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| October 23, 2023


Happy Monday to all!

Today we are looking at guts. Stones, cojones, balls, huevos – but mainly just in the sense of having a spine and taking a stance.

Now, I was never a fan of ol’ Yassir Arabfat (as an old acquaintance called him) – he was one deep-dyed evil sumbitch But you knew he was a DDES. He never changed his stripes, never stopped being a DDES, and certainly didn’t change his stance just because people didn’t like what he said. Putin is like that too…may he rot in hell, but may he continue in hell as the aforementioned DDES. Not rooting for him at all, but at least you know where a DDES stands. Look at Fatty da Kim, or maybe the Ayatollahs. All DDES and proud of it. You know if you shoot any of ’em, you’re putting down a mad dog and the world is a better place.

But… there are others. The snakes in the grass.  Possibly they are more evil, because they change what they say and rationalize to  try and make it all sound better. They are a pain in our respective asses, right? They will never warm the cockles of our hearts, or even below that, in the sub-cocklear region?

Climate activist Greta Thunberg posted then deleted a pro-Palestinian post on X following some backlash.

Early Friday morning, the 20-year-old Swedish activist posted a since-deleted photo of herself and three other activists with signs that read, “Free Palestine,” “Climate Justice Now,” “This Jew Stands With Palestine” and “Stand With Gaza.”Moments later, Thunberg deleted it and shared a nearly identical photo — the same four people holding the same four signs — this time with the stuffed animal cut out of the photo.

“It has come to my knowledge that the stuffed animal shown in my earlier post can be interpreted as a symbol for antisemitism, which I was completely unaware of,” she wrote in an accompanying post. “The toy in the picture is a tool often used by autistic people as a way to communicate feelings.”  Fox News

Worried about a stuffed anti-semetic doll but thinks the Hamas attack is OK?  There is some seriously twisted “thinking”.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called out Coca-Cola on his podcast this week for supporting Black Lives Matter after the organization’s Chicago chapter posted in a now-deleted X post a picture of a paraglider with the text “I stand with Palestine” — a reference to Hamas terrorists who paraglided into an Israeli music festival and slaughtered hundreds of attendees.

After the October 18 episode of The Verdict with Ted Cruz, Coca-Cola — which owns Sprite — deleted its language on its website the following morning.  Fox News II

Wouldn’t want to offend the buyers now…

And then we have BBC. Once an icon of distinguished journalism, now no better than the former journalists masquerading as mass media in the US.

This comes as it is confirmed the BBC will no longer call Hamas “militants”, but instead characterise the Palestinian group as “a proscribed terrorist organisation by the UK government.”

The BBC has spent the past fortnight defending its decision not to use the term “terrorists” to describe Hamas, in line with the regulator Ofcom’s guidelines on maintaining impartiality. However, it has come under increasing pressure to ditch the term “militants, with a BBC spokeswoman confirming: “We have been finding this a less accurate description for our audiences as the situation evolves.”  Deadline

I guess “baby-beheaders ” may be considered perjorative?

Honorable mention goes to the jet-setters who fly private jets to climate conferences and whine about the adverse impact jets have on the world, but say “it’s OK because I am a good guy. I preach about climate change and only bathe once a week to save water” or some such claptrap. Names like Kerry, DiCaprio, Gore, maybe Travolta come to mind.

Maybe Tuesday won’t make me throw up in my mouth… but I’m not betting on it.

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Anna Puma

When will Greta von Thule blow herself up to save the planet?

I want to set the DVR.


Planet killer.

greta eat.png

I’m thinking that we should sacrifice her as a virgin. I can think of nobody that would hit that…
Well, except for old what’s his name that would hit nancy pelosi laying in her coffin..

Old tanker

At some point we are going to have to stop giving a crap about the feelings of the terrorists and those that support them. I hope it comes sooner rather than later.


F* their feelin’s…


Is that Willie Nelson?


Even Willie doesn’t know, anymore.


If anyone wonder what Greta and her left/libtard buddies support or why Israel is about to whup some ass in Gaza:

Forest Bondurant



It’s gonna be awkward next time Greta the Green Goblin sits down with big daddy Soros.


“You know if you shoot any of ’em, you’re putting down a mad dog and the world is a better place.
But… there are others. The snakes in the grass. Possibly they are more evil, because they change what they say and rationalize to try and make it all sound better. They are a pain in our respective asses, right? They will never warm the cockles of our hearts, or even below that, in the sub-cocklear region?”

The solution to all of these problems is summed up in two (2) of my all time favorite quotes…”Kill them all, let God (or the Deity of your choice) sort them out.” “Buzzards gotta eat *spits*…same as worms.”


She admits she was communicating using that blue octopus.


Skivvy Stacker

What’s been upping my chuck lately is the bending over backwards, twisting in 20 directions, and licking of their own ass holes the media have been going through to downplay the idea that Ham-ass decapitated babies, and instead only murdered them.

“Well, y’see, we don’t have any PICTURES of dead babies that are missing their heads, so we can’t say that Hamas actually beheaded any of the dead babies…the babies were all obviously shot, or burned, or beaten to death, but NONE had their heads cut off…soooo….they were only murdered, and NOT beheaded, and that is more or less better than a dead baby with a missing head….we guess.”


I don’t know about y’all, but I think an investment in the hemp rope business is going to be a money maker in the near future. Anybody want to start a company reinforcing lamp posts?


These Ham-Assed Arabs should buy a map and look at eastern Syria, western Irag, eastern Jordan, and western Saudi Arabia. There is enough sandy dirt there for all of them to have 40 acres. Yet they are all fighting for a small portion of a tiny country (Israel) under the guise of a religious feud. If they really wanted land and peace there is plenty of both there to be had.

For all the money spent of weapons, training, and indoctrination by these terror groups they could actually create their own safe space, believe what they want, and leave the rest of the world the hell alone.

Ideology is a bitch.


But then, they’d actually have to do the work to get to where Israel is today. Can’t have that, why would they want to pass on man-boy love Thursday or any day is goat fuck day to actually work? Not in their agenda.




I think you meant “pejorative” rather than “perjorative.” Although the Hamastanies are not strangers to lying, even under oath.

Daisy Cutter

David Hogg – where is he now?

Daisy Cutter