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| April 3, 2023

Colt’s Dragoon

NYC garage worker charged with attempted murder after shooting armed thief
Moussa Diarra, 57, is charged with attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon

By Landon Mion | Fox News
A New York City parking garage attendant was hit with an attempted murder charge after confronting an armed thief and wrestling the gun away before opening fire on the suspect.

Moussa Diarra, 57, is also charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon in connection with the incident that occurred at around 5:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

The attendant had observed a man looking into cars on the second floor of the West 31st Street garage in Manhattan, police said, according to the New York Post. Diarra suspected the man was stealing, so he brought him outside and questioned him about what was inside his bag.

The man then pulled a gun on Diarra, who attempted to grab the firearm. The gun was fired, leaving Diarra with a shot to the stomach and grazed in the ear by a bullet.

Diarra proceeded to turn the firearm on the potential thief and shot him in the chest.

The alleged thief, 59-year-old Charles Rhodie, was also charged with attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. He also faces a burglary charge, police said.

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Fox News

No words.

Police kill man in gun battle on 10 Freeway in East L.A.; freeway closed for hours

Monterey Park police officers shot and killed a man in a gun battle Friday morning on the 10 Freeway in East Los Angeles, shutting down traffic in both directions into Friday night and causing a major traffic backup, authorities said.

Police tried to pull over a white BMW they said was linked to a March 14 robbery in Los Angeles when the suspect began to shoot at officers, prompting the fatal interaction. The incident began shortly after 10 a.m.

When officers attempted to pull the driver over, he fled, and a police pursuit began, authorities said. Police pursued the vehicle westbound on the 10 Freeway from Atlantic Boulevard to around Campus Road.

The suspect began to shoot at officers with a semiautomatic handgun from inside his vehicle, according to Sgt. Arlene Chaidez with the Monterey Park Police Department. The driver’s car became disabled near the center divider of the freeway, and the suspect got out and tried to run away, still firing at officers, she said.

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LA Times

Bet the people stuck in LA traffic because of this idiot were pulling for the Po-Po’s. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

Armed store manager turns tables on would-be robber and opens fire: police

Haley Chi-Sing
A Chicago auto parts store manager shot and killed a would-be robber Saturday after the suspect flashed a gun, according to police.

A man between 30 and 40 years old reportedly entered an O’Reilly Auto Parts store in Calumet Heights, took out a firearm and demanded money from the register, police said.

The store manager, whose name has not yet been disclosed, pulled out his own firearm and fired shots at the robber. Police said the manager is a valid FOID cardholder.

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Fox News

This robbery victim fired his own weapon in self-defense in Chicago and it’s fine. Go figure. Thanks for the link, David.

I had a project for my life which involved 10 years of wandering, then some years of medical studies and, if any time was left, the great adventure of physics.

Che Guevara

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Looks like they dropped the charges on the garage attendant. What a weird place to live. Do the right thing, go to jail. Do the wrong thing, get celebrated.


NYC. Kind of says it all.


A good mix of the examples known as FAFO, poor victim selection skilz, and bringing any and all weapons to bear…including your attacker’s. As Owen pointed out, follow up article shows the NY DA is NOT pressing charges against the citizen that fought back.

Some sources say that Che’s studies of physics included what would happen to bones and soft tissue when struck repeatedly by a baseball bat. Some suggest that the Bolivians gave him some physics lessons.

God created mankind…Colt made ’em equal. There may and/or may not be some reproduction models of Colonel Colt’s “cap and ball” revolvers hanging around Firebase Magnolia, 2 of which may and/or may not be of the “shudder/gasp/clutch pearls” Navy Version.


NBA will no longer test or penalize for weed… Britney Griner must be excited:


That wll shrink the size of our Olympic team. Have to wonder about work place accidents in the NBA. If a player becomes injured while playing while HAF will the insurance cover it?

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