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| December 3, 2023

LeMat Revolver

Knife-wielding male shot in Sanford after confrontation with food truck owner

by Mal Meyer and Matthew Bourgault,
SANFORD (WGME) — The Sanford Police Department says a male with a knife was shot Friday after a confrontation with a food truck owner.

Police say the shooting happened around 3:52 p.m. near the intersection of Main Street and Lebanon Street.

It’s a busy area by a bunch of stores. And, many people were walking or driving around there leading up the start of the holiday parade.

“I went outside and the police were over there at the scene,” said Mike Ernest, owner of Sanford Games and Collectables.

Ernest and CT Krout were inside at Sanford Games and Collectables when they heard what sounded like a gunshot.

“We kept seeing the sirens, the police and everything. I mean, I was even confused, like– what’s going on?” Krout said.

Witnesses say a man was hopping in and out of traffic, yelling at vehicles and carrying a knife.

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Thanks again to Gun Bunny and Old Tanker.

People blame me because these water mains break, but I ask you, if the water mains didn’t break, would it be my responsibility to fix them then?
Unassailable logic from Marion Barry

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Two happiest days:

I just bought a LeMat!

I just sold that LeMat…


I’ve thought of getting a LeMat, what went wrong with yours?


I’ve managed to avoid them.

The loading lever is fragile. Do it wrong and it breaks off. Very hard to fix.

They balance poorly.

Prone to some odd jams.

They certainly look cool.


In ten years of Civil War re-enacting, I only saw one carried as a side arm. Of course , he only shot blanks in it. Their price is now quite prohibitive.


What 11B- said, Graybeard, plus; heavy as all hell, poor accuracy, a cast iron bitch to reload, kinda spendy. A good idea, but a bad plan. I’ve handled and fired both an original and repros, with live and blank rounds. You do not want to have to tote them unless you’re mounted. You can get several repro Colts or Remingtons for what the LeMat will cost you. Most re-enactors prefer the Remingtons and will carry multiple loaded cylinders for quick reloads.

“They came at us with a knife in the same old way and we made them DRT with a firearm…in the same old way.” *sigh*

The S&S video a nod to the junk the LeMat was or the junk that Marion was?

Ms Thang looking to go buffalo hunting with that Hawken or is she looking to do a little reverse cowgirl in that split leather skirt? I’m good with either.


Thanks, y’all.
It does look like a neat concept for a cavalry sidearm. But when reality meets theory, reality always wins.
I’ll spend my dinero elseways then.


My last re-enactor pistol was a Remington. I carried two extra cylinders. I liked how easy it was to change cylinders while mounted, compared to the Colts.


We used to go to the areas that the Big Dogs were in, policing up misc pieces and parts of Colts that them boys would drop while trying to change a cylinder on the move. Built a complete revolver from parts several times. And can’t tell you how many wedges and screws we’d find. Even found some dropped Remington cylinders a time or two.

Good chance you and I were on the Field of Honor together and didn’t know it several times.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Don’t approach Ms Thang With The Leather Dress, thinking you’ll impress her with your “long gun”.


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The Pirates Cove

Skivvy Stacker

“We kept seeing the sirens…”

By God, that’s some fuckin’ good eyesight.


True dat! That’s why I worked 3rd shift, so no one could see my siren.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Another knife to a gun fight?
Not even worth a mention anymore in the T2NB2AGF encyclopedia.