Mastermind for 9/11, and 4 co-conspirators, awaiting plea deal consideration that could spare them from death penalty

| August 18, 2023

The Chief Prosecutor for the case against the 9/11 mastermind and 4 co-conspirators is involved with negotiations. Pretrial agreements are being considered. The process appears to be taking a long time; however, the result could mean that the individuals may not face the death penalty. There also appears to be complaints regarding how the defendants were treated under interrogation.

From The Associated Press:

Some relatives of the nearly 3,000 people killed outright in the terror attacks expressed outrage over the prospect of ending the case short of a verdict. The military prosecutors pledged to take their views into consideration and present them to the military authorities who would make the final decision on accepting any plea agreement.

The letter, dated Aug. 1, was received by at least some of the family members only this week. It asks them to respond by Monday to the FBI’s victim services division with any comments or questions about the possibility of such a plea agreement. The FBI had no comment Wednesday on the letter.

On Sept. 11, 2001, conspirators from the al-Qaida militant group seized control of jets to use them as passenger-filled missiles, hitting New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon near Washington. A fourth plane was headed for Washington but crashed in Pennsylvania after crew members and passengers tried to storm the cockpit.

It was Mohammed who presented the very idea of such an attack on the United States to al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, and who received authorization from bin Laden to craft what became the 9/11 attacks, the United States’ 9/11 Commission concluded. The four other defendants are alleged to have supported the hijackers in various ways.

The Associated Press provides the balance of the story here.

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Let them rot in HELL! PERIOD


It’s a damn shame they haven’t executed MAJ Hasan yet (his BS happened years after 9/11).

The WW2 German saboteurs who were going to blow up still in NYC in ’42 got caught, tried and sentenced in 3 months.


To quote Rambo about about these dorks at Gitmo:


They should be repatriated and flown from Guantanamo to Saudi…on a small Cessna. Oughta run out of gas ‘way out in the blue part of the map.


I’ll never forget the immortal words of one of my surpised team mates working the Op Center with me when Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s pic came up on the screen when news of his capture went out:

“What, Ron Jeremy’s a terrorist?!”

comment image?v=0b4ae642db52799a178d90d83603a9dc






Rosi Odonnell ageing like milk.


The New York Post Editorial Board NAILED IT…

“No Deal For KSM And Other 9/11 Plotters”

“The Biden administration is reportedly considering plea deals for 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four co-defendants.”

“A plea deal that spares 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the death penalty? Hell no.”

“The Biden Justice and Defense departments are reaching out to 9/11 families to ask how they’d feel about a bargain that guarantees KSM and his four co-defendants don’t face execution.”

“Some may agree. They may be wishing for closure on the worst day of their lives, and maybe 3,000 life sentences, to be served consecutively, would be enough to finally end the “prosecution” that’s strung on for well over a decade.”

“But we’re pretty sure they won’t get many takers; it’s beyond obscene that they’d even ask.”

“KSM & Co. have been lodged at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp since 2006, as military-justice bureaucrats debate how to try them.”

“The Trump team ruled out any plea bargain, but now the Biden Pentagon’s Office of the Chief Prosecutor is looking to deal, presumably to at last get rid of the hot potato before the next election.”

“(Or maybe after a possible Biden re-election, since he’ll never face the voters again after 2024.)”

“Whatever the thinking, it would be an injustice.”

“KSM’s terror attacks killed nearly 3,000 innocents in the Twin Towers, Pentagon and aboard United 93 — and the planners hoped for far more.”

“More: 9/11 was an assault on the entire nation, and there is absolutely no question about guilt here.”

“It’s ridiculous that the military lawyers have dragged the case out so long, and utter madness that they’re now looking for an escape hatch.”

“Get the trial started, demand death and finally send KSM to his deserved fate in the depths of Hell.”


comment image


It is not just the military lawyers, it is primarily those rat bastard civilian lawyers, mostly from the District of Criminals and New Yawk, who have been representing these ‘Slamonazi scum for free (pro bono, but I bet someone is paying their law firms).


The cartoon is spot on. The events of 9/11 occurred nearly 22 years ago, so why are we still worried about prosecuting the perpetrators now? A more serious question is, why are they still wrapped up in the legal system nearly a quarter century later when they should have had their cremated remains mixed with pig feces and used as fertilizer two decades ago?

The truth is, 9/11 burns bright in the memories of those who lived it. Younger adults are too young to remember, and some weren’t even born yet, so it’s easy to dismiss it as just another day. As we approach the 23rd anniversary, I go back to where I was on 18 August 2001. Civilian forklift mechanic waiting for that waiver to finally get approved to join the Guard. Little did I know that three-and-a-half weeks later I’d be out of a job, followed the next day by the worst terrorist attack in American history.

No, it’s been 23 years…get over it. Focus on the unsubstantiated allegations of women who come forward 30+ years afterward to accuse Supreme Court nominees and political candidates of assault. Their voices must be heard. Focus on the fact that we need reparations for people of a certain skin color due to a practice that ended in this country in 1865, one which no living person or anyone they knew experienced.


Just in case someone doesn’t click to it, this post is supposed to have the “/s” tag

jeff LPH 3 63-66

RIP Capt Terry Hatton,FDNY Rescue 1 & LBFD Volly
FF Kenny “Igor” Marino FDNY Rescue 1 & LBFD Voll
RIP Brink’s Co worker “Joey” Trombino
RIP Billy Quick FDNY Squad 288 & LBFD Volly post 9/11 illness.
RIP Mike Ornauer LBFD Volly, Post 9/11 illness from having our rig supporting the FDNY a number of times in Manhatten and Staten Island.
I bet you guys and the other 340 members are turning over in your graves over this.


I gots some feral hungry hawgs just outside the North Wall of Firebase Magnolia that could use a 5 course meal.


That should be just the appetizer. There are others waiting in line for their 72 virgins.


What this tells me is justice would have been better meted out in the field by 5.56mm or a smart bomb.

RGR 4-78

Qasem Soleimani, unavailable for comment.


Only in Joe Biden’s Democrat run America will I find indictments of potential treason against Trump, which could theoretically result in a death penalty, while KSM could escape the death penalty in the same news week.




The only death penalty option that should be offered is that they get to pick which arm gets the needle.


Rope is the only answer for mass murderers. KSM is not a sick dog.

A Proud Infidel®™

Rope, gallows and an unmarked grave in a forgotten locatoin.


I’ve said this before…as an Xer, this was the defining moment of my generation. I was a young man when 9/11 happened and I remember EXACTLY where I was and what I was doing when the attacks happened. Now, I’m a cranky old man and I will say this to these prosecutors/deal makers…let these men loose at your peril. If I can’t get them, I’ll get YOU.

Old tanker

How the terrorists were treated post arrest??? Hell they are still breathing walking and talking aren’t they? That is a whole lot more than the folks who were killed in the attack have going for them. AFAIAC they can be taken out to the range and be used as targets until the buzzards show up.


Well, they are treated much better than the poor J6 political prisoners who are locked up 23 hours a day in a concrete box. These bastards have halal meals, get to wear their Islamic garb, and get regular exercise, and all the Korans and other books they desire.


Merrick Garland will recommend community service and pre-trial diversion with supervised release

Amateur Historian

My take: Who cares about their treatment and their rights when they were in custody?! What about the treatment and rights of the nearly 3,000 they killed?! Entitlement to a fair trial?! Their entitled to a hole in the grounds!!

Amateur Historian