Wrongthink vs. rightthink?

| November 16, 2023

Seems a Navy SEAL is under investigation. His crime?  Apparently he associates with some of the wrong folks and has politically wrong opinions.

Chief Special Warfare Operator Bryce Henson is under investigation following allegations of “possibly participating with, or supporting, extremist causes,” Navy spokesman Cmdr. Ben Tisdale confirmed to Military.com.

One of the first events where Henson was spotted by journalists was a protest outside of a YMCA in January. The gym in Santee, California, became the target of protests after a 17-year-old girl complained to the city leaders about a transgender woman being allowed to use the women’s locker room.

All around Henson on both days were people wearing the distinctive yellow and black garb of the Proud Boys — a violent, neo-fascist organization whose members were convicted on a range of charges following the siege of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

In March 2023, Henson did an hourlong interview with a Christian-focused podcast, representing himself as Ben Richards. He described himself as being “activated” into protesting various school policies in April 2022, and his group’s mission is “to expose, challenge and resist critical race theory, radical gender ideology, and COVID and vax tyranny in our schools.”

“It’s a Marxist indoctrination,” Henson said, seemingly referring to the LGBTQ+ movement.  Military.com

So the good Chief was at demonstration also attended by Proud Boys and espoused currently unfashionable views. Doesn’t seem he has harmed anyone nor was there at the behest of the Proud Boys. Looks like he even used a pseudonym, so it’s not like he abused his Navy position.

The article is linguistically loaded…Military.com is indulging in serious pearl-clutching. It does seem, though, that in the brief bit I read, several facets of his First Amendment rights are getting seriously trampled.

Listen carefully, and you can hear Strother Martin talking about “getting his mind right.”

Now we get to the other side of the coin… someone doing what is oh, so right and catching hell for it. Geez, you can’t win nowadays, can you?

Brandeis University, a notedly liberal Massachusetts university named for former Chief Justice Brandeis, has withdrawn university recognition for a pro-Palestinian group on campus, saying  their espoused antics do not fit in with Brandeis’ principles.

The group, Students for Justice in Palestine, lost its university recognition after it planned a vigil on Monday, November 6 to mourn the “martyrs in Gaza,” according to a social media post by the group. SJP is a branch of a nationwide collection of student groups.  higher education.” MSN

The student group held a rally Friday to protest the university’s decision at which police allegedly became physically violent.

Brandeis said that Friday’s group was using threatening statements and was asked to disperse four times before police stepped in. WBZ-TV’s Louisa Moller spoke with some who were arrested. They called their protest peaceful, and said it was police who were violent.

Brandeis says the students were chanting speech the university deems as hateful such as, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

“We kind of know exactly what that connotation is in the Jewish community, which is that there should be no Jewish state between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea,” said Meshulam Ungar, a Brandeis senior who supports the university’s decision to dismantle the group Students for Justice in Palestine.  CBS

This in a way is fun on so many levels – Brandeis is an extremely liberal school sporting a wide variety of the sexually insane (been there for a graduation once, wound up sharing a men’s room with two ladies who needed to pee. They were the most normal folks I met there.)  Being a Jewish-based school, though, we find there are limits to free speech and liberal though – and calling for the elimination of Israel is over THEIR line. But the liberal press is all over THEM, for throttling the Palestinian sympathizers. Seems they should have the right to say whatever they want, no matter who they offend, per the pundits.

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/sarc – It appears that Ben Richards stepped on his own richard.

When did young(er) folks start using the phrase “richard cranium”
instead of the highly popular “dick head”?


Send them to Europe.


Well, if you think about it after World War II, a bunch of people emigrated there… supposedly… so technically, this could be correct. 😉


Of course, they all had German names and claimed they hadn’t been involved in the war or known anyone named Adolf…


I met a guy who was from Argentina with a German last name when I was a freshman in college. Being the smartass that I am, I asked him if his family had emigrated to Argentina in the 1945-46 time frame. Suffice it to say, he was not amused.


I’ll just leave this here.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Faulty Towers ??????????


Or Monty Python, ministry of silly walks. That’s my guess.


Fawlty Towers, ekshually.


Did he answer the question?


Of course not, but the look he gave spoke volumes.


Martin Caidin wrote a book long ago about a certain expatriate group in south America. One of the main characters was, fittingly, a Ju-52. “Jericho 52”, I think, was the title of the book.


I’ll just leave this here:

Gisele Buendchen


Very latin, of course. 😉


Documented in (2011)?


It had to be “retro” scene then as Magneto (born in 1930) would be 93 now (and 81 in 2011).

Hell, Michael Myers of Halloween infamy is 66 this year. (Thankfully, he’s finally dead in the canon.)

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You misspelled “Students for a Jewless Palestine”.


“the Proud Boys — a violent, neo-fascist organization”.

I’m not exactly a fan of the Proud Boys, but that description seems just a little more accurate in describing antifa. YMMV.


Same here…I stopped the perception of aligning myself with certain groups in the ’90s. Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, etc. are all the whipping boys of today, like the “unorganized militias” were back then. Mostly harmless, but visible and groups that further a media narrative of “violent Right Wingers”.

Antifa is just a concept, though, despite visibly organized, coordinated, and marginally trained Brown Shirt-esque mobs wearing all-black and carrying PVC signs designed to break down and become weapons and with black umbrellas doubling as shields.


The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers sound pretty good on paper, but their actions aren’t exactly in line with their charters. Had some Oath Keeper types down here on the border, didn’t take them long to figure out they weren’t exactly popular with the locals.

Antifa is a “mostly peaceful” group. But they seem to have a need for at least one “medic”. 😉

Green Thumb

They are all a bunch of fucking clowns.


With a large amount of turds mixed in for good measure.


Seconded. I probably share too much these days, now that I’m retired and all, but the FIB and whoever else obviously know everything anyway. Back in the day, Virginia Citizens’ Militia attended a monthly shooting competition in the foothills. I went out there a couple of times, had lunch with them, and pretty much just fired a few rounds (had my FAL at the time, but didn’t know much about marksmanship) and went home. Later, I rode out to Knob Creek Machinegun Shoot with a guy who claimed that he was in some KY group or another.

What I learned all those years ago is that most members of any quasi-militia fall into one of three categories: kooks, spooks, and dupes.

Kooks: you’ll notice that many give themselves high ranks, wear tacticool clothing and military surplus, and more than a few have probably ended up on these pages for SV.

Spooks: as always, there is rampant infiltration by federal agents and informants. The same holds true for any group, regardless of size, deemed a “threat”. Look at how many “anti-government conspiracies” and “terrorist attacks” are undermined by a suspiciously well-timed FIB and LEO intervention.

Dupes: there are some well-meaning people who simply think they’re doing something patriotic and good. Maybe they want to belong to something, maybe they just want a hobby, and maybe they feel like they didn’t do enough whether or not they ever served in the Armed Forces. These types will blindly follow their local Kook “commander”, who is probably a “former Green Beret Sniper” wearing Colonel rank, then go along with the Spooks helping to plan to Great Raid on Starbucks. They’ll go to prison like the Kooks, while the Spooks get their award for another successful operation.


After Nichols and McVeigh did their thing in Oklahoma City there was 24/7/365 coverage of those dangerous, threat-to-civilization-as-we-know-it militias on every television and “news” outlet in the country, if not the world. Lots of “undercover” special-investigative-reports on television, all very amusing. Just about all were either fat or scrawny, certainly not a Rambo among them. Pathetically eager to show their stuff on television, like an overeager puppy trying to get its belly rubbed. Certainly not the imminent threat we were told. Of course in their own minds they were all Terminators, just as that Military Times writer thinks he is a Pulitzer Prize class “journalist”.


I probably should’ve added a “sarc” tag to the last line. Figured you dickweedians didn’t need it.


But, but the black wearing masked Antifastanis can’t have fascist views cuz the say so. When they are attacking Jews like the Hitler Jugend and the SA, it is completely different because they are happy to beat anyone who disagrees with them.


The Fools From Auntie

A Proud Infidel®™

“… they are happy to beat anyone who disagrees with them.”

JUST LIKE Hitler’s mobs of the “Sturmabteilung”, also known as “The Brown Shirts” run by Ernst Rohm, a known homosexual who had a thing for young Men whom Hitler had killed during “Krystallnacht”.


comment image


Commies’ only real beef with nazis was the competition– more alike the than not (just ask anyone who lived in East Germany between 1933 and ’89).


Maybe this would be more acceptable to those investigating the Navy SEAL. More inclusive and all that.



All these folks want to support Ham-Ass? Let them go over there. I’m sure Ham-Ass has enough weapons from the treasure trove left in Affy to arm them all. And if there’s not enough of those weapons, the Billions of US $ that prezzy sniffy and his handler, The JEF gave to the Mullah Muthers can buy some on the open market.

“Any statement you make can and WILL be used against you in a court of law.”




The Blue Falcon rides again.

The Blue Falcon



Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of a man?
Your Admin knows.


I guess this describes my heart:



Possibly participating with or supporting extremist causes…
comment image

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The term ‘far-right’, once a descriptor for people who were, you know, on the far right, now means ‘this is a bad person / group because I don’t like them and have a very limited capacity for meaningful descriptors.’


comment image

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It means the opposite of anyone who is a dedicated D-rat, progtard, or commie, crypto-commie, Islamist , or other flavor of totalitarian leftist.


Ben Richards you say?

What happened to Buzzsaw??


He had to split!

Green Thumb

Lay down with dogs; get up with fleas.

Just an observation.


An extreme SOC? Shit I hope so…


Use of a pseudonym offers us all the security of privacy, and is even required in some circles to maintain the integrity of PII. AND NOW,, Nikki Haley wants to stop it “when” she takes office!


Unless you remove the anonymity of government minions, first, then

No. Fucking. Way.


I know who everyone is. I believe I’ve dealt with a couple of those types you mention, and here they aren’t.
Not to hold TAH/VG as a shining light of the interwebs, but deleting assholes is my pleasure.


“and here they aren’t.”

Are you sure? Only The Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.


Anonymity leads to douchebaggery. Without fail.


I agree with that to an extent. The people I want to protect are those like myself, still serving in the US Military, but with conservative ideals, that when voiced can only get you in trouble these days. I would have no trouble using my real name, if there was no chance of hurting my ability to provide for my family.

I’d love to see the “bad asses” have to face their own words!


Example: if my real feelings about transgenderism were found out by the Army, I’d have a stack of counseling statements waist high.

I hope that clears up my actual negative feelings for the loss of anonymity.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And the District of Criminals elites wonder why they have a problem with: 1-recruiting and retaining qualified people for the military; 2-uhhh…..well, I was going to try to say something about those UNqualified (sick, lame, lazy, overweight, uneducated, et al), but it fell flat.
Especially with the upcoming wars (multiple fronts) in Ukraine & Israel.
What next? (ssshhhh……draft board?)

Dammit Tox.


If the Proud Boys are “neo-“whatever and proactively violent, I’m fucking King Louis XIV.

The DeeDohDuh couldn’t find problems in its own ranks with a: map, flashlight, metal detector, GPS, 10-digit grid, and a fucking sign that reads ‘Dig here for unAmerican assholes’.

The only crime I see these days: differing from one’s “betters”.

“Prepare.” –A man wiser than at least two of me.


Ms Leggy UPS Thang dropped off another coupla boxes from MPS and SGA today. I had made a run to the K Roger and had a coupla hunnerd $s worth of canned goods and misc in the prime mover. She had placed her delivery in the stash place that the porch pirates and neighbors don’t know about.

A Proud Infidel®™

One day doing a delivery a few weeks ago, I talked to a Young Warrior who had recently ETS’ed who told me that he had gotten counseled that “He was an extremist” because he identified as a White Christian male. Unfortunately, given the clown crew in charge I do not doubt him.


That would not surprise me. I noticed for years that there’s a divide in the “Backbone of the Army”. NCOs in general have their little cliques–Rangers, Airborne, Drill Sergeant, heck, even Recruiter–where they treat others differently based on military qualifications and background. As a non-Ranger, I was never going to be fully embraced by the Tab community. That said, the Batt Boys I’ve known are much cooler to those without a Tab. I just touched base with one from my last assignment a few weeks ago.

On to the Great Divide. Disproportionately, Black NCOs fall into the “Brother” clique. I’m not trying to sound too un-PC here, but the GS-13 I worked under in DC was a retired SGM. When we went to get our mandatorious Bovid inoculation, one of the Medics was a young E-5 that shared his common last name. He greeted the guy as his “brother” and even embraced him, despite never having met him previously. I noted this continuously throughout my career. Black NCOs, especially those who make it to the senior paygrades, are typically much more accepting of each other than White NCOs.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, per se, but when you have a 1SG or CSM treat you professionally, then see them get all familiar with a junior NCO because they have similar levels of melanin, it can be demotivating. I’m going to get reamed out for something my Soldier did, while SGT Johnson is hanging out shooting the 💩 with the CSM 30 minutes later.


And mandatorious was deliberate.

When I was the Token White Male in my recruiting station I got along great with everyone. One of our E-5s was busting his 🫏 trying to get a meritorious promotion. He was in a Quartermaster MOS that had maxed out points for E-6. One day, he asked the Station Commander how many more contracts he needed for a “mandatorious promotion”.

Great guy. He used to play college football and was really good at communicating with the more inner-city kids. Last I checked, he had gone 79R, made SFC, and is now retired and spends more time in the gym in a day than I spend all year…


“Another man, also present on both days, was sporting several, prominent Nazi tattoos, including a swastika. Henson was photographed standing just feet from him on both days.”

The article is a bit more than just “linguistically loaded”. They should consider changing their name to “Anti-Military Times”.