Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa….bbrrrrrrttt

| December 17, 2022


Got us a police chief. Got us a police chief who hasn’t got his head right. Got us a Chief Bradley Wendt of the thriving metropolis of Adair, Iowa. Got us a police chief buying legitimate full-auto weapons for his department. Got us a department of three whole cops, for whom he bought 90 machine guns. Now THERE is where you just don’t mess with the po-po.

According to court filings and a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Wendt used his position as police chief to obtain 10 machine guns for the official use of the police department, but later resold at least six of those weapons for “significant profit.”

In addition, Wendt obtained 13 guns for his Dennison- and Anita-based gun store, BW Outfitters, under the pretense they were to be used as demonstration models for potential future purchases by the department. Another 10 weapons were obtained in the same manner for Williams Contracting, a business Williams owned that is federally licensed as a firearms dealer.

Prosecutors say Wendt sought to purchase or demonstrate approximately 90 machine guns between July 2018 and August 2022. Some of the weapons were used for public machine gun shoots, where Wendt and Williams charged customers money to be able to fire the weapons.

The indictment describes the firearms as fully automatic weapons not legally available to the public, including an M60 machine gun…for the Adair Police Department.

Wendt instead had the M60 mounted on his personally owned armored Humvee.

Yahoo News

What really tipped his hand was trying to get paperwork past the ATF for a M134 mini-gun. The other 89 weapons (in a town of  800!) and the M60 blew by, ‘cuz, y’know, every Mayberry needs a Pig. But a mini-gun? No moss growing on those ATF boys, they knew something was wrong.

As yet, no word if Deputy Chief Fife is assuming command.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

At first I thought that was a Baby Bee article, it was so over the top.
But Nope! Followed the linky, it’s real.
Lesson to learn……..don’t try to lie to and cheat Teh Gooberment. They hate the competition.


Think the paper trail is spicy with them?


Spoiler alert… the attack occurred in 1941.

pookysgirl, WC wife

This really doesn’t match with Adair’s public image. (You can see it from I-80.)


That’s an oiler for all the full auto joy going on. No wonder he is smiling.


I think this guy is a good police chief.
Letting the public shoot the machine guns ( for a price) is a great idea!
I wish my local police department had a public machine gun shoot.

Instead they closed the Sheriifs shooting range to the public as soon as the county opened a public range miles away.


I wonder how many speeding tickets those three cops had to write to pay for all those toys?

Green Thumb

The Pig.

Hope he got about 100 gallons of CLP to grease the belts….

Old tanker

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I’m glad they finally figured out the issue there.


A small Iowa town of 800 residents likely has no need for a police force armed with 90 machine guns to keep the peace.

I’m sorry, I thought Iowa was in America.


“merica HELL YEAH!

comment image


Just when you think there is a safe spot on the map for the Zombie Apocalypse the ATF has to come and mess it all up.


I see only one issue here…

he ‘got caught’.

Armed and Revolutionary.jpeg
A Proud Infidel®™

Gee whiz, just a few full-auto weapons for a small town PD and …

Well yeah, I guess the mini-gun WAS a slight overkill, they’d have had to write a LOT of tickets to cover the ammo budget for that!


Sooo…when the annual Sheriff’s Surplus Auction Sale going to be held? That up armored, Pig Equipped Hummer would be nice for perimeter patrol down to COP CRC Timber Ranch and the mini-gun would go a looooong way toward shoring up the North Wall @ Firebase Magnolia. Might even be the hook that gets Roh-Dog and his sammich making Trophy Wife to relocate down heah to God’s Country.


Keep talking, I’m listening…

Contingent on our* labor making that North Wall a field of death for Firebase Magnolia’s would-be predators, these are a requirement.

*obviously pending approval from the Kitchen Commander


Sick minds DO think alike. The required materials are pretty much instock. May have to substitute 2FF ‘stead of C4. Model rocket igniters & a hot 12 volt lawn tractor bat-tree. High test for diesel.

KC would have a 16’X16’ work area, 60+ sq feet of counter space, casted iron ware, double door SS Fridgerdaire, and a gas stove.

Did I make mention of all the tasty critters that are looking for their proper place…on a plate next to the taters and peas?


Sounds wonderful!

IIRC, that Georgia dirt is easy digging for fighting positions and other defensive porpoises.
Unless that vague memory is a delusion of youth and stronger back!

God willing, I will live to test the theory.

For your custom-made foxhole I’ll include a walk-in humidor and wet bar.


Sandy/loamy soil here. The red dirt is several feet down. Even deeper is the kaolin. This was Native American farm/hunting ground then became corn cotton and wheat. Fishing pond 1/2 miles away. Feral hogs and bears in the area. Neighbor has a nice backhoe.


Sounds like you may need some Engineer support. I may know someone who will work for Yuengling…


Oh, and permission to try their luck with the bass and bream in that pond.


That firms it up then, Joint Base TAH comprising of: Firebase Magnolia, Fort Roh-Dog, and Camp Hey Guys, Watch Me Build This Then Blow It Up!

With our livers combined nothing can stop us!


Beers tremble when they hear my name.


By the way, the camp name is a little cumbersome. Let’s keep it short…Camp Essayons.


I stayed up all night thinking that up, cooking it up over a hot stove for hours, both ways, uphill, in the snow…
That being said: Done and done!

Smokey says.png

Wanting top pay to begin, huh?


Pay for the best, and you get the best.

Slow Joe

Gun grabbers are prolly xelebrainting right now.


splitting xers’ bottom surgeries from xcitement.

Skivvy Stacker

DAMN. And I was gonna apply to that department.


Who was auditing the Chief of Police’s budget?
Some of the guys who got a good deal on their perimeter defensive armory?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I love it, that Chief is the cats meow. Hey Chief, if you read TAH, can you fed ex me a Lewis MG if you have any in stock.



Wait one…hold on…they are to used against the subjects???

Never mind. I declare this an appropriate purchase. God knows when the subjects will get all uppity and need to be put in their place.


That’s exactly why I’m opposed to cops trying to be Rambo. If you get the shit, now you’re looking for a reason to use it. Most cops are barely capable of handling their issued pistols.


Sooooooo, are you saying they don’t need the MRAPs?


I realize I’m replying to my comment…

“I will love the police as they kick the shit out of me on the street”

Been drinking beer all day and listening to Frank Zappa.


My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama.


Central scrutinizer here, Y’all need to stick closer to church-oriented activities.

offsur fwendwee is gud.jpg

Required for “social justice,” comrade!
comment image


What kind of keggers are they raiding that require MRAPs? They’re dealing with drunken frat boys, not the Taliban.


Same thing, when loaded up on testosterone, adrenaline, and all of the stolen drugs from the evidence locker.


Well, if they’re in the hands of gang-bangin’ thugs, marxist whackos and mass shooters that Leftists cite to disarm everyone else they want to impose socialism upon, that’s okay! Is for “social justice,” comrade!


I’m sorry but a police department with 3 officers has no need of 90 fully automatic weapons. Whether they’re machine guns or selective fire rifles, no need. I figure 1 pistol per officer, plus a shotgun and a selective fire M4 (upon qualification) per officer. That’s more than enough for what they’re likely to see. If you can’t get it done with that, you need to find a new line of work. This is just as bad as the Ohio State University campus police purchasing surplus MRAPs about 10 years back.

Prior Service

M60? Sweet. You never know when Johnny Rambo is going to stroll into town.


“They drew first blood, not me!” –Rambo (sorta a self-fulfilling prophecy, even fictionally, at that).


He hosted community machine gun shoots and had a supply of full auto weapons for “demonstration” purposes stored at multiple locations.

The implication of this post is that he thought his cops needed to be so heavily armed against the citizenry, but it sounds more to me like he was trying to ensure that his local constituency had ready access to effective squad and company level weaponry (along with the knowledge of how to use it) if needed.

Needed against whom? Well, my guess would be against the enemy: the federal government.

Which explains the zeal with which they are prosecuting him for his endeavors.

I don’t know that’s the case, but based on the details provided it doesn’t sound like this guy was arming up because he was afraid of his constituents so maybe it was because he was afraid FOR them.

I know I’d LOVE a local Sheriff that hosted machine gun shoots.