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| March 22, 2023

Mosin Nagant M38

Gun-toting Florida dad rushes to daughter’s apartment, turns tables on her abusive ex
Florida police say a dad responded to his daughter’s home after a domestic dispute

By Emma Colton | Fox News

A Florida dad shot his daughter’s abusive ex-boyfriend dead after the man allegedly assaulted her in her apartment – then came back for more, according to police.

Gainesville police officers responded to a domestic dispute at the Polos Apartments complex on Saturday and determined the unidentified ex-boyfriend had been inside the woman’s apartment and “physically assaulted her,” a police statement said. The woman’s father also came to the apartment in the aftermath, cops said.

About 30 minutes after police took a report for the alleged domestic dispute, the ex came back and “made entry,” according to police.

However, this time, her father shot the suspect once in the chest with a handgun, according to police.

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Fox News

Every once in a while an FGS come along that just makes me smile.

Police fatally shoot man in Park Ave. neighborhood. What we know now

Victoria E. Freile, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

A man believed to be involved in at least two recent gun-related incidents was fatally shot by police on Milburn Street in Rochester’s Park Avenue neighborhood Monday afternoon, according to Rochester police.

Rochester Police Chief David Smith on Monday evening said that officers from several departments were searching for a man linked to two shooting incidents that took place since Friday within Monroe County, when Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies located the man in Milburn Street around 1 p.m.

Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter described the fatal encounter as part of “an escalating case” that spanned several days.

Smith said the investigation started Friday night after someone fired multiple shots from a vehicle into a closed business in the 400-block of Monroe Avenue in Rochester around 10 p.m. No one was injured. Later that night, officers located the involved vehicle, unoccupied, on Milburn Street and recovered two weapons from the vehicle, which was towed from the scene.

Around 7 a.m. Monday, Smith said Brighton police handled a road rage incident that traveled through Brighton ending on Hemingway Drive, near Elmwood Avenue, where someone fired several shots and struck a vehicle. Police linked the suspect vehicle back to the same Milburn Street address, Smith said.

Two hours later, Brighton and Rochester police officers attempted to stop the suspect vehicle as the driver left Milburn Street and led police on a brief chase. Smith said officers quickly called off the pursuit on Interstate 590 due to unsafe speeds and reckless driving.

The same man returned to Milburn Street just before 1 p.m. and when deputies attempted to stop him on nearby Vassar Street, he displayed a large hunting-style knife and threatened deputies, Smith said.

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Democrat Chronicle

Po-Po once again take all the fun out of terrorizing the ‘hood. Thanks again for the links, Gun Bunny.

Fascism is capitalism in decay.
– Vladimir Lenin

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Another shitty commie firearm. It was obsolete in WWI.


I never understood the attraction other than being dirt cheap and having sorta cheap ammo. Every major military rifle of the era was better (although many were also Mauser copies like the Springfield).


The attraction is the farmgirl that has one. Been a minute since we’ve heard from her, but I’m sure she’s lurking around on occasion. Maybe this will bring her around. She cooks, ya know.

BZ Papa Bear! Dad of The Year! I kept the potential trash away from my Little Girls by telling them in no uncertain terms that if they hurt her, I would hurt them…in ways that they couldn’t even imagine. “…shot the suspect once in the chest with a handgun,…”. Musta been of a caliber according to the intents of God and you know who.

“…displayed a large hunting-style knife…” He also displayed a large amount of teh stoopid.

Lenin is grinning his azz off right now.

farmgirl with a mosin nagant

Dirt cheap and built in such a way that it’s comfortable for me to shoot (well, except for that kick at the end!). My SO and I have his and hers firearms because we’re built so differently.

Still here, still cooking, the terrible trio have finally started school – and cub scouts, although only just, so I might finally get to start cooking more than I’ve been able to for the past handful of years.

I admit I like my mosins partly for the historical value, but also because they were cheap – where else can you get one and a spare for less than $250 (at the time)?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Plus, they’re easy to field strip, easy to clean, easy to load, and accurate. The only thing that ISN’T easy is the recoil. ANd that may vary from model to model. I had an M44 (short barrel mule kicking SOB), but that may not translate into how hard a 91/30 kicks (longer barrel).
HI! FarmGirl. Glad to see you’re still around, even if it is on the sidelines.

Friend of mine rebarrels them with bull barrels and regularly shoots 1/2 moa groups. Not shabby at all.

farmgirl with a mosin nagant

Thanks a lot! Someday I might not be on the sidelines. (Some day – but that day is alas not today.)

Dave Hardin

Long time no see, glad to have you drop by. All the best to you and yours.

farmgirl with a mosin nagant

Thanks so much! I’ll be planting soon but I’ll be thinking of y’all.


Welcome Home, Sister. You’ve been missed. Congratulate that Lucky Husband of yours for us. Good to hear from you and that all is well.

farmgirl with a mosin nagant

Aww thanks! I’m sorry I’m so scarce, just not enough hours in the day. I’ll pass it along to him – he’s the one who alerted me that y’all were talking about me.


I once saw a large framed black and white photograph of
a peasant woman in rags with one slung over her shoulder.
It was part of a display at a museum in Germany.


Family members of DV victims take note. It is very common for the abuser to return after the police leave, either to finish what they started or start a whole new lesson on calling the police. Normally I would say it is much better not to be there but a single round to the chest does provide a forever solution.


I like the young lady’s father:
One round to the chest to make him DRT.
No wasted ammo. No more beating on his little girl.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Dad is a GO at this station, no further range time needed.


comment image


Oh, isn’t this great… AF general fired from command for unspecified “shortfalls in his personal conduct” before taking command (nothing he did doing that job, mind you).


This one got missed in the shuffle.


Well done, hope he self terminated.