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| September 19, 2023

Springfield Model 1861

UPDATE: Clay County shooting ensued from an attempted break-in, per KSP

A preliminary investigation by KSP revealed Jason Smith was trying to break into a residence when a man residing at the residence confronted him at the door. A physical altercation took place leading to the man shooting Smith.

According to KSP, Smith was transported to Advent Health ER in Manchester where he was later flown by Air Evac to Albert B. Chandler Hospital in Lexington.

Smith died from his injuries.

An autopsy is scheduled for next date at the medical examiner’s office in Louisville.

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Don’t think the ME will have a lot of trouble determining the cause of death.

61-year-old stabbed in back pulls out knife and stabs intruder, California cops say

A 61-year-old man fought off an accused attacker with his own knife after pulling it from his back, California sheriff’s officials reported. A homeowner noticed a stranger on his property and went out to confront him Saturday, Sept. 16, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. The stranger stabbed the homeowner in the back, sheriff’s officials said.

The man pulled the knife from his back and stabbed the accused attacker in the torso, the Napa Valley Register reported. He then called authorities. Deputies arrived and arrested Andrew Kenneth Dixon, 33, of Long Beach on charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and elder abuse, the publication said.

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Sacramento Bee

Wow. I was told everyone gets cut in a knife fight, but I thought everyone would at least have their own knife. Decent of Mr. Dixon to share. Thanks to our own David and Gun Bunny for the links.

If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.
William Tecumseh Sherman

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Rule #1: Have a gun!

The amount of crazy out there is astonishing. I’m fortunate to live on a street with low crime, but less than a mile away there are a few houses and trailers that look like meth dens. Users of meth and certain other drugs are extremely unpredictable and persistent to a fault. They’ll try stealing your catalytic converter one day, then come back at 0300 to help themselves to whatever you have in the house. Of course, alcohol is also known to make people do stupid stuff. Here’s a report what appears to be a previous arrest of the same James Smith: REPORT: Passenger in Kentucky Witnessed Striking Driver after Attempting to Make Vehicle Crash – ClayCoNews

Of course, the second article happened in California, where the right to keep and bear arms is pretty restricted. Even so, I wouldn’t approach a stranger who was trespassing on my property without an “ace in the hole” of some sort. The homeowner is lucky that he was able to fight back instead of being left to bleed out.


For those Millennials and Gen Z folk raised by left/libtards to be afraid of guns:
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Oh, guess who’re back and involved with Ukraine… the Clinton Foundation and it two biggest figures:


Poor victim selection skilz is a reoccurring thing of late. Bring every weapon to bear…even if it is the other person’s weapon.

It is the belief of many Southerners and Native Americans that ‘Cump Sherman is now serving in Hell for all eternity.

Was keeping an original 1855 Springfield for a friend of mine a few years back. That piece was in the Augusta Arsenal in 1861 when Gov Joe Brown issued them out to the FIRST Georgia Militia Troops that had volunteered for CSA Service. My friend’s GGPappy carried the piece for 3 years as an infantry man until he was made a wagon driver after he and some Compatriots captured a Federal Supply Wagon Train. The boys were given some leave to go visit home and he left the Springfield in Luthersville, GA and used a double barrel shotgun that was captured at the same time. I fired that puppy a number of times, with .58 Calibre Minnie’ lead. Accurate as all hell and worked perfectly even at a 160 years old. Alas, about a month after I returned it to my friend a former roommate of her’s broke into her house and stole it, along with several other pieces. I do still have the personal trunk of the Wagon Train Commander here at Firebase Magnolia.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

You’re a walking, talking museum.
That’s what happens when you live beyond a certain number of circular rotations around the sun.
Keep on circling, Gun Bunny.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Was going to say, never bring a knife to a knife fight but I see only one knife was involved so that’s it.


The cherry on top of Mr. Dixon’s bad-day sundae is being charged with elder abuse when that elder pulled your knife out of his back and stabbed you with it.


The elder didn’t get old by being weak nor by giving up easily.


Just in, news of the stupid… Family afraid of mountain lions gets out if disabled car and hides in nearby bushes: