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| September 28, 2023

Let’s open Thursday with the White House.  The White House announced its office to combat “gun violence” Friday, and besides Kamala “never seen a job I can’t blow” Harris at its head, we have a neutral disinterested expert hired.

But the deputy directors of the new office include Robert Wilcox, who will also serve as special assistant to the president. Wilcox previously worked as the senior director of federal government affairs at Everytown for Gun Safety. There, his salary was underwritten by billionaire anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg. In his new role, however, it will be paid with YOUR federal taxes. Wilcox as an anti-gun lobbyist pushed such radical policies as banning America’s most popular rifle, the AR-15; banning private firearm transfers; holding law-abiding firearm dealers accountable for the acts of criminals; and limiting the capacity of magazines used in self-defense firearms. Wilcox is not just another policy wonk or expert bureaucrat whose job is to serve the public at large. He is an activist dedicated to the destruction of Americans’ Second Amendment rights.  BFA

Bad enough the CDC caved to the anti-2A zealots – now we are PAYING  their shock troops from our taxes.

Out in Californee, meanwhile, Gov. Newsom has been busy. He vetoed a bill requiring a driver in commercial autonomous-driven commercial vehicles (wouldn’t want some human actually DRIVING a Tesla semi – after all, nothing can go wrong (tic) go wrong (tic) go wrong (tic), and is busy guaranteeing LGBTQRSTUV rights. One bill he signed is a low-key doozy.

California Gov. signed a bill Monday to ban school boards from rejecting textbooks based on their teachings about the contributions of people from different racial backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities.

The new legislation bars school boards from banning instructional materials or library books because they provide “ inclusive and diverse perspectives in compliance with state law,” according to a press release from Newsom’s office. AP

An example cited was a board which tried to ban elementary school textbooks from having an added section all about Harvey Milk,.  (Sideline – remember when Milk was killed? Probably not, the Mayor of SanFran (Moscone, I recall?) was shot and Milk was an “also killed in the attack” figure. At the time, he was almost a footnote. You probably remember his assailant’s “twinkie defense” better.) Either way…if you don’t fall in line with the educational Cultural Revolution – bad news for ya.

Sure sounds like an Office of Righthink to me.

Now let’s try some better news for a change. The Department of Justice says it is appealing the recent Bowe Bergdahl decision by Judge Reggie Walton that the trial judge should have disclosed he was seeking Federal Employment after he retired from the military. In doing so, Walton overturned all the trial judge’s decisions, ignoring the fact that Bergdahl had entered a guilty plea.

Bergdahl’s attorneys are arguing that the unlawful command influence issue be reconsidered, because Nance misled him by claiming he was unaffected by any comments by senior officials, including Trump, raising the question as to whether he could have been counted on to rule impartially as a result of his pending job application.

The Justice Department also has asked that if Walton decides to uphold his decision to vacate Bergdahl’s conviction, that he clarify that the case be allowed to be sent back to the military court system for another court-martial.

Bergdahl’s attorneys argued against the request, noting Bergdahl has been a civilian for more than two years, endured 14 years of his legal case and five years of brutality in captivity of the Taliban.

“At the moment, he stands convicted in the court of public opinion, out of the mouth of the President of the United States, as a traitor — the uniquely infamous category that includes Tokyo Rose, Axis Sally, and a handful of other turncoats over the course of American history. This is tremendously unfair,” his attorneys wrote in court documents.

Details matter. Trump wasn’t President when he said that, Bergdahl pled guilty, and they are conflating the numbers to make Bergdahl’s “ordeal” look longer. Need to make note of that.

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True for all of them.


[After Sen. John Fetterman controversy, Senate unanimously passes formal dress code
— The U.S. Senate has passed a resolution formalizing business attire as the proper dress code for the floor of the chamber by unanimous consent.

This comes after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer chose to stop enforcing the unwritten requirement, and Democratic Sen. John Fetterman’s casual dress became a flashpoint in the Capitol.

The bipartisan bill from Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney requires that members abide by a real dress code – rather than an unwritten custom
– when on the Senate floor,
that includes a coat, tie, and slacks for men.]

RGR 4-78

So, spit shined low quarters, buckskin shirt and trousers, with a black tie and a coonskin cap are out of the question. 😆 


How about a Fez in lieu of the coonskin?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

coonskin, that’s racist


Steelie Dan says you can do it without your Fez on.


Joe Cocker sez you can keep your hat on.


It turns out Fetterman isn’t the only Senator who may have tried to take advantage of the now defunct “new” dress code…..

Orange Is The New Black…




New Jersey.

And now Massachusetts.

Doesn’t she look purty?



And of course, New York.

Doesn’t this seem fitting for Ole Chucky Boy?




25169 (1).jpeg

Georgia’s Very Own Jon Ossoff.

What A Cute Southern Boy..Wonder if he is a Braves/Falcons Fan…😆🤣

Whatcha think, KoB and Commissioner Wretched? 😉😎



Let’s Not Forget Cali-Fornia!

Anyone wanna make a guess as to who THIS is?


Are we mean or what? 🤭


Utah’s Finest!

Have to admit, he does look pretty cool…just needs some more Bling-Bling!



I had no clue
I’d get so many going
with this Senate dress code article comment.

no clue who is leaving the red minus thumbs downs on your comments.

It’s not me. 🙂


China’s leading rolling vote getter.

Weekend at Bernie’s anyone?


JO? *spits* A toady for sniffy creepy. A disciple for Rev *spits* Warlock, honor graduate of the school of John Lewis, mentored by Hank “Tip the Island Over” Johnson. Longtime affiliation with the Rothschild Family…need I go on? The Repugnic^nts of GA are as despicable as the demonrats, do not put good candidates up, are in bed with the demonrats and are only concerned with holding onto their little piece of power. JO has learned the most important lessons a career politician needs to learn, ie…tell people what you think they want to hear and toe the party line. IMHO, JO considers himself to be a future POTUS candidate, to be (s)elected when the party leaders (*spits*) feel he has paid his dues to them and been well groomed. Watch!

Commissioner Wretched

When it comes to Jon Ossoff … I try not to think of him. I try very, very hard not to think of him. Or of that other embarrassment to the state in the Senate.

Herbert J Messkit

With his honking stupid voice, I always think he’s more like the Penguin


If only. I wonder how many others will be named in the same scheme for a lighter sentence.

And if he does go to jail, who gets to play with his wife’s apparently store bought goodies.


Rand Paul was all in.


So, from the side galley the can vote yah, nay or present in their underwear?


Our very own beloved KoB may get his wish granted…


“Defense Secretary Austin’s Salary Cut To $1 Under GOP Budget Plan”

“House Republicans on Wednesday approved a measure to slash Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s salary from more than $221,000 annually to less than $1, based on their dissatisfaction with his work so far.”

“The Pentagon’s director of diversity and inclusion, the head of the department’s equity and inclusion office, the military’s chief diversity officer, and the assistant secretary of defense for readiness — a transgender woman — were all targeted with amendments that would trim their annual salary to less than $1.”

“A proposal to cut Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley’s pay to $1 was also floated by Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., but dismissed by party leaders before Wednesday’s debate.”


Lots of people’s salaries should be cut to $1.00

All of D.C comes to mind.


Odie NAILED It!!!



Republican Party “leaders” have no sense of adventure. The voting public would forget this stunt before election day. Well, a vast majority would.


Details matter. Trump wasn’t President when he said that

True. However when he was president he was asked to comment on the case and he said he wouldn’t comment on the case except to say; “But I think people have heard my comments in the past”. Which is a solid argument for confirming the previous statements were indeed his opinion on the matter. We all know it is literally impossible for Trump to keep his mouth shut when he is asked his opinion on something.

Forest Bondurant

Yesterday, Newsome also signed a new law which raised ammunition sales by applying an 11% “sin” tax, in addition to prohibitions on where firearms can be carried in the state:


Fair’s fair– they need a tax on dildos, buttplugs and lube, too.


That might prompt rioting in the San Fransicko, especially in the Tenderloin district.


…not to mention the Folsom Street Fair.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

All his armed bodyguards will have to dig deep for the ammo price unless they get their ammo for free.


As state employees and officers of the Highway Patrol, I am sure they get free ammo from the state.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How come the Amerikan flag is behind gov nuisance. Shouldn’t the flag show a hammer and scicle or better yet a Swastika.????????????????????????????


The struggle is real… I make it a point to remove or cover every Prop 65 warning label on the guns that come through me. After all, just about everything we sell, outside of some hunting rifles and shotguns, is illegal in California anyway. I guess the gun manufacturers (and about everybody else) just want to make sure they’re covered in case a package ends up in CA, but I don’t think that a CMMG Mk 4 or an FN 509 should have a label mandated by a state they can’t be sold in.

Gun culture is growing in popularity, and awareness of anti-gun TTPs is increasing, but at the same time, the anti-gunners are getting stronger and more emboldened. Hopefully it’s well after I am gone, but eventually this country is likely to be disarmed. It will take decades, but as staunch 2A supporters are eliminated or incarcerated under new laws, subsequent generations will just accept whatever restrictions as the norm. Remember, 53 years ago the ATF did not exist, 100 years ago you could walk into a hardware store and buy an M1921 Thompson without paperwork, and some of us remember when a rifle rack in the back of the pickup was common, even on school grounds. Now, we submit ourselves to the mercy of the FBI and ATF every time we buy a gun from a dealer, machine guns are for the rich and legal ones are 37+ years old, and having a firearm anywhere near a school–even with a permit–is illegal.


Slightly off topic but I viewed Gropey Joe’s appearance in Michigan before the UAW union strike rally for him. I counted 27 union members that Biden spoke to. However, when Trump showed up there, the Rumble video shows Michiganders turned out by the thousands.


“…adventurous abroad and despotic at home…” Yep, Bobby Lee called it some 160 years ago…and here we are. Anyone that doesn’t believe that “… government of the people, by the people, for the people…” has perished from the earth, better wake up and…Prepare. They do NOT want citizens, they want subjects.

It is oddly ironic that the man who used the line in his vaunted speech designating a National Cemetery is the one who FIRST (ht2 CW) started the consolidation and strengthening of an all powerful federal government.


comment image


Fact Checked…

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