (@ M-W.com)
From latin, gubernare; to steer.

I don’t wanna be storn by my inferiors no mo’.


Saudis tell COP28 “phase out” of fossil fuels to get bent:

So much for rich transnational leftlibtards trying to glad-hand ’em into living in a pod, owning nuttin’ and eatin’ bugs “for the planet” or something:
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Prior Service

My every-Tuesday reminder that if I ever see some whacko come around me and randomly set up their phone to record in a public establishment, I’m about to see or hear something that’s gonna piss me off. Why are these people so narcissistic?


It’s a requirement:
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Green Thumb

I love the drag queen with the blackface.

Guess they missed that.


Yet again, social media shows how close to the precipice we’re getting. Okay, that’s hyperbole…most of us are not taken in by the trans-mission and Goofy Goober (h/t Spongebob Squarepants) clown world that a small minority lives in.

The officially peaceful protests in honor of St. Floyd should have no repercussions. Burning down a Wendy’s in honor of the Honorable Rayshard Brooks shouldn’t either. He was shot in the back (after assaulting a cop, taking his Taser, and deploying said Taser twice towards the officers)! I’m a pragmatist: if I’m armed–as I often am and almost every American police officer is required to be–than any possibility of being disarmed is a life-or-death situation. Big felon attacking small female cop? Choot ’em! Heck, we had a cute probation officer in the store last week, all of 115 pounds and around 40-ish, but wearing a polo and open carrying on a full duty belt. Didn’t know they wore uniforms, despite having checked into the state probation/parole agent thing myself. Anyway, guy takes your less-lethal and is trying to deploy it against you? Choot ’em! Most uniformed officers have Level 3 or higher retention holsters, and adequate situational awareness and active retention techniques have saved countless lives. The Taser isn’t quite as secure. Someone takes that, incapacitates you and has time to figure out how to remove your service pistol, and odds are you’ll be bleeding out along with possibly some fellow officers and bystanders.

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Anyway, on to the Soldierette clip… PFC Clasper needs to put the Private back in his life. Wait a minute, I guess he got promoted: Triston Clasper (@clasper2) | TikTok

I’ll put it this way: you do you, Boo. But keep that nonsense off of social media. If you’re that deprived of attention, at the very least don’t taint the uniform that men and women have spent the last moments of their lives wearing. Despite what media and libtards want us to think, the military and drag queens aren’t interconnected. Decades ago, it was a means of having some light-hearted comedy in an exclusively male environment, where any minute might be your last. Now, it’s pitched as normal behavior and healthy for the future of our Armed Forces.

Many Soldiers carry their phone with them everywhere, unless specifically prohibited from doing so. Most of us know that every means is used to humiliate and break down a captured enemy combatant. Hypothetical scenario: SPC Clasper’s position is overrun by the Russians, or Hamas, or Luxembourgers. His personal items are all taken, and he’s forced to unlock his phone, where his captors discover that oh-so-glamorous TikTok account. Do we think that any of the super-progressive enemies of America have any empathy for the LBGTQIAMAP++STD community? I think not, but I could very well be wrong. His videos and such will be used against him and fellow POWs, and I doubt his seemingly fragile state-of-mind will be able to hold up to sustained captivity. He’ll be the first to break and will likely become a dancing monkey paraded across the internet. Oh wait, he already is.