Veterans Affairs training video promotes abortion

| September 25, 2023

A Department of Veterans Affairs video was leaked. It promoted abortions as well as preferred descriptions such as “person who is pregnant” vice “pregnant women.” The video noted that not all who seek abortions identify as women, and that “person who is pregnant” is inclusive. The video also advocated the words “embryo” or “fetus” instead of unborn child or baby. This did not appear to be the only video of this nature, as the Post Millennial obtained more VA videos that defended abortion.

From Fox News:

“Today our worst fears were confirmed by the VA’s outrageous training video that unapologetically encourages and glorifies abortion, implies pregnancy is a dangerous medical condition, and suggests that abortion is always safer than childbirth,” Burch continued. “The video is an insult to women everywhere, not only because it utterly denies biology in claiming men can get pregnant, but also because it adds insult to injury in claiming pregnancy is nothing to be celebrated or congratulated. Such outrageous and offensive pro-abortion propaganda coming from a government agency tasked with protecting American lives is a deeply disturbing sign of the times imposed by this radical administration.”

Susan B. Anthony President Marjorie Dannenfelser also commented on the video saying, “Americans will be shocked to learn that, not only is the VA performing abortions at hospitals across the county, but they are promoting and training their staff with radical pro-abortion ideology, counseling women veterans into having abortions. Most Americans don’t want their taxpayer dollars funding abortions, especially in direct violation of the law.”

“Senator [Tommy] Tuberville and Rep. Michael Cloud should be applauded for exposing that the VA has opened the door to abortion on demand,” she continued. “And for leading Congressional efforts to stop this illegal agenda. Right now, the VA is instructing its staff to completely sidestep state pro-life laws and provide abortions. We must continue to expose and stop this illegal extremism. At a time when our veterans need our greatest support, why is the VA prioritizing forced ideology over the needs of our ill, injured and wounded veterans?”

In addition to his resolution with Cloud against the VA’s abortion policy, Tuberville has blocked hundreds of military appointments in response to the Pentagon’s policy to provide abortions to service members.

The Department of Veterans Affairs did not immediately respond for comment.

This leak came more than a year after the department announced that it would begin providing abortion services for veterans and their dependents through the taxpayer-funded VA health care system. This would include states where abortions are restricted or outlawed.

Fox News has additional information here.

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Margaret Sanger…grins.

The Souls of the “murdered for convenience children” will be awaiting when that whole “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord” thing kicks in.

I have no issues with an abortion where the health of the woman is in danger…or the pregnancy can not go to a successful term. You want to murder your baby because you didn’t want it? That’s between you, your partner, and your God. Just don’t make me pay for it.


Kudos to Fox for covering this story. Since it is illegal for the VA to promote abortions, who does it fall on to enforce the law?


Merrick Garland. So, essentially, nobody.


“…glorifies abortion, implies pregnancy is a dangerous medical condition…” So then, I wonder what the mothers of these VA people would say. Had it not been for their mothers, they wouldn’t be here. Maybe their moms should have had abortions. That would have been a good start. On the main, I do not agree with abortion, so my comment was tongue-in-cheek.

Lloyd Austin (a no nothing fuck up from day one) is flying service members to blue states for these abortions, per the Fox article. So they are not only defying the Supreme Court’s decision, they are using taxpayer (our) money to fly them either commercially or on military transport to get their abortions. I cannot wait for Biden, Harris, and this piece of shit Austin to be gone.

I would like to say I am surprised, but in truth very little these days surprises me.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

We could always perform long term post birth abortions on those that are advocating for, and performing (pre-birth) abortions.

Anna Puma

All this garbage is making Cthulhu seem the more sane option.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Why choose the lesser of two evils?”


I’m anxious to hear how a discharged veteran’s pregnancy could be considered service-connected. Why does the VA spend our tax dollars on any pregnancy care?


What is needed is somebody, let’s say a Trump or Trump type individual to be elected to the white house or brought into the white house and clean house. I saw a video of So. Carolina (I think) Lt. Governor who could possibly be a good VP pick, or governor of South Carolina eventually. The conservative tree house had a cap of him speaking, and to me, he was impressive to listen to.

Regardless, time to clean house, top to bottom. If beaurocrats are unable to be fired, by all means transfer them.

Immigration dept should be relocated to Yuma AZ, or Notrees Tx.

Agriculture to Kansas,

Interior to Wyoming.

You get the idea. Fling these rat bastards as far from Washington as possible.

As far as the VA is concerned, or any department for that matter, if they choose to ignore the Supreme Court rulings, they should be immediately shown the door. The outside of the door.


I am not surprised this is VA policy, since the fully woke DOD is pro-abortion.

Prior Service

I think when I get my first visit with VA after I retire, I will tell them I think I’m pregnant. (Just to be clear, I’m a 55 yo white male with brownish/greyish hair so this claim should be believable.) once I establish that claim, I will then do some post-retirement weight gain then suddenly “lose” the “baby” and see if I can parlay that into an additional claim. Sweet score. I’ll let y’all know how it pans out.


It would be more believable if you also had male pattern baldness.

And some green or blue in your hair.


I would approve a claim.

It would all be for mental illness but I would still approve it.


I’m a boy and I want a ‘borshun.

Seriously though, I’m listening to Sabaton and would love to be able to meet up with the rest of the VG crew.

I suggest a meet-up.