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| November 13, 2023

Taurus Judge

The call about the shooting went out around 2:30 Friday morning. One person was taken away from the scene in an ambulance.

By: News On 6, MaKayla Glenn
TULSA, Okla. –
Tulsa Police are on the scene of a shooting Friday morning near 21st and Peoria.

The shooting happened in a home on the backside of Woodward Park on South Rockford Ave.

The call about the shooting went out around 2:30 Friday morning. One person was taken away from the scene in an ambulance. Police said they believe this started as a break-in and someone inside the home shot the person trying to break in.

Police say everyone involved knows each other, and this was not random.

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News On 6

Video captures shootout on Southwest Freeway between HPD officers, carjacking suspect
After the crash, the suspect got out of the car and got into a shootout with officers, according to HPD.

Author: Sammy Turner
HOUSTON — An officer was injured and a carjacking suspect was killed in a shootout Saturday after a brief chase ended on the Southwest Freeway, according to the Houston Police Department.

This all started at about 10 a.m. when an officer spotted a vehicle that was taken in a carjacking Friday.

HPD Chief Troy Finner said the officer followed the stolen vehicle without using sirens or emergency equipment, but when the suspect noticed the officer, he sped off and a chase began.

The suspect drove northbound on the Southwest Freeway and as he approached the 610 Loop, he crashed into multiple vehicles, Finner said. The suspect attempted to carjack two people after he crashed out and as he shot at officers, at least three returned fire, hitting the suspect multiple times, Finner said.

“He got out of the vehicle and officers got out,” Finner said. “He engaged and shot one of our officers.”

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Thankfully the injured officer is expected to pull through. The car-jacker has achieved room temperature and Houston hasn’t changed a bit. KHOU is there. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

Extremism thrives amid ignorance and anger, intimidation and cowardice.
Hillary Clinton

Give the hag credit; she’s absolutely correct.

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C-Hag, nemesis of SquintEye

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ag ag ag ag, ahoy, matey!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That pic of the engraved Judge at top looks like gilding a turd.
I’m sure that the Judge has its adherents, but I ain’t one of ’em.
The only way that I’d possess one is if you gave it to me. And then I’d turn around and try to sell/exchange it as quickly as possible.

It’s got its own song, but maybe just for the name:


The Judge is for self-defence against Murder Hornets.


Jes’ sayin’…

comment image



In a few weeks.



I see your .50 AE and raise you a .500 S&W. But seriously, not seriously. We had a S&W 500 come in a few weeks ago and I put it out as soon as I trigger locked it. Like the Colt Pythons and other less-common guns, it left the store within a day or two. The customer “wanted something more than .44 Magnum”.

My son’s friend used his oh-so-effective COVID stimulus money to buy a Mark XIX in .50 AE. I haven’t shot it but found it funny that my son chickened out while his girlfriend put a few rounds downrange. I guess it’s a generational thing. A former coworker was running the range when I brought in my .44 Mag, and I let him put a few rounds through it. His hand was bruised for a few weeks.

In the year I’ve worked there, we’ve had one Desert Eagle come through as a customer order. Big gun, but when I went to do the final check, the guy was proportionately bigger than the gun. He looked like he’d be able to pocket carry a Mossberg 500 Cruiser and keester a full-size M1911A1 at the same time. 🔫

Last edited 3 months ago by fm2176
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sounds like the Tulsa shooting was a drug deal gone bad.

The trash taking out the trash? Somebody methed up? I’m good either way.

KHOU has been a dry hole of late. Shelia gets elected as Mayor, she’ll clean it all up. “…hitting the suspect multiple times.” Yep…keep firing till HE thinks he’s dead.

That Hag is the epitome of pure evil. Since no Judge on Earth will judge her, it will be up to The Highest Judge to judge her. May be a moot point in that Satan would want his daughter in Hell with him anyhow.

Speaking of Judges…love ’em or hate ’em one has to admit that the reviewer was spot on when he wrote “…If the .410 shot shell doesn’t stop the bad guy the .45 Colts should fold him in half, stopping the threat immediately.” HMS JMB (HBHN) and Colonel Colt…grin!


I am very familiar with the Beechnut-to-610 stretch of the Southwest Freeway. Grew up driving that area.

I know that when they started to build the pre-fab slums (aka “apartment complexes”) in the ’70’s things started going downhill. It has only gotten worse.

The area west down Bellaire, Beechnut, and Bissonnet is known for crime – particularly carjackings (most of which go unsolved and un-recovered) drugs and whores.

Where we used to play is now an area I would not go without a full load-out and body armor.

Taking down this perp doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the need to clean up.


Life was made worse after Hurricane Katrina and the Ninth Ward scum moved in.


The Judge…

I remember when they first came out; I wanted one but never made the purchase. Pitched as a good car/truck gun and so on, I showed it to my father-in-law, and he wanted one. He ended up buying the S&W Governor instead. Unlike the Judge, the Governor is rated for the higher pressure .45 ACP and comes with half-moon clips. When the FiL passed, I inherited the Governor. Never shot it; my son wanted one of his granddad’s guns, so he got it a couple of years ago.

Both the Judge and the Governor are just unwieldy, to me at least. I carry my 4″ barreled S&W 29 in a Galco shoulder holster on occasion, and while it’s a big gun it’s proportional. If I want a short barrel, my Taurus 856 or 605 are good. The Judge/Governor might be okay in a vehicle, properly secured in a holster and loaded with whatever load you feel necessary to deter a carjacker, but for EDC, it’s impractical.

Last edited 3 months ago by fm2176

We get those in on occasion. Lightweight, but I can’t imagine they’d have too much felt recoil with either .45 Colt or .410 bore. If you can handle the poly 605, I’m sure the poly Public Defender will be a nice shooter. I have the steel-framed 605 and that thing’s like a flashbang. The recoil doesn’t bother me, but the amount of muzzle flash and noise it makes is amusing. I’ll often carry two guns, so for some “old school” carry the 605 and 856, with two speed loaders apiece, are a decent combination. If 15 rounds of .357 Mag and 18 rounds of .38 Spl aren’t enough to take care of a situation, I’m in trouble. Then again, I can carry one of the Glocks and have 52 rounds (17+1, two spare mags).


Kid beaten to death for defending his buddy, dudes who did it go unpunished:

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Yeah, I read that too. Piss me off to the max.
Fortunately I don’t live down there, there MIGHT be midnight retributions.


Damned shame, but you know…the thing. If the races were reversed it would be national news, with politicians decrying the never-ending wraycism in this country and certain groups deciding that it’s time–once again–to start burning down neighborhoods.

I was fortunate, being a scrawny kid in the trailer park back in the day, having BB gun fights and playing “war” with older kids, I could grab onto legs and hold my own. This came in handy when I transferred from county to city schools and found myself as one of two White kids on the baseball team. We were playing near Mosby Court in Richmond, VA and won the game. Me and two teammates were near the van when the other team approached. I thought little of it, even though my teammates ran off, and figured it was just a congratulatory gesture, so when the opposing pitcher cocked his arm, I thought he was just seeing if I’d flinch. Nope, I took a punch to the side of the head, grabbed two of them and went to the ground while getting stomped and kicked. My team saw what was going on and ran over, and I found it funny that the two guys I had hold of were almost crying for me to let them go.

There’s a mentality in certain segments of society that is almost animalistic. If you are the “wrong” color, or if you’re wearing the wrong colors, you’re a target. Trying to step into a scuffle, even if you have the moral high ground, opens you up to becoming the next target of opportunity.