Props to a good optics company

| September 19, 2023

Have a shameless commercial plug for y’all. But I think you will see the point.

At a shopping visit to a local gun store, the owner (a former dealer for them) told me I should shop Vortex. I know they are regarded as good optics, on a par with the better mainstream folks like Leupold or Nikon, with a more-or-less forever warranty. So far, so good.  The owner clues me in that they had, or have a great military/law-enforcement  discount program – give them a call. Even better.

Like most of you, I’m familiar with the common 10% off, some places 15% off. Heck, I’m happy for that.

You have to actually contact a human being (in my case I started the on-line employee chat) and connected with Bill, who got me set up. Check this out – M/LE get a FORTY PERCENT discount by buying from the factory.  I know there are gun guys here… some of you have dropped a hint or two. Forty percent? Unreal.

Sounds to me like supporting them is a win-win, for us and for them.

I do believe there is a new spotting scope in my immediate future….




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Just in time for a new AR10 build. Thanks for the info.


Springfield Armory also has a discount for M / LE / Vets . Not sure of percentage.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I’ll have to scope and check out the optics on this deal


Never had a bad Vortex, just have a preference toward more premium brands.

That being said, the M22 (I think) with the BDC ‘bubble tree’ reticle in the 2nd plane (once I got all the appropriate load vs magnification setting data) has been nothing but good to me. Glass, precision of adjustments, fit and finish, all great.

Right now it’s on a Ruger 10/22 TD but she’s begging to go on a CZ 457 Varmint Precision. I feel that’d be more aligned with the capability of that scope.

And the Vortex red dot I’ve got (patrol something, maybe?) has taken it’s licks on a SIG556 which is a long stroke piston and that recoil tends to be a little harsher than AR’s gas impingement.

A little heavier than a M68 CCO, not as rugged, 1/4 the cost. Probably wouldn’t buy it again because of the less than stellar passive aiming thru NODs capability but now that it’s around having a back up to a back up is nice.

Of course, this is all before that horrid boating accident…


Right now Imma still using the stick shift of scopes…iron sights but have been kinda sorta poking around at upgrades. A layered defensive fall back positions strategy precludes having to make too many long distance shots, but the overwatch for the North Wall may be needing some attention. Will take a look see at the linky. FIX.THE.BOAT!

Thanks, David.


I’ve been wearing progressive lens bifocals for a decade or so. Just before the pandemic I got the opportunity to shoot at a 300 yard range. I came to the conclusion I may have to upgrade to optics from iron sights as things weren’t quite as crisp and clear as they once were.


Getting old ain’t for sissies, is it! *grin* Cataract surgery gave me 20/20 for the FIRST (snickers) time in my life. Was in bi-focals for nearly 20 years. Have to use little readers for close up and see a need for optics to get iron sights dialed in. The rear sight is a tad fuzzy on making elevation numbers adjustments. A Ma Deuce on station is my idea of “reaching out to mine enemies”. A Wart Hog would be even better.

AW1 Rod

Now, you need to get yourself a Kestrel 5700 Elite!

AT1 ret

The ranger did fall apart on my CMP service rifle after 2 years but it just cost me postage to send it back for repair and I got a new one instead with no fuss. It’s been solid for 3 years now. As a FFL I really recommend them as well to my customers.


I bought the Venom RDO for my Glock 45. It’s decent. I’m waiting to see if they offer Bass Pro employees another discount like they did last year. I’d just started a week before it ended, but Vortex had 60% discounts for us. I’d never heard of the brand and was still on retirement leave trying to adjust, so I didn’t take advantage of it. We also have some kind of program (doubtlessly shared by a lot of companies) where we watch a short video or some slides, pass a quiz, and get good discounts on certain products from Vortex and other companies. I’ve got the code for 40% off a Benelli, something similar from Smith & Wesson, and a few others. I’ll have to order from the company and have it shipped to work to do the paperwork, but that’s no problem.

I’m probably going to do some research for a decent Vortex whenever I buy a Ruger SFAR. I’m also considering a Ruger American because their Ranch series just seem plain handy and utilitarian. I’ve always been an iron sights sort for my personal rifles but liked the ACOG I was issued in the Army. With increasing near-sightedness, though, I think it’s time to start investing in optics.


I wish you’d have posted and I’d have read this years ago, I’d have saved many hundreds of dollars 💸