Americans see the military as too politicized

| December 1, 2022

According to a recent survey done by the Reagan National Defense Forum, a majority of Americans see the US military as too politicized. Half of Americans are worried that the military is too woke. Conservatives point to the emphasis on “wokeness” in the military, while the left claim that the “far-right” or “extremist” individuals in the military decreases their confidence in the military.

From Fox News:

The Biden administration has focused on ways to counter extreme views within the ranks of the military, in part as response to the Jan. 6 attacks on the Capitol. But a report from the administration titled “Countering Extremist Activity Working Group” later identified fewer than 100 cases of extremism from the 2.1 million active forces, a rate of .005%.

Concerns over politicization of the military do not appear to have not impacted overall support. The survey found 81% of respondents trust the military — a three percent increase from last year. The military’s support easily trumps that for Congress at 33%, the presidency at 40%, Supreme Court at 45%, and news media at 35%.

Still, only 13% responded that they were willing to join the military. Military recruitment has slowed in recent years, with the Army missing its recruitment target by 25% this year.

China remains to be seen as the greatest threat to the nation, but concerns over Russia from respondents increased significantly as the war in Ukraine continues. Respondents who list China as their greatest threat dropped from 52% last year to 43% this year, with Russia jumping from 14% to 31%.

Americans want to continue to support Ukraine, according to the survey, which found 57% believe the U.S. should continue to stand for the country against Russian aggression and 33% believe the U.S. has too many issues at home to focus on the conflict. The issue shows a notable political divide, with 73 percent of Democrats favoring U.S. support for Ukraine and 51% of Republicans.

U.S. financial aid to Ukraine, which is set to total more than $19 billion, is “about the right amount,” according to 39% of respondents. A quarter of respondents believe the amount is too little, and the same number of respondents said the support is too large.

Fox News and Reagan National Defense Forum have additional information.

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They keep forgetting that the primary goal of the US Military is to defend the US by breaking things and destroying our enemy…NOT destroying our Republic.

Hack Stone

30 years ago (has it really been that long?), Hack Stone was listening to John and Ken on KFI out of Los Angeles. They were speaking to a woman married to an Air Force Medic who refused to deploy to Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and was subsequently serving a sentence in confinement for not suiting up for the big game. A guy calls in and says “The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things.” Hack never heard that before, but yeah, seems like an accurate job description. The Karen replied to his comment “That’s just sick.” She is probably one of those dependapotomases who loathe the military but want to be addressed by her spouse’s rank. Do they have reserved parking at the commissary for Brig Rats?


I really enjoyed John& Ken when I used to be able to tune them in. Bill Handel was a hoot too.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember seeing interviews of Servicemembers bawling about deployment for the GWOT when it began because they “…joined for college money” and other shit like that.


My great uncle was drafted in 1943 and referred to it as the “great adventure.”


Fuck ‘em. I joined for the college money and stayed 24 years.


I got my four years of college money up front, paif them back the required 6 years and tossed 18 more on top of it.

They can take an aeronautical intercourse at a rotating pastry.


Oh, boo hoo.


They have reserved parking for expectant mothers. Many of those dependas look permanently pregnant.


They say the primary mission of the U.S. military is to accurately put ordnance on target – anything else is in support of that mission.


Not to be rude:


Implying a lack of faith in Military Senior Leadership? Say it ain’t so!


I can’t find the story, but I do remember the No.1 career choice for young adults (militray age) is ‘Social Medai Influencer’. I believe it because there are several channels devoted to just to roasting people on Tik tok. Plus a few that rost just military members on Tik tok.

Hack Stone

Where in that survey does Vice President for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland land for desired careers among today’s yutes? Plenty of opportunities out there to someone willing to get their hands dirty by going on to Military Blogs to defend Phil Monkress against allegations that he falsely claims to be a US Navy SEAL. The only prerequisites are being dim witted, easily manipulated, and the ability to post alcohol fueled diatribes on the internet at 03:00.

Green Thumb

Odd to say, but the All-Points Logistics Conflict, or better known and more commonly referred to as the “Phildo Wars” to many, bring back fond memories to those of us that were on the front lines and knee deep in the “shit” – literally.

Hack Stone

Right there with you, brother. Where’s our parade?


Just sayin’.


I read The Art of War and Sun Tzu absolutely said this. He was a wise man.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Back in early 2021, when DOD kicked off its “Extremist in the Ranks” campaign, our shop gathered for a mandatory discussion (stand-down) to discuss extremism in the ranks…and so on.

Within 5 minutes of the “stand down” discussion, the consensus among the group was the issue is nothing more than the DOD looking for solutions for a problem that doesn’t exist – at least not to the extent people are expected to believe – and recognizing it was all the beginning of social justice BS we’d have to endure.


“An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!”

A Proud Infidel®™

“..the DOD looking for solutions for a problem that doesn’t exist – , …”
Yup, they were starting that shit during the Clinton Curse and that’s the main reason why I ETS’ed as soon as that Enlistment was up! But nowadays of course, they turn their PC Crusades into political witch hunts by any means possible.


Yeah that training was one of the last straws for me. Retired a few months later. Sorry not sorry.


My son is telling me this is a lot sound and fury and not much at the unit. Seems familiar to when I was in.


Doesn’t make me feel safe.
comment image

Prior Service

33 years in. I’ve seen a slow and steady slide. I recently decided not to “encourage” my potential future son in law from serving. Not even gonna joke about it. I will, however, point out his failure to serve…


Your potential son in law can’t catch a break. As it should be.🤣


Not a lifer by as any means but from what kids tell me it’s not the military I served in and doesn’t seem to offer much to a bright young person anymore. I am very unnerved by what I hear from the young people serving today, most feel like they are wasting their time and are counting the days, not because the old school reasons but because the military doesn’t meet their expectations of challenge and discipline. From what I hear it’s pretty much geared for the lowest common denominator and political BS is front and center. I hope it’s wrong.

Old tanker

It is easy to support the Military, I do. The issue I have is with the over politization of the senior leadership. They have left the realm of military operations and entered the p0litical arena in an all to obvious manner. Those are the folks I do not trust. In particular, miley, in his admission of attempting to undermine his boss, Trump, while he was in office went way over the line IMO.