Coronado gate runner was an off-duty deputy

| March 21, 2023

Sergeant Michael Cruz, a San Diego County Sheriff Deputy, drove through a gate at Coronado Naval Base. He did not stop when called but continued to drive. The base was subsequently placed in lockdown. Base security ultimately caught and apprehended Cruz. He was off duty and was apparently under the influence.

From CBS News:

Naval Base Coronado was put on lockdown Friday night after the vehicle went through the facility’s main gate without stopping, a military spokesperson said.

Naval Base Coronado spokesperson Kevin Dixon told KNSD-TV that the driver was taken into custody by base guards after the “gate runner” drove without stopping through the entrance of Naval Air Station North Island, part of Naval Base Coronado.

Several patrol cars surrounded the entrance near 3rd Street and Alameda Boulevard in Coronado around 10:30 p.m., KNSD-TV reported.

Multiple gates at the air station near San Diego were closed while security personnel checked the facility, Dixon said.

A post on the Facebook page of Naval Base Coronado early Saturday morning said, “The main gate at Naval Air Station North Island is currently closed due to a security incident. Please stay away from the main gate while security conducts its investigation.”

CBS News, Times of San Diego, and the Coronado Times has additional information.

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Anna Puma

Says a lot about the Sheriff’s office…

Old tanker

Generalize much?


Some of those barriers can cost a few thousand to reset and require a technician to come out. Hope they charge him for that too.


What ever happened to sand bag bunkers and 55 gallon drum revetments?
Don’t need a Ma Deuce at every gate but an SP4 with a flashlight ain’t workin.


One word: VBIED.

After racists aholes blew up the Oklahoma City building, and tried to blow up the Trade Center we have been forced to go that way.


So… not only did they fail to deploy barriers in time, is there not deadly force authorized by the keystone gate cops???

Thank God it was only a drunk dumbass…!!! WTF.

“Security Forces ” my ass….

SSG Whiskey Tango

Years back, I was a gate guard at Dugway Proving Ground out on the Great Salt Lake Desert, near the Utah/Nevada state line. An off duty firefighter from the Ogden City Fire Department, heavily intoxicated and thinking she was just ten miles down the road from Ogden, in Kaysville, Utah, instead of one hundred miles out in the middle of the desert, ran our gate, hit a Jersey barrier that was part of the serpentine and rolled over.

I could write a book about the weird shit that showed up at our gate.


Well, it was a good job.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I worked with a retired NYPD Officer who retired when the Knapp Commision started and he already had his time in, and he used to tell me that the 3 things for the downfall of an LEO were the 3 B’s which were Betting, Booze and Broads


Our department’s deputy chief gave each class of new recruits a speech, welcoming us to the department, and concluding his little speech with the warning that there were 2 things that were likely to derail one’s career. Punch and Judy.


Dumbass. Dual post for SPoTW Thread. Not sure about the layout of the Gates for the Naval Base, but the main gate at RAFB here locally are very well marked and there is NO DOUBT that you are attempting to enter a controlled area.

Drunk AND stoopid is no way to go thru life, son.


“San Diego Sheriff Deputy Arrested in Connection With Incident at Naval Base Coronado”

“Michael Cruz is on paid administrative leave while a sheriff’s internal affairs investigation continues, NBC 7’s Kelvin Henry reports.”


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Army-Air Force Guy

Will be wearing a different uniform here shortly.


comment image

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

He is SO fortunate that he wasn’t lit up like a Roman candle and killed for breach and evasion.


Another CRAZY Story….😆🤭😅

“Illinois Man Who Allegedly Stole Funeral Home Van With Corpse Inside Arrested”

“The man wanted for allegedly stealing a van from a funeral home with a corpse inside and dumping the body in a Chicago alleyway has finally been arrested — after two months on the lam.”

“Deon Howard, 23, was taken into custody on Sunday in Green Bay, Wisconsin, about 200 miles north of the scene of the crime.”

“The Brown County Sheriff’s Office said he was arrested after getting into an argument with an officer during a traffic stop, where the police identified him as the wanted suspect.”

“Howard is accused of stealing a van from the Collins & Stone Funeral Home, in Rockford, on Jan. 21, which was carrying the body of 47-year-old Curtis Brown, a father of 12.”

“Police found the van abandoned the following day, and the next day, they spotted Brown’s body tossed naked into an alleyway in South Chicago, about 100 miles from the funeral home.”

“While Rockford police said they are still investigating how the van was stolen from the funeral home, they noted that the vehicle was left unlocked and running before Howard allegedly rode off with it.”


Aaron, your rides here.

A Proud Infidel®™

Another pillar of his community.


This guy deserves everything he gets.

Since when do funeral homes use vans instead of hearses?

If I ever die (I’m gonna live forever, given my leeway) and someone tries to transport my remains in a van like some suburban mom taking her daughter to soccer practice… please, please, please do not let it get to its destination. I’d rather be blown up in-transit.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hate_me

We only use the hearse for funeral services. We use the van for hospital, nursing home, house calls, and coroner runs.


Thanks for the info. I’m now more determined than ever to go out in a blaze of glory and leave nothing left for the coroner.


“While Rockford police said they are still investigating how the van was stolen from the funeral home, they noted that the vehicle was left unlocked and running before Howard allegedly rode off with it.”


ANOTHER Crazy Story…😅🤭😆😂🤣

“Florida Man Charged After Allegedly Slapping Woman’s Face With Pizza Slice”

“A Florida Man was arrested Friday after he allegedly slapped a woman in the face with a slice of pizza during an argument.”

“Deputies responded to a residence after receiving a 911 hangup call for a possible domestic disturbance.”

“Deputies spoke to the suspect, 39-year-old Ortelio Lazaro Alfonso, who told them he had an argument with the female victim.”

“The victim told deputies she had been slapped on the left side of her face with a slice of pizza during an argument after Alfonso became upset when she physically disciplined another individual in the home “on his bottom area,”

“Pizza sauce was found on the front of the victim’s shirt, her shirt collar and the back of her shirt. She also had “remnants of pizza” in her hair and around her ear.”

“The victim let deputies look inside the home, where they found pizza sauce on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen area.”

“When deputies asked Alfonso if he had struck the victim in her face with a slice of pizza, he said he threw the pizza slice and that it hit her in the face.”

15825 (1).jpeg

A lot of details are missing in this. If someone hits my child, they should consider themselves lucky if they only catch a pizza in the face.


Still waiting.



We guess you could not open the “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” Kisscam video.

Oh, well…🥸


Try this one, ninja


Thank You, KoB!

You Rock!



And only in Canada…


I’m with 5JC: what if that had been a Jihadi with a car bomb? How many sailors would have to die before they start taking security at military bases seriously?

I guess that’s just not as important as proper pronouns or combatting global warming climate change.


A Little known fact is that normally the terror cell will get the driver either drunk or high as a kite on weed before chaining them to the vehicle (just in case anyone has second thoughts). So someone drunk could be a VBIED driver. That said it is obviously much more likely to be a drunk running the gate as opposed to a mad bomber.

A Proud Infidel®™

 “Base security ultimately caught and apprehended Cruz. He was off duty and was apparently under the influence.”

That shit is NOT going to look good on his Resume’!


That is a big concern for me. As the world becomes more and more connected, past sins will carry much more weight in how we’re defined.

Dude got drunk and did something stupid. Should he pay for it? Absolutely. Should he be forever stigmatized over it? Nothing spurs revolution like marginalizing capable men.