Navy lays out policy for 21-day administrative leave for abortion and reproductive care

| March 5, 2023

The Department of the Navy laid out a policy that would accommodate Sailors and Marines in need of uncovered medical care. This uncovered medical care involves reproductive care and abortion. Those who are authorized for administrative leave would not get charged leave or lose pay. They would be able to use this time to transit to a location to obtain abortions or reproductive care.

From USNI News:

The new naval guidance follows that of the Department of Defense, which released its own guidance on Feb. 16. The Pentagon put out the new policies after pledging in October 2022 that it would allow service members to travel out of state to get reproductive health care, including abortions, after the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court case overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022.

“The Department of the Navy (DON) is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of those who serve our country, and their families in an environment of safety, privacy, and respect. Our Sailors, Marines, and their families are often required to travel or relocate their households to meet our staffing, operational, and training requirements,” according to ALNAV 18/23.

Under the guidance, sailors and Marines who are on active-duty for at least 30 days can request administrative leave for non-covered reproductive health care and will not be charged with leave or loss of pay. A sailor or Marine may also accompany a dual-military spouse or dependent who receives care through administrative leave.

Administrative leave can be requested for up to 21 days, according to the ALNAV. If a person ultimately decides to not have an abortion or other non-covered reproductive health care, the sailor or Marine will not be charged for the time off.

“The period of absence will be limited to the minimum number of days essential to receive the required care and travel needed to access the care by the most expeditious means of transportation practicable,” according to the ALNAV. “COs will limit health information required to the minimum amount necessary to ensure eligibility and be reasonably sure the duration of the time authorized meets this criteria.”

USNI News has the rest of the story.

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William Teach

Perhaps the Navy should be pushing a policy where employees do not have unprotected, irresponsible sex


What was your reason for not joining the military?


Woah….. I wonder if at any time in the last 6000 years or so…. If anyone has tried to convince young Soldiers and Marines, who are well known for making great life choices…. To stop having unprotected sex? If they could just get that message out there….


I would say “yes” to that question. I received the “wrap that rascal” brief in bootcamp, and on every deployment before we flew into wherever. Hell we werent even allowed to leave the base “Subic” until we had the “dont do this” brief……

A Proud Infidel®™

And yet the “Short Arm Inspections” afterwards still revealed that some didn’t pay attention, I’m sure.

Last edited 11 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™

Chip! Chip! What you doing man? you changed man, you done changed…. But 13 bills a month? I’m in man, count me in…


What? Who? Where? What choo talking bout’ Willis?!?!?

AT1 ret

for the 4 people they recruited lat year

Dave Hardin

As it should be. If you are from a state that allows abortions and are stationed by the military in a state that does not… then so be it.

I never have supported abortion as a means of birth control solely.

As with many other things in a free society, I do not believe my neighbors should be able to force their religious and moral beliefs upon me, nor I them.

Being a member of a Moral Gestapo is nothing to be proud of.

Last edited 11 months ago by Dave Hardin

I am with you to an extent. I am a religious person, and my practice of that religion along with a passing knowledge of history tells me if I don’t want my religious practices trampled upon I should not impose those views on others.

I am also pro-life.

That said, I acknowledge that there are some scenarios in which abortion is medically necessary and moral, and it should therefore be legally allowed. I think the decision should be made by the woman with the advice of her doctor, spiritual advisor, and husband.

The state should not be involved.

I object to abortion as it is in the US today- birth control and big business; in practice a form of eugenics.

(Please feel free to mentally substitute ‘birthing person’ and ‘non-birthing person’ for ‘woman’ and/or husband’)


I agree that preggers sailors should be allowed to take leave to another state in order to get rid of the parasite they willfully allowed to grow inside them.

I don’t agree with it being administrative leave. The argument that they have no say in duty station is legitimate – but I’m not sure why inconveniencing one’s access to abortion should get special consideration when gun rights, connection to friends/family, one’s own personal safety, and any of myriad other potential sacrifices are assumed upon taking the oath.

The Supreme Court was right in relegating the issue of abortion to a state/individual level. In the same vein, federal money should not be spent on abortion (legitimate medical emergency is different). If they have the regular leave and the mission allows, use it. If they don’t, and the mission allows, front them but charge them if they fail to earn it.


[…] This ain’t Hell… notes the Navy’s 21 day abortion leave plan […]

The Pirates Cove


A recruitment incentive? Not sure that crowd would risk their *ss to fight for anything.

Last edited 11 months ago by Anonymous
Hack Stone

If unplanned pregnancies are really a threat to military readiness like this supporting abortion claim, why doesn’t the military make it mandatory that all women on active duty get the birth control implant for the duration of their contract(s)? Between 21 days of free leave for abortion leave and 12 weeks of maternity/paternity leave, and the troops “transitioning” genders, the only people deploying will be the single GI’s living in the barracks.


Should they also mandate COVID vaccines?


A “no sex” clause in the contract. Male and female.
Catholics exempt.


As you know, Catholics do not have sex outside of marriage, so this makes no sense.

RGR 4-78

Ted Kennedy approves of this comment.


Just like Muslims don’t drink and Jews never eat pork.


Depo-Provera every 3 months, baby!


I’m having flashbacks, only us single guys got the junk on the bunk bullshit, married guys were 90% of meritorious promotions. One of our loony’s gave married guys their anniversaries off, married guys did not have the Friday inspections although a lot of the on base housing units sure could of used a good field day. Etc etc


So, do the females actually have to provide some type of proof of pregnancy, or do they just say so and high tail it for 21 free days of partying, then come back and say mission accomplished? With all the HiPPA stuff this may become really tricky.


Even though leftist ‘logic’ states that gender is a social construct (don’t question it, bigot), the pay gap math dictates that they should be allowed to malinger 18% of the time, it’s only fair!

[365/year – 30 days leave accrued/year] – 82% = 60 woman/days/year excess leave for inequality.

I’m just throwing it out there, we may might want to take advantage of this. Anyone that’s been thru a divorce knows the deal…

Last edited 11 months ago by Roh-Dog
RGR 4-78

 21 free days of partying”

I envision abortion clinics in every Las Vegas casino.

Hack Stone

How much convalescent leave will the troops get to have the gerbil removed from their ass?


How much time off do you typically need?


I’m old enough to remember the military would separate someone’s ass when they couldn’t perform their fucking duties.

No excuses for piss poor planing.

We used to be better than this, now we subsidize stupidity.


Edit: How is the military’s purview anyway?

Which MOS involves fucking?

And why wouldn’t “a pregnancy-injury” be investigated (like a 15-6 or LoD) to ‘determine fault’ since there is real harm to the readiness of the Service Member?


All ’em, I think…


Re “Which MOS involves fucking?”, this is the answer I was looking for in that recon by fire.

Thank you.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember having one Female troop look me right in the eye and brag to me about how she avoided Field Problems right and left by going to her CoC and saying, “I think I’m pregnant.”, that was during my AD days in the early 90’s, so I can just imagine how this will be exploited, a number will see this as 21-day freebie leave periods. OH, and in today’s “woke” Navy, how about when some male Sailor suddenly thinks he’s “pregnant”, will he get the same 21 days of freebie leave?


Poser, I knew a staff sergeant that six had babies by six different baby daddies. She got so good at Rear-D that they started sending her to whatever unit was deploying next even if she wasn’t pregnant.

Old Colonel

When did the Republican party get held hostage by the extreme Jesus freaks? I hated it as a young trooper many years ago when I was forced to sit in through a religious lecture by some chaplain. Religion is a good thing, and if you want it, fine; but I want to be able to choose (or not). I have worked with plenty of good people who never set foot in a chapel- and there are lots and lots of the religious type trying to take the troops beer, skin magazines, and everything else in the name of their little religious feelings. When does it end?


Ingsoc– no God but Big Brother!


Ah, you seem to have missed a few wars and got the names of the players wrong. The military took beer, porn and everything else from the soldiers in the last few wars in the name of Mohamed not Jesus. It was deemed way too dangerous to offend our “allies”.

Jesus liked a good buzz as much as anyone else, hence the first miracle of water to the finest wine. It was also rumored he hung out with hoes and treated them like real people. Mohamed was more of “no fun” guy that creeped on kids. Jesus never creeped on kids, be more like Jesus.

Last edited 11 months ago by 5JC

You has a point.


I’ll drink to that. Hell, I’ll drink to just about anything. 🍺🥃🍷🥂🍾🧉🍸🍹


As some WWI and ‘Nam vets who visited us over in A’stan: “No drinking, nudie mags, gambling, sex or smoking except in this little smoking corral thing– how in Hell do you people fight?!”


Those WWI vets must have been fairly decrepit by that time, hmmm? 😜 


Hell, WWII vets would have been in their mid-80’s to their late 90’s depending on when in that 20 year campaign they went to visit.


WW2, my bad with the phone keyboard… 90s but still spry ones came over, handful; rest were ‘Nam vets.


There were quite few of us Nam vets who visited the A-stan and Iraq. WWI vets–not likely.


WW2, my bad w/ da phone posting…


Elective surgery… any elective surgery… should be done on the service member’s own dime and earned leave. No TRICARE, no admin leave.

Dave Hardin

Or… this would work too for so many things.


The woked American military is a joke and is going to get their @sses handed to them in a near peer fight that pefo Joe is just itching to start.


We currently punch well below our weight class, but even aging heavyweights can still hit pretty damn hard.

Joe won’t kill the American military. He never succeeds at anything he tries.


Aging heavyweights CAN hit damn hard. I remember seeing Larry Holmes on Tuesday Night Fights back in ‘97 or ‘98 fighting some kid half his age. Ol’ Larry didn’t even take a proper modern stance. He took an old-school Sullivan stance and kept that quick left jab of his in the kid’s face all night. Then he clocked him with a couple of solid right crosses. Didn’t knock the kid out, but he definitely made him rethink his choice of profession. Lucky for the kid, it was only a 6 round fight.


Simple solution: Day 3 or whenever it is at Basic Training/Boot Camp, when they go through the line for all the shots, just add Norplant or whatever to the list.
Modern problems/modern solutions


Or maybe, and work with me here, the Navy could focus on more basic shit. Like, for example, not having their vessels colliding with container ships in the open ocean. Or maybe damage control so that multi-billion dollar vessels don’t burn down to the waterline alongside the pier. Anything else is fucking useless virtue signaling.


Oh, and before I forget, teach a class on how to properly mount turbo-prop engines on aircraft. 🤣


Shots fired! FINALLY…somebody looked at the DA Form 6 to see whose day it was to be “that guy”. Why am I not surprised that it was you, Pappy.


You know me, subtle assassin who will kill ya with a smile on his face.


Riddle me this. If a female is having an abortion, isn’t that the opposite of reproductive care?


You are sexist, misogynisict, patriarchal, possibly racist, and absolutely correct.

Last edited 11 months ago by SFC D

Thanks, SFC. You have me pegged, except I love the womens, but only the hot ones, and only in the normal, sexual way.