Government tells SCOTUS colleges have to stay racist to bolster national security

| November 1, 2022

The Supreme Court is set to rule on affirmative action at colleges. The way it’s been for the last ~30 years is that de jure racism in the name of “diversity” is a good thing. Not enough of a particular race group get good enough grades, SAT/ACT scores, or pre-requisite education? No problem. Just lower the standards for that group. Naturally, this is at the expense of the group(s) of people that do the hard work, score high enough, and check all the boxes. In the case of the Ivy League schools, that generally means Asians get overtly discriminated against the most.

In the latest case on the matter before SCOTUS, the government argued in favor of actual structural, systemic racism in the name of “affirmative action,” is a good thing. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Racism makes us stronger.

From Military Times;

The government’s top legal advocate on Monday urged Supreme Court justices to preserve affirmative action in service academies and civilian institutions alike.

Toward the end of the oral argument in what has been a controversial Supreme Court case about the legality of affirmative action, Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar echoed a key argument of defenders of the inclusive policy: that a diverse officer corps is necessary for national security.

“Our armed forces know from hard experience that when we do not have a diverse officer corps that is broadly reflective of the diverse fighting force, our strength and cohesion and military readiness suffer,” Prelogar said.

In August, she and other government officials, including the Pentagon’s general counsel, filed a friend-of-the-court brief defending affirmative action.

“We have had experiences in the past where the officer corps and its racial composition did not reflect the diversity of enlisted service members,” Prelogar said Monday, in an apparent reference to internal conflict during the Vietnam War, “and it caused tremendous racial tension and strife.”

Responding to a question from Justice Elena Kagan, Prelogar said that the service academies had considered race-neutral alternatives to affirmative action. According to Prelogar, the academies found that, for now, no such alternatives would lead to an officer corps with adequate diversity.

“They’ve looked into other alternatives, like socioeconomic preferences, but West Point discovered that that would actually increase the number of white men at the academy,” Prelogar said.

Chief Justice John Roberts asked whether Prelogar wanted the court to view her argument about the military separately from arguments about civilian colleges and universities.

“Are you linking yourself to Harvard and UNC — in other words, you rise and fall with their case?” Roberts asked, later adding, “It might make sense for us not to answer the service academy issue in this case?”

Prelogar didn’t answer Roberts directly. Instead, she allowed that the military had “distinctive interests” in diversity, but stressed that the end of affirmative action in civilian colleges and universities with ROTC programs would also affect the military.

“It’s also critically important — because actually more officers come from ROTC programs — to try to protect and preserve space for universities to also achieve the educational benefits of diversity and provide the paths to leadership that inhere in those programs as well,” Prelogar said.

I don’t think I ever cared what color skin an officer over me had, which set of genitalia they possessed, or which gender they liked to fuck. I cared that they were competent officers that weren’t going to get us killed. Screw the racist stuff and just hire/appoint the best people for the job.

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You may not care, but soldiers do care to identify with their leadership. If they are putting their lives on the line they would like to think that their leader is competent and concerned about treating everyone fairly.

Socioeconomic background will not work. Poor blacks attend some of the worst public schools in the country and typically are reading on an elementary level, if it all when they graduate high school. Other subjects are typically similar.

Hack Stone

Poor blacks attend some of the worst public schools in the country and typically are reading on an elementary level, if it all when they graduate high school. Other subjects are typically similar.

That would be worst performing public schools. Why is that the public schools with the highest amount of money spent per student always have the worst results? Corrupt politicians, corrupt/inept school administrators, school unions more concerned with lining their pockets and placing politicians who support their goals, and no academic or disciplinary standards.

High school kids reading at kindergarten levels. Another lost generation.

USMC Steve

Not sure where you served, but in the Corps, we didn’t have shit to do with our leaders unless they were telling us what to do. Nobody I knew had a clue about much about seniors other than what was on their collars. And we stayed away from them outside of duty requirements.


Marines and Army are a bit different in that regard. Typically an E4 and below will never interact with an officer in both services unless they are getting promoted, punished or similar.

Officers lead combat patrols and give operation orders in the Army and interface directly with even junior NCOs on the ground. I did both sides of the house (E&O) and was attached to Maines for most of one deployment. It’s a bit different.


“The best for the job”, to the Left, is Racist.

Because the Left doesn’t believe that various non-pale skin tones can actually earn it.

Enter Left-Pale the Savior! They humbly acknowledge their “privilege” and promise wise and enlightened Rule over their lessors.



Leftism is about being most popular (with Leftists about the latest Party line) and not the most effective or capable. All are equal but some are more equal than others, you know.

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If the liberal leftist Demoncrats truly embraced diversity they would come out from behind their gated walls and live among the people. Pretty obvious they don’t want to do that.


Concur. Same sh*t, different century:
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Though this not related to the service academies or ROTC, I did see that Biden’s pick for the SCOTUS…you know the poster child for diversity hires/affirmative action but not a Biologist…was IN FAVOR of affirmative action. Her first 2 qualifications were skin color and gender, so you know she supports checking the boxes. Skills and competency are farther down the list of qualifications.


Well, she had no idea what a woman was, little surprise that she’s all in on skin color. How can she be in favor of gender when she can’t separate females from the other 62 genders?


I much prefer Gunny Hartmann’s criteria… “Here, you are all equally worthless.”:


This and 82 “woke” companies isn’t trying to “lobby” the court isn’t political, is it?


Saw that…looked like a “Who’s Who” of woke tech companies. Apple, Google, et al.


What about Twitter? Asking for a friend.


We posted this article on a previous WOT.

It is worth repeating and reading.

“No, Affirmative Action In The Military Doesn’t Boost National Security, It Erodes It”


Fairness becoming politicial (if not racist) is crap.

RGR 4-78

When I heard about Shinesky’s black beret fuckery, that is when I knew the Army was in trouble. 😡 

Green Thumb


The unnamed E-4 that ordered 5 million from China got pinched.

The audacity of that clown!


They had to order from China! They couldn’t find a US supplier who could deliver in time for the Army’s birthday. It was an emergency!


“Remember that it is the actions, and not the commission, that make the officer, and that there is more expected from him, than the title.” George Washington to the Officers of the Virginia Regiment, January 08, 1756

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How did we defeat the enemies back in WW2?????????????


We waited until Germany had exhausted itself fighting Russia/UK and Japan exhausted itself fighting China, UK and half the Pacific nations and then jumped in for the kills.

Smart and slow until it was time to be brutal and fast, won that war.


We waited until we had something to fight with. In the Pacific that was about 5 months to Coral Sea, 6 months until Midway, 8 months until we engaged the Japanese in the Solomons, where those “exhausted” Japanese inflicted heavy casualties on the US. The Marines called the Guadalcanal invasion “Operation Shoestring” for a reason.

In Europe, we landed in North Africa after 11 months, where the “exhausted” Germans inflicted an embarrassing lesson on the ill-prepared US Army. The landing was done in boats not developed until May, 1942.


To paraphrase a song…”And the sign said white boy or Asians need not apply…”

Bullsh^t! This whole “muh diversity” crap is in violation of the Law. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter who you are discriminating against. Why not judge the best person for the job by their ability and character? Society does not hold an individual back…the individual holds themselves back.


But it’s okay when Leftists and groups they pander to for political support do it! /sarc


“Our armed forces know from hard experience that when we do not have a diverse officer corps that is broadly reflective of the diverse fighting force, our strength and cohesion and military readiness suffer,”

Evidently it is only the “diverse” soldiers in the US Army that need to be led by “diverse” officers. Various colonial powers have fielded quite good units with 0 (zero) “diverse officers and 100% “diverse” soldiers. The Indian Army of the British empire (which included the renowned gurkha units), for example, or various French colonial units, or the Askaris of Von Lettow-Vorbeck in WWI. Even the Philippine units led almost exclusively by white American officers did pretty well (all things considered).

There are approximately 40 officers in a US infantry battalion. Assuming a “diverse” population of 15% of total population, that would mean 6 officers must be “diverse” in order to correctly reflect the “diverse” representation.


Assuming none of these 6 “diverse” officers are staff officers that means the majority of “diverse” soldiers will still be led by white officers. Thus, our military is doomed to weakness and lack of cohesion even with affirmative action. The only practical solution is segregated units, so each “diverse (and non-diverse) soldier is guaranteed to be led by a “diverse” officer and all units will be strong, cohesive, and ready. The “Buffalo Soldiers” return.

Incidentally, the “Buffalo Soldiers” were led by white officers, nicht wahr? Must have been a horrible unit.


I was one of the two white officers in an Indian Wars Buffalo Soldiers reenactor club. We were portraying Co. G/10th Cavalry. I think we did a quite commendable job, since the Captain and I were the only ones in the unit that were experienced horse soldiers, from seven years as Civil War cav reenactors.


Golf is an expensive hobby. How about reenacting? And how much behind-the-scenes time does it require (research, finding suppliers, etc.)?