Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| July 25, 2023

Women don’t own periods

That’s (D)ifferent

A gynecologist explains how people giving birth aren’t always women

Corporal Klinger was way ahead of his time

This isn’t a serious mental illness, they say

Everything I don’t like is white supremacy!

Recruiters gotta meet their quota somehow

I genuinely don’t know which of these three looks most like the creepy pedo

So many people are now pro-child sex trafficking

This is like “her penis”

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We always knew Democrats were into this:
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I don’t do Twitter so I can’t comment there.

Re: “men can have babies too”

She said “you don’t get to decide what they’re called, they do”.

Um….no. I may not get to decide what you call them; I may not get to decide what they call themselves; but I absolutely get to decide what I call them. You have no right, authority, nor enough a$$ to force me to use language you approve of no matter how many times you wag your finger at me.


“Pregnant boyfriend “??? I Don’t think it works the way they think it works!

Anyone caught trafficking children or hurting a child in anyway deserves only one thing, and it ain’t the acceptance the left says it should be!


^^ this^^


Yeah, you can call yourself a “doctor” on Tik Tok.
Then you spout nonsense about men having babies.
I think the state medical licensing board would like to have a talk with you. You just opened yourself up to litigation if you really are a doctor.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dear trans bitch with the purple earrings,
“Masking is not an option” in your opinion, but my being near you, or doing business with you, is an option.


I try very hard to remain open minded, but what the actual fuck.


Dear “trans soldier”:

You signed a legally binding contract with the United States of America and it’s people, to provide certain, agreed-upon services for which you would receive certain benefits. Since you have made the willing, conscious decision to place yourself into a permanently non-deployable status, you have violated the terms of this contract and are therefore ineligible to receive any military-related benefits, including but limited to pay, health care, education benefits, and all post-service VA benefits. We appreciate your service. However, since you are no longer to complete the terms of your contract, it’s time for you to seek employment elsewhere. Thank you for your time as a soldier, now kindly fuck off.


I remember being told “The Army doesn’t change for you, you change for the Army.” Guess that doesn’t apply anymore.

Also remember a part from a movie where 2 fags are at the doctor. When he asks what the problem is, One replies “Well, HE thinks he’s pregnant. I think he’s just constipated.”


It was like this across the military. It was not the currently serving members’ jobs to adjust to the newer generations entering the military. It was the newer servicemembers’ jobs to adjust to the military. One piece of advice that we received back in the 20th Century was to shut the f up, do what the f we were told, and fit the f in. Today, this advice would “create a hostile working environment.”

Military is dangerous life and death no place for woke wokeism.jpg

Before I left for basic training, my dad’s advice was “Head on a swivel, eyes and ears open, mouth shut”.


“One piece of advice that we received back in the 20th Century was to shut the f up, do what the f we were told, and fit the f in.”. I do believe I heard that about 4 times just getting off the bus at the reception center and entering the building.


“This is not Burger King; you do not have it your way!”


I heard that repeatedly from SSG Scanlon, one of my basic training drill sergeants: Ohhh, you wanna be Burger King Soldiers, you wanna have it YOUR way. Oh no, we’re gonna have it MY way!”


I recall a PVT asking DS Scanlon about a movie:

PVT: Drill sergeant, have you seen “Hamburger hill”?

DS Scanlon: “You mean the movie, PVT?”

PVT: “Yes drill sergeant!”

DS Scanlon: “Nope. I saw it live and in color.”

Got real quiet in the platoon bay right about then.


It’s not about the American People, the defense of our nation, or even projection of military power to advance our role in the world. It’s about them.

The military is a nice captive audience that can be socially engineered to fit whatever those in power want us to be. Right now, it’s transgenderism and wokeness, while ten years ago we were taking the baby steps of getting past DADT and allowing women to serve in Combat Arms.

They are the political elite and whichever flavor of the month they currently advocate for. Again, at the moment it’s people who are confused about the gender they were “assigned” at birth. Recruiting is down, and alpha males are the last thing our so-called leadership want in the military, so gas up the Transwagon. We’ll be sure to make numbers in no time from all the masses lining up for hormone therapy and bottom surgery. No need to deploy, because we still have relatively large numbers of normal people to experience that inconvenience. Just sign this DD Form 4/1 right here, get through IET, and we have a nice stateside assignment waiting for you. Reassignment used to mean something else, but now it’s just a little pinch and a tug and, wham!, you’re now a woman in every possible way. Don’t forget the Nair, those pesky chin hairs will go away after a few more years of hormone replacement.

They changed the Army Career Alumni Program (ACAP) to Soldier For Life: Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) years ago. I don’t think anyone at the time saw how literal TAP was going to be.


Yes, real women own periods. This is related to a process that occurs in the woman’s body but not that in a man. This is also related to the fact that only women can give birth, not men. If a man is “giving birth” then you have a woman larping as a man.

You know that the military has gone a long way with its downward spiral when folks are being accommodated who, in the last century, faced being recycled through the school of bumps and scrapes as well as discharge.

Whether or not disabled people get to live? Well, I’m a disabled American veteran, if you do not want to mask up that is completely your choice. I do not mask up. The individual’s life as well as that of the community being on the line? Just how does this individual think humanity got along without mandatory masking during our ancestors’ times? 

Someone should give this individual a link to a paper co-authored by Anthony Fauci that indirectly implicates facemasks as aggravating the effects of a pandemic rather than mitigating. This may be hoping for too much though, as the leftists seem to be allergic to both history and to lengthy reading of information that matters.

Wave your flag for “white supremacy.”

The toppling of the statues in 2020 was just a “steppingstone” for something bigger. People are already being conditioned to see the founding fathers and any symbols that we, in the 20th century, took pride in as uniquely American/patriotic, as “symbols of oppression, white supremacy, patriarchy, etc.”

Many among the left are setting their sights on statues of the founders, and of celebrated American heroes, for toppling and removal due to their “Association” with “white supremacy.” 

Remember the goals of communism as entered into the Congressional record in 1963. The concepts that the fascist woke crowd are attacking are concepts that are under attack by communist/Marxist/socialist movers and shakers.

Socialists communists taking over schools courts 70 years ago.jpeg
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Tanks, Mate! Some sites make it difficult on this Chromie. They don’t mind you stealing their meme, it’s almost like they want to get the credit for it. And my ‘putor skilz would not quite take up all the room that’s underneath a well trimmed fingernail.


I’m just glad that one worked. .webp sukz.