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| October 26, 2023


Wisconsin cops fatally shoot active gunman on middle school roof

By Melissa Koenig
Wisconsin police shot dead a gunman who fired at officers from the roof of a middle school, where up to 70 students were stuck inside.

Germantown police said they responded to a call about a person “acting erratically” in the parking lot of Kennedy Middle School shortly after 6:30 p.m. Monday.

When two officers tried to pursue him, the gunman managed to climb onto the roof — using the high vantage point to shoot at the police below, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Cops returned fire, striking the gunman. No other injuries were reported.

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NY Post


To aim and hit, you need one eye only, and one good finger.
Moshe Dayan

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Gives a new meaning to the term “school shooting”.


6:30 in the evening and 70 people were still in the school building? So it says.


Various extra-curricular activities keep the kids at school well past 1830 hours.


Guess so. Hopefully good stuff. Back in the 60s we had a few things immediately after school, football, wrestling, baseball, basketball, track & field stuff and occasionally some band practice but nothing that ran as late as 6:30.

Gotta spend next week in DFW, forecast is looking cold and wet. Been in Texas for a year, should have concealed carry license in the next couple of weeks–the one that is reciprocal with about 35 other American states!


Gun grabbers skreeeing “…for the children…” wanting “common sense gun control” because of another “school shooting” in

Since knife knut job wouldn’t drop “it” the LEO dropped him.

BZ to all of these Officers on taking out the trash.

Keep that one eye open and that one finger on the trigger.

Hand(s) Held Howitzer! Yes, Hand(s)…plural…ya better use both hands to hold that howitzer, else one will discover where the term “…kicks like an Army Mule…” kinda like Navy will discover in a about 6 weeks.


SPEAKING of Deagle…

I have a technical question you tards may be able to answer…

I’m going to be picking up a 3 Deagle combo kit and I’ll be needing to get .357, 44 and 50AE ammo. OK. Now, I have gently started looking at ammo and had a question.
I shot a bunch of 9mm Winchester White box which was Flat Nose and I had some feeding issues that I’ve never had with my other 9mm rounds that were “round nose” or FMJ(?) that I didn’t have any feed issues (BTW it was a CZ 97 BD)
All the .357 (to start with) were all flat nose ammo I saw on Ammo Seek and with a semi-auto like a Deagle, any feed problems with that or even .44 or 50AE, or any other ammo issues of which anyone is aware I could be congnisant of??
I haven’t bought anything yet and thought I’d just go to Bass and buy a box or two even the PPR price is going to be completely shitty vs buying quantity online but I”m not going to be shooting a lof of this at 50AE around $1.65, .44 mag is running about $ 0.65


Generally the two solutions are : 1) If you have feeding issues with a particular style/brand of ammo, don’t buy that brand. and 2) If you MUST use that ammo, maybe take your gun to a gunsmith, get it evaluated, and get it fixed (probably needs to be have a throat and polish job if anything.) Some guns just don’t like some bullet shapes, which is what no matter how pricey your pocket howitzer is, you should run a few boxes of your chosen defensive ammo through it BEFORE you have to rely on it. Even at $1.65 a round (ouch).


Got ya….I’ll have to see. The Deagle is NOT a personal defense weapon…if I had to worry about that, it’s going to be the Canik METE SFT or the CMMG Banshee, which I can’t really carry around conceled but if they start allowing us to open carry across the US of A because of Security “issues” or everythign goes to shit, then yeah, I have a variety of go to options to choose from.
The Triple deagle is my final “Just for the fuck of it”, gun.


Oversize trenchcoat and a single-point sling allow for concealed carry of some surprising guns.

A 16-inch barrel “trapper” winchester 94, for example. Or “SMG” format pistols.

Those oversize pistols also hide well in a 24″ gym bag.


Chippy…what David said. Weapons and wimmens…picky eaters…all of them.

At the risk of incurring the “stay in your swim lane…good doggy” from our Beloved AW1, here’s a place that The Roh-Dog turned me on to that has decent prices, excellent service, user friendly web page and until the latest uproar, was getting same day shipping and a 3 day delivery time from OK to GA. Good Luck, My Friend (with the purchase that is…with the pursuit of OAM’s affections…not so much!)

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Guy in the shooting point next to me At the Nassau LI, NY county range had a Desert Eagle when they first came out and what a blast of flame came out compared to my S&W Mod 14 .38 six In. barrel with a bomar rib and bomar sights installed. All I got were burning flakes of corn cob media that were stuck in the cases while using a CH Progressive loading press. I used Bullseye powder and after shooting, my hands were black from the soot….