Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok

| January 24, 2023

Timeliness is white supremacy

CRT is a made-up Republican boogeyman


This is SCIENCE too!

This isn’t grooming

I must have missed out on my white generational wealth payment

Lastly, if you want to lose your breakfast, read this

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Nothing makes liberal heads explode like O’Keefe.

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Thanks errr… Chip… I’ll keep that in mind you. And now a word for our sponsor: Chod Randi Ganju.


Ah yes…
White Supremacy
An institution developed by the Democratic Party after they lost the Civil War.
Today, sadly for them it seems, the demand far, far exceeds the supply.
How many more Juicy Smollett’s’ are out there waiting to become a star?
How many more suburban/western white women, the most privileged class to ever exist, brainwashed by the indoctrination factory drinking the hater-or-ade and asking for more?
If you talked to 25-year-old me and told me this was the future, I’d say at what point do careen off the path into this alternate reality?

Careen to alternate reality.png
Old tanker

As for the suburban pedophile ring. Put them in pedo labeled pink coveralls and release them in the gen pop of lifer murder convicts.


“Generational wealth”?? They just keep making up more and more phrases, sayings, titles, etc. and they’re so smug when they throw those words/groups of words around. Can’t figure out how to change the oil in a car, or throw a breaker in the electrical panel, but sure sound intelligent to each other with all of their made up word soup!


If white people have an unfair advantage due to “generational wealth” then somebody owes me a shitload of money.


Hear that noise? It’s my wood chipper spooling up.


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Now, that’s a great meme!

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I worked hard for my “generational wealth”. It didn’t get passed down to my by anybody.
I earned it going to school (trigger!) and showing up to class on time (Trigger!), learning a STEM skill (trigger!), and going to work on time (TRIGGER!).
So we just both better hope that we don’t ever run across each other in a public place, ’cause if you START something, I’ll end it and leave you crying on the floor.
‘Cause. I. Don’t. Care!

As an aircrew member of a pretty large crew of officers and enlisted males and females multiple ethnicities and religions of who knows what sexual persuasion. I routinely conducted a pre-deployment brief. Rule #1 was BE ON TIME.

Even if we weren’t in the military it is just rude to have 20 folks waiting on your dead ass to show up bwcause you can’t be on time.

Skivvy Stacker

“‘Not all students who menstruate are female’ – Minnesota House Rep. Sandra Feist while campaigning to put menstrual products in the boys’ bathrooms in schools.”
Yes, it’s sad but true; sometimes the cold weather up here in Meenesoda does cause brain cells to freeze solid, and make people ass dumb ass cowss. Ya shur.