Liberty Call, Austin Texas

| November 21, 2023

Wild video shows Marines brawling with civilians on Austin, Texas street

By David Propper

A group of Marines traded punches with civilians in Austin, Texas’ entertainment district in a wild caught-on-camera street brawl witnessed by dozens of revelers.

The video, apparently captured Sunday night, showed the melee broke out after a young woman appeared to grab a phone from a Marine and toss it away during a verbal confrontation on Sixth Street.

One young man in a white hoodie then lunged toward a Marine before he’s stopped by others all wearing their dress blue uniforms, the footage showed.

For a few seconds, several Marines jawed back and forth with the young man and couple of his friends – with a little shoving involved — before the man in the white hoodie appeared to throw the first punch.

NY Post

Marines- proof there are still constants in the world. Bless ’em.

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Semper Fi Dan

Those crazy rascal Marines.



Don’t mess with any unit of the military. I used to say that the military works as follows: I get in a fight with someone from another squad and my squad is jumping in. Platoon, company, battalion, all the way up to I get in a fight with a Marine and a random Soldier is jumping in. A civilian tries getting some punches in and the Marine and I are now best buddies, with everyone jumping in. This is why I’ve never gone out and drank.

That said, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) skills need honing. Having some minimal Army Combatives training, I wouldn’t be standing and taking/giving punches. The clench and taking it to the ground would be my priority. I hate getting hit but know how to inflict some pain.

The Marine Dress Blues, while historical in nature and looking good, are entirely impractical for a street fight. High collars restrict neck movements, those belts restrict torso movements, and frankly, the uniforms as a whole are conducive to practicing an effective fighting technique, to include MCMAP.

Speaking of Dress Blues looking good, some of those uniforms need a good tailoring. Also, why are the Marines downtown in dress uniforms at that time? I prefer something a bit more incognito if intermingling with civilians.

Austin has some attractive cops (saw a couple of blondes). Were I a young Marine, I’d ignore the fight and try to hit them up instead.

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My guess is they just left a formal event, and came in the uniform they were in (and allowed to wear at such an establishment).
As for fighting in such a uniform…you wear what you are in, you use what you have. What I saw was several young marines try to de-escalate a situation (everyone hands up pushing away), then Stupido (white hoodie) throws some punches in the back and Al soStupido (T-shirt and brown pants) joins in and lands a few to the side of red headed Marine. He and Lance Corporal more Al soStupido away to the street, then put him down and explain to him it is not in his best interest to continue (tapping gentling on his face). Austin Police arrive…everyone claps!


My uneducated guess would be something like a Toys-For-Tots event. Wouldn’t think there’d be many Marines in Austin on a regular basis. Only DaNang Dick knows.


You never want to go to ground in a streetfight, and if you do, your priority needs to be getting up, not rolling around with the mutt. While you’re passing the guard, the mutt’s friends are kicking you in the head.


You never pick a fight with a Marine unless you’re ready to take on the rest of The Corps. We may pick on the crayon eaters, but they all have each other’s backs.


And the best crayons. No small 8 count box, the big 64 count box.


As expected: mess with Marines, get beat.

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Marines brawling with civilians? Say it ain’t so!


Got my ass whooped by a Seabee in Biloxi. We then spent the rest of the night drinking together. Good times.


Glad roscoe wasn’t involved


The lib-tards in Austin have turned it into a real 3rd-world country in some areas.

But dude, to have that many DPS officers on hand to respond that quickly – they were expecting something! Austin PD got there pretty darn quick too.


6th Street has always had a large presence on Law Enforcement on hand on weekends.
I recall (a few years back) when I was in college, driving the “Safe Ride Home” van, back when you could drive down the street, and we heard what sounded like someone banging a dumpster about five time (back before I knew what a gunshot sounded like). Girl I was with asked if those were gun shots…not two seconds later no less than eight patrol cars were driving the wrong way on the one way street, and twelve officers on foot ran past us (ranging from Police, Sheriffs, Texas Rangers, and Constables)…. I turned to her and said, yeah I guess it was!

Skivvy Stacker

Best question a 1st Sergeant would ask after a fight like that would be; “who won?”
Followed by; “okay, clean up, get some sleep.”


Loud-mouthed, entitled, garbage, ostensible females that have hopefully not yet and never will breed, run their mouths, smack the phone out of someone’s hand, do whatever they want, because “you can’t hit a female”. Lucky for their ostensibly male companions the police were there to save their butts.

From what I saw, the Marines took a hit by the white hoodie and another by the white t-shirt before they took a single swing.

The sad part, the females who started it and the street rats won’t face any consequences, but the Marines will probably face Conduct Unbecoming, at the very least. In my opinion, they should use that video as a recruitment ad – “Become a Marine. Don’t start it but will always finish it”.

One question – when the police save you from the deserved beat down of your life, are they still bad? Asking for a friend.


If they have good NCOs they will “take care of it” and assign extra duty (wear and appearance of Uniform, and Combatives). And quiet accolades. If they have a CO that is worth anything, he will watch the entire video a few times, call all his troops together to discuss and say ” what I saw were several of my Marines out on the town, properly dressed and distinguishing themselves. When assaulted they first attempted to de-escalate. When it was clear that the assailants would not, they ensured a hasty end to the situation. Good Job Marines….Now strip off those tops and lets work on your technique!!! OHHRAH”


Official police report will say the civilians “stumbled off the curb and fell. Repeatedly”.


I did not see any NCOs in that group. I am proud how the Marines tried to keep calm and de-escalate the situation…but once punches were thrown they quickly accepted the challenge and put them down. At least the guy that started it had the good sense to realize he was slightly outnumbered and stopped throwing punches…unlike his friend in the t-shirt and brown pants that ended up on the ground getting a few instructional responses (to stay down), until the cops finally stepped in.


A corporal can be seen early on. The one who moves the scooter.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was attending the National Hurricane Conference back in 2010 in austin Texas at the convention center and I didn’t see one person wearing a cowboy hat or boots. All I saw were college kids with white skin and tats. Stayed in the Hilton across from the capital building I think it was. Brisket and the toasted bread were great, like a sore pecker, you couldn’t beat it.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

And I’m sure that the little shits who started it will bawl that THEY were the “oppressed” or “offended, I hope they get their asses beat again! Funny how they pull shit like that in blue locales, like the song goes, 🎶Try that in a small town 🎶…


This is what happens when punks FA… They FO!

BZ, Devil Dawgs for delivering a message…an BZ for showing some restraint toward that wart hawg skanky ms thang that started it all. Shoulda bitch slapped her into the middle of next week FIRST (ht2 Tox).


Documented history (1941)


“Liberty Call” – Port of Call, Hong Kong.
Most jobs promise you the world.
The Navy delivers.
Navy. It’s not just a job. It’s an adventure.

Dave Hardin

We used to call that… Sunday night. The worst part is having to buff out the scuffs on shoes and brass in the morning. Marine Dress Blue jackets are about as thick as body armor.

USMC Steve

Not anymore Brother Dave. The shoes are Corfam plastic material and if you scuff them they are finished, but it is really hard to do so. And the brass is gold plated, so also hard to mess up, but one it is, that buckle is toast. As you know, in the Old Corps, we woulda stripped off the belt, and used the buckle as brass knuckles.

Dave Hardin

The SNCO buckle left a signature mark. “Breaking Starch” was never the same after Sateens. Probably nobody left who knows how to use a cover block either. Emnew? Who knows, they probably take pride in thier Irish Pennants.

USMC Steve

Ya know, I still have the block and the top part of it as well. I still use them to block out my Vietnam era Sateen covers. Even without starching, it makes them look good when I do my Vietnam Marine historical display. Even have one set of the sateens left, but the pants don’t fit no more.


Can’t wait to hear the Libo brief on this one.


Marines not gettin’ shafted– no disciplinary/admin action against: