Sincerely, OAM

| March 23, 2023

I am honored, humbled, a little scared, and a tad excited to be here. I’m honored that a mere civilian has been afforded the opportunity to share thoughts and space with all of you. I’m humbled because I get to be amongst heroes, in every sense of that word (shut up and take the compliment). I’m a little scared because y’all can be a rough crowd. And I admit I may feel some excitement, albeit inappropriately, at the prospect of going face-to-pacifier with some of the more easily offended occasional visitors to this esteemed site.

I will uphold and defend, to the best of my ability and with all my strength, the principles upon which this site was founded and upon which it shall ever remain. In that vein, I will conduct myself as, and respectfully request all and sundry to remember, I am a lady, first, last, and always. Reference the meme above to define that term, of course.

As someone who never took that oath, I can promise to respect your having done so above all else. In other words, I know how to stay in my lane. I will opine on things from my many years of experience in your world, from the perspective of my world, and occasionally from the delusions that pretend to be profound flashes of brilliance in my head. I will endeavor to do so with the respect this august company so richly deserves. And yes, the omission of the /sarc tag  on that last was intentional. Mostly.

So, standing orders are as follows:

You can call me OAM. You can call me clueless. You can call me civilian. Frequently, you may be tempted to call me Captain Obvious, but be advised the latter best be followed by Ma’am.

I am truly grateful to be here amongst the most curmudgeonly, cantankerous, adorable deplorables ever to assemble on this here invention of Mr. Gore.

Sincerely yours (yes, sincerely),


PS – yes, this is posted under “Feel Good Stories”. Let’s see how long ’til I regret that choice.

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Soooo…Had to viagraize the meme (make it swell up) since clicking on the meme or read more makes the meme go “poof’. Let me be the FIRST to say Welcome Aboard, remind you that you knew the job was dangerous when you took it Pilgrim, and know that I understand that if we don’t treat you as a lady you will make slow enuchs out of us.

It is we that are Blessed by having you a part of our Motley Crew!

Got it! Give ’em Hell, Mi’Lady. Your Most Not so Secret Admirer, Gun Bunny!

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Lurker Curt

I also had to embiginate the meme…
Welcome, OAM, I look forward to reading your words

AT1 ret


RGR 4-78

OAM is our newest TAH contributor of articles.

RGR 4-78

Welcome OAM. 😉 

An Old Arty Sgt

Welcome OAM Glad to have you aboard


i before e accept when sounding like hey! there’s a moose nibbling on the shrubbery!

Anywho, this is good


Hi! 🙂


Looking forward to the reign by appointment to the office of Secretary of TAH. But where does she lay in the list of succession to the office of the almighty President of TAH?


We’ll rattle the cup to get her a pink robe. Dibs on taking the measurements.


I’ll just leave this here. Ma’am.  😊 

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Welcome aboard OAM and Holy moly, what a vocabulary you have Ma’am and a BRAVO ZULU for that.


Welcome, Ma’am!


Welcome, OAM.
Hope you don’t have to deal with the dirty diapers of our pacifier-sucking cry-babies too much.
You know we love you, and are honored to have you helping keep the Delta Whiskey’s in (some semblance of a) line.


It will be good to have the distaff representation and insights here once again in the absence of ExPH2.

May ol’ Poe heartily welcome you and your contributions, OAM… 🤗 


I’m hoping the Lioness of TAH is doing well. Miss her.
We need a moniker for OAM – I suggest Queen Regent.


“She Who Must Be Obeyed”

“That Maam”

Dave Hardin

She is holding back a bit. She is not exactly completely civilian. I will let her explain in her own time. So far she had been a pain in the ass, but things will probably get worse.

Welcome to almost Hell, Princess.

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Thank you for the warm and in some cases mildly disturbing welcome.

As for the meme issue, apologies. Now, corrected.

As for the line of succession, nope. No way. Not going to happen. Not a chance. Having gone through au natural childbirth, kidney stones, gall stones, a ruptured appendix and broken, torn, twisted and/or gnarled various bones and limbs, I’ve sufficiently tested my pain tolerance, thanks.

I also know my place <grin>.

(edited to include the ‘mildly disturbing’)

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Skivvy Stacker

Whoa, kidney and gall stones!
I’ve had both as well…all of them the size of barnyard animals. In addition I have bad knees, bad back, arthritic hips, and a bad disposition in general that I treat with bourbon. I think most of the heroes here are probably drunk when we post, because I’ve never read anything here that sounds even remotely smart, well reasoned, educated, or smart neither.
Oh well; welcome to the jungle.


Woo hoo! Someone else is the FNG! Welcome to all the fun.


Very glad to have you in this exalted position! You do realize you’re now the adult in the room… good luck!


To be fair, I don’t know how to act my age…I’ve never been this old before. Remember, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. 🤣


When does that “old enough to know better” thing kick in anyhow? As of today, 70 years ain’t it.


I’m 60 and still following my inner 12 year old.


Neither is 71.


What are you asking me for? I still haven’t hit 50. By the way, Happy Birthday, Redleg!🍾🎂🥃🍺🥂🎉


However, I do have some news of my own. As of Tuesday, I’m a grandpa so yeah, I’m old, but I’m stoked.


Tanks “Grand” Pappy (newbie). Cheesy grits with bacon and eggs, some grilled/smoked chest of yard bird, Butter Pecan Cake covered in Napoleon ice cream, and an assortment of homemade cookies that were shipped in. Frosty Yuenglings assisted with the outdoor cooking (balmy 81F @ Firebase Magnolia). Working on making some Mint Juleps with this gifted bottle of Appleton Estate Rare Casks Jamaican.

Enjoy that Grand Baby. As many of us can attest, they not only grow older real fast and if we’d knowed that would be this much fun we’d had them FIRST. (ht2 HS) Hope the little one and Baby Mama doing well and they will be close by you for a long time. Mine are 400 miles away and right now it may as well be 4K.

Lots of us March Hares around. Got asked one time why I thought that was. My guess is all them dudes that got lucky on Fathers Day.

Commissioner Wretched

Many happy returns of the day, King!


Congrats…for three months ya caught me


That is the epitome of badassery


If I refuse to grow up, I cannot die of old age.


you’re now the adult in the room

You mean Dave, AW1Ed, thebesig, et al are adults???

I’d’a never guessed it.


Wait, what?
First I learn I need to know how to make memes work.
Then I learn of specially interested GovBots
Now I have to learn to adult too?
None, and I mean none of this was in the newbie handbook.


Maybe you didn’t know the job was dangerous when ya took it. Welcome to OJT Class 23-01. They did mention that the promotion comes with a corresponding cut in pay, right? Not to worry, you got this…and we got your back!

Alfred E. Neuman grins.


Ah, jeez, I think she is going to be really upset when she finds out about the full body scan and E-Meter Auditing/ Electro-Shock Therapy Program for the less than fully faithful.


Welcome aboard!

Sea Dragon

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to the voyage.


Welcome, OAM! 🙂


OAM as our new Editor..? Hallelujah and welcome aboard!! Yet another reason to be proud of being an adorable deplorable.. 😎

P.S. OAM – if the pillocks get too thick and whiney,
I’ve got a great tool for that. *grin*
↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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Doc Savage



Haven’t seen you for a minute, Doc. Welcome back.

Used to be still serving

Haven’t commented in a long time
Looking forward to new views


Howdy, maam!


Welcome to the fray.

Commissioner Wretched

Magnificent! Welcome to the Cream of the Crop, OAM!

This is great news. All the best!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Sure that’s not the scum of the crop?
They both float to the top


Welcome, Ma’am.