5 time draft exempt ‘asthmatic’ says he woulda played for Navy

| November 24, 2023


Standards have tightened over the years, apparently. Back in the ’60s, could have gone to USNA having asthma.

In 1961, our beloved President, Joe Biden, was such an outstanding football prospect he was gonna play for Navy. Really. He’s not kidding. Just ask him. Or maybe it was 1965?

“By the way, I’m all Navy. But I was appointed… I was gonna go play [football] at the Naval Academy until I found out the other guys in the backfield were a guy named Roger Staubach and Joe Bellino,” Biden told military personnel and their families on Sunday at an early holiday meal dubbed “Friendsgiving” held in a hangar at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia.

Really? An entering freshman would know that a future Hall of Famer was entering as a freshman after one season at a military school across the country. Staubach was hardly a household name then.

In June, Biden told Air Force graduates he applied to the Naval Academy after graduating high school, which was in 1961. Last year, the president told Naval Academy graduates he was “appointed to the [Naval] Academy in 1965.”

No record of his applying, or being a potential admission, in either year. Probably just as well, even if any of this claims were true, that he didn’t go to Canoe U. If they are true, he derailed his entire future for fear of competition. Best he DIDN’T become an officer with that kind of attitude.

“I’m proud of all of you. And I want to assure you one thing I hope I’ve demonstrated so far. We always, always have your back, always have your back,” Biden also told service members Sunday, a day before his 81st birthday.   Fox News

Yeah, he’s always behind you… I’m sure you’ve felt him there – often. And should we observe that, like Donald Trump, he was so debilitated he couldn’t be drafted and had 5 exemptions…but could have played football for Navy.

Can’t even keep his lies straight.






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FJB 24/7


Ol Joe is amazing. Even at 81, he feels the need to pad his resume and tell us stories from “back in the day”.

Fortunately, most of us realize his back in the day stories happened like last week.

USMC Steve

Just another shining example of Dementio Joe the potato and his alternate version of reality.


I almost joined the Army, I went down and talked to the recruiter and picked up the pen to sign my name, but…




“You gotta a Monster?”

Hack Stone

Joe Biden is truly a Renaissance Man. He is all things to all people. He is truck driver. He is a lifeguard. He is a Naval Academy cadet. He is the face of the Civil Rights Movement. He is African American. He is Puerto Rican American. He is Jewish American. He is Indian American. An academic scholar, he graduated at the top of his law school. He has the ability to speak to dead people, and personally award military decorations to long deceased veterans. America is truly blessed to be led by such a compelling historic figure in our lifetime. I am not joking.


You left out (fill in the blank) Union activist.
And he marched in Selma.
So much to remember.


Even got arrested with Mandela.

Hack Stone

And hence the origin of The Mandela Effect. What actually happened was Joe Biden was in a theater in Delaware watching a screening of the Howie Mandel film Walk Like A Man, when he and Corn Pop created a disturbance over whose turn it was to buy the snacks, and they were both asked to leave the theater. I’m not joking.


Well played, Hack.

Daisy Cutter



Plebe, not kay-det. Not often I catch you out, Hack.

Forest Bondurant

Hes also a grieving widower, since his first wife was killed by a drunk driver, and his family barely survived a house fire, and his eldest son Beau, died in Iraq…and Hunter is the smartest man he knows…and hes a pathological liar who hasnt achieved anything worthwhile in to 50+ years hes been in office.

Hack Stone

To be fair, at this point in his life, there are not many people that Joe Biden can remember.


Now, he has collected a great deal of cash courtesy of his influence peddling.


Peddling influence, there’s nobody better. Pedaling a bike, however…

Hack Stone

Dat’s a good one.

Skivvy Stacker

His most recent accomplishment, according to Joe, is his success in brokering the deal that released the hostages from Hamas back to the Israelis.
All by himself…


From my quiet acre: 1) the draft is evil, and, Two) dodgers are cowards.

Both those things can be true and the abusers should be mocked, ridiculed, shunned, and never be made (p)resident.
Unsat is unsat, ain’t that right deferred college athletes?

I don’t give a F how well they: play saxophone, how many gold buildings they have with their name on them, if their daddy is the head of the CIA, or if China owns them!

Creepy Uncle Joe might not even “break the plane” of January 2024 leaving us with that other dumpster fire who is MORE completely-er-er ineligible to be Reichskanzler.

The legacy of these moral failures has been something to behold, hadn’tit?


Just reread this, apologies for format and meant ’25.
You get the gist.

I’m beat up from yesterday, more coffee is required.


You wouldn’t be so beat up if your Trophy Wife would keep her hands off your hammer. 🔨 you did nail it with your comment though.

FJB is the epitome of a lying despicable POS!

I do wonder who will be (s)elected to take over.


Newsome? Priztker? Notice how those 2 states are ran, and you will get an idea how the country would be ran.


Fuck Joe Biden.

That is all.


Soon, we will -all- be NASCAR fans…

Let’s Go Brandon!


Also, if a drill instructor got in his face he would have punched him out.


Brandon brags…


They ran out room; but just underneath that it says “and then Beau was killed in Iraq…. should have been the other one…”


Mary shouldn’t have been sleeping in the barn. Aw shit, that’s slut shaming.


This one time at band camp….

A Proud Infidel®™

Joe Biden has claimed to have been everything except a Puerto Rican Woman named Frieda, at least for now. Has Joe Biden ever told the truth about anything at all?


Biden is totally Puerto Rican. Also Greek, Irish, Italian and sometimes black.



Happy Belated Thanksgiving…😉

Hack Stone

Well, this was a waste of time. Joe Biden supporters don’t participate in Thanksgiving dinner with their families because the day celebrates Europeans destroying the traditions and land of the peaceful indigenous people that occupied this continent named after a racist Italian mapmaker.



Would that they didn’t participate in Thanksgiving. I got an idiot in-law who has a business in Chicago that he can’t sell since the property the business is on is worthless due to the ridiculously high property taxes that he voted for. Then, he brings up, “Billionaires like Trump.” I shut that shit right down when I pointed out that his fat sack of shit governor is a billionaire. I also mentioned to him, “Just remember, Trump didn’t take money out of your pocket. Pritzker DID!” Of course, he’s too stupid to understand so I moved the conversation on.


You are really behind the times Hack. This Indigenous Peoples Day II. It celebrates the day the first Asian immigrants arrives before the Europeans showed up and stole it all.

A Proud Infidel®™

Biden claimed he was asthmatic to avoid the Draft, “Blowjob Willie” dodged it as well, but the Media disparages Donald Trump over his bone spurs. OH, and Biden claiming his Son died in Iraq? Yeah, the mainstream DNC Media stays silent on that, what a political whorehouse!


Trump was a draft dodger too. He said he walked a record number of tours at military school but as soon as he graduated suddenly he couldn’t walk anymore. Most politicians from that era were dodgers.


Out of the last five presidents, only W served in uniform. And you’re both right, three pulled underhanded shit to avoid (evade?) serving. I cannot imagine Obama ever in uniform- his mamma wouldn’t let him watch any war movies (too patriotic). He couldn’t even pronounce “corpsman” properly.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s a well-known fact that B. Hussein 0bama’s Momma was a communist.


Now if we only knew who his father was.

Daisy Cutter

I think the truth is that Biden felt sorry for Roger Staubach and wanted to give him a chance to play. Biden would have dominated the football field and the world would have never heard of Roger. Biden did the right thing and stepped aside in the name of equity and inclusion. In high school, Biden was known for inventing “The Flying Wedgie.”


And letting other players play with his curly leg hair in the locker room…


Joe doesn’t actually exist. He is just a vortex of false realities stolen from all the other liars.


Biden is a congenital liar, fabricator, and embellisher. He always lies about his experiences and accomplishments. He has been doing it since at least his time as a college student. His lies are usually about him–something he experienced or accomplished that will curry favor from the group he is speaking to.

A Proud Infidel®™

Well hey, Hunter Biden DID have a Commission in the US Navy Reserve until he pissed hot for coke, didn’t he? I kinda also find it funny that he was too old to be commissioned at the time but hey, his father was VPOTUS at the time and I’m sure that pushed buttons for him, ya-think?


Daddy got him an age waiver and his direct commission.

A Proud Infidel®™

Likely thinking that if Hunter ever decided to run for Office, he could later call himself a Veteran.


Veteran drug abuser. Plus Hunter lied on his entrance paperwork by stating he never did drugs. He learned to be a cocksucker from the best.

Hack Stone

Double waiver, one for age, the other for prior drug usage. He must have had some critical skills that the US Naval Affairs Reserve unit needed in order to be granted two waivers. Hack Stone is wondering if Hunter strutted into the MPire Club in the tony part of DC wearing his dress whites while he swept Lunden Roberts into his arms while Up Where We Belong played in the background and all of the other “exotic dancers” stopped their lap dances and cheered?


Nothing so grand:
comment image


How many times does this make now? Too numerous to count.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s been said that he shit his pants while at The Vatican as well.


Ever notice how he fails to return salutes? Usually when leaving AF One, but other times too.


If he salutes, his cheese slides off his cracker.


I’m pretty sure that saluting while walking would overload Joe’s addled brain and he’d collapse in a heap.