First it was murder hornets

| October 19, 2022

Sit, Ubu!

Canis latrans has expanded its grounds to parts of the East Coast over the past century. They’ve traveled from the Midwest to the Appalachians and north through Canada, then down to the South. Coyotes now inhabit the East Coast from South Carolina to New York City and even to islands off the coast of Cape Cod. The population shift has several causes, doubtless including climate change and Trump.

Massachusetts dog walker surrounded by pack of coyotes: How to keep kids, dogs safe

There are several ways to keep yourself, your kids, dogs and other pets safe from coyotes, experts say

By Cortney Moore | Fox News

A dog walker in Massachusetts recently called upon law enforcement for help after they became surrounded by a pack of coyotes.

The Swampscott Police Department in Essex County confirmed the incident took place on Saturday, Oct. 15. Officers reportedly counted “at least nine coyotes” when they arrived at the scene near Rockyledge Road, according to a Facebook post the department addressed to the public.

“Thankfully these coyotes appeared to be scared off by the arrival of the cruisers and the strobe lights,” the department wrote. “The Officers escorted the caller and their dog back to their residence without further incident.”

Fox News

So many ways to go, I’ll stick with: Only in Massachusetts is calling the po-po a reasonable response to being surrounded by feral animals. Following the advice in the article is a wonderful way to meet emergency room staff and receive a rabies postexposure prophylaxis of your very own.

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Hadn’t seen one in a few years until a few weeks ago while it was crossing the interstate in front of me. Coulda had it.


In my neighborhood of two-acre ranchettes, we have a family of them roaming around in broad daylight. There are two youngsters that regularly cross my pasture. One ran along the fence line right toward my 34-year-old horse. Old Rooney was totally non-plussed. He paid no attention to the canine interloper, who promptly crawled under the fence into the adjoining pasture.


Seems every freakin’ week there’s a ‘something needs to be done’ article in the local rag, usually a ‘pet parent’ empty nester that hadn’t gotten the memo.


When you tolerate apex predators you get a very standard result, to wit;

My last duty station, Hackensack Dirty Jerz, had a population density of about 11k fist pumping douches per mile square.

Saw a coyote dart across a very affluent street at sundown about this time a year. Of course I called it in and the local police could give two shits. Mind you this was a week or few after a story on the local news about a 9 year old girl getting chased into the house by one.

I guess we will ‘live’ with them until little Susie gets mauled, eh?

When you start to take this seriously, ‘society’, I’ll be here, NODS, AR with IR laser and suppressor to solve your self-inflicted problem.



I also have suppressed .22 rifle with night scope for just that purpose.


We might have our disagreements, but I like you.





Nice. I have a Timney trigger for 10/22 (a moment of weakness to spend that kinda scratch) couldn’t recommend more.

The mag release is set up for ‘speed competition’, the one downside… other than price.


It has a match barrel and I put a Houge stock on that one. It is definitely one of my favorite 22s.

When the kids were here I let them dress them up theirs however they wanted to.


Ol’ Poe has a 10/22 bought in San Antonio way back in the early 70’s that still looks like it came right out of the box.

Once had to use it to take down a rabid fox that was stalking our cats when we lived out in the Texas Hill Country, but never a coyote.

Back before they began making the banana mags for the 10/22, Poe used super adhesive to make twenty-round flip mags out of the stock Ruger ten-round rotating mags. Like them better than the bananas because they don’t hang down so far and get in the way.


I approve of this.


No time for half measures. I use an old school JP Stevens 12 gg pump shottie. Feral bastards run in packs down here, can generally get 2-3 with one shot of 00. Open season, year round. Too bad we can’t get an open season on some other feral creatures here.


It’s false economy. One 22lr round is about $.06-.09, one buck shot round is about $.45-.50 so even if you get 3 you are still spending twice as much. Plus the pack will always scatter automatically instead of maybe trying to figure out what is happening.


(a) I don’t have a .22. (b) I DO have $, I don’t have a wife. (c) As an Artilleryman it is a well known fact that BIGGER is ALWAYS BETTER. (d) The Stevens is a long barreled duck gun, able to reach out and send a tight pattern out to a breaking up pack just as fast as I can pump it. (e) The BOOM scares the shit out of them.

Last pack that came lurking around the perimeter of Firebase Magnolia suffered 6 KIA, 3 mortally wounded, and 2 blood trails out of 11. 3 rounds expended. And those rounds were probably 20+ years old. Haven’t seen ‘yotes since then.

You have your ways…I have mine.


That’s because they can’t hear a damn thing anymore.


But of course he can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome he is.

A Proud Infidel®™️

My In-Laws out in the boonies just got a couple of Donkeys to roam with their Cattle and *Poof!*, no more Coyotes bugging their herd!


Gun control doesn’t work with coyotes; shooting them does.




My dog has a 4 am habit of needing to go out. That now is my wakeup time. I stand on the porch waiting for her to find the right spot to pee. Last month a young looking coyote appeared in the corner of the yard farthest away from her so I grabbed a rock and threw it and it got the hint.

I now have a slingshot handy for coyotes and the neighbor’s 10 (now down to 2) “escaped” rabbits that feed on my green grass. My wife nixed keeping the shotgun handy.


I have a Stephens model 66 bolt action 22 my grandfather got during the depression, it shoots .22 LR, .22 Long, and 22 short.

With 22 short it makes less noise than my pellet gun. If I was reluctant to use it for some reason, I’d use the pellet gun as opposed to a rock or sling shot as I’d be more accurate.


A co-worker recently dispatched a large bobcat that was creeping around his chicken coop. .22 air rifle. The kitty was a repeat offender, shooter had already contacted game and fish and the city police. Game and fish said it was legal to take a predator in the act, PD said the air rifle prevented a charge of discharging a firearm in the city limits. Plus he got to keep the pelt.


“Coyotes now inhabit the East Coast from South Carolina to New York City and even to islands off the coast of Cape Cod.”

I swear I saw a Coyote in the Florida panhandle about a year ago. Plain as day. And I remember hearing that coyotes are all over the US anyway.

BlueCord Dad

Hey, Florida Panthers gotta eat too ya know…



Anyway, if that’s the case this article doesn’t make any sense. I’m probably just not getting it.


I live a hair north of Ocala on a small farm. Coyotes are very common around here. I hear them almost every night. They have taken small livestock around here on many occasions.


A friend lives in the Valparaiso area near EGLIN AFB and I encountered a coyote there 10-13 years ago. Here in middle Georgia we have them. If you call animal control about a missing cat one of the first things they mention is that coyotes may have gotten it.


I know they’re in Benning. Did my part to reduce that population. Rumor has it if ya leave a hog or armadillo carcass and hunt over it the next day, much success.


But are they still bringing humans across the border??


“First!” – to go there 😎


Well, you know, that thing with Acme hasn’t been working out too great…
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A pilot has been safely recovered after an F-35 combat aircraft crashed at the Hill Air Force Base south of Ogden, Utah, Wednesday, according to the 388th Fighter Wing.

The F-35A Lightning II crashed around 6:15 p.m. local time at the north end of the base’s runway, the wing said on social media. (CNN)

Maybe the pilot saw a ‘yote, turned to engage and experienced a compression failure…

or maybe the 35 sucks?


Of course it does “ suck squeeze bang blow” jet engine 101


Since the article is about coyotes, how about a picture of one of them instead of the one of a wolf.


Here you go


Does capture their ethos well.


Ol’ Poe’s first thought was, “Dang! Kid Squid doesn’t know a coyote from a damned wolf…” 😜 


I thought it was a self- portrait of a Chihuahua.


That pic shows the expression I get from my wife’s chihuahua, who hates me. He seems to hate all men.


Poe’s in-laws had a spoiled-rotten chihuahua that was always growling and snapping at him, the only exception being when the horny little turd was looking for a leg to hump. 😛 


Wolves do look scarier though.
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A Proud Infidel®™️

So when the SHTF and the grid goes kaput, not only will will the City Denizens turn on each other, the wild animals intruding will have a field day!


Age begets humor… I remember reading a Reader’s Digest article, maybe around 1960, on coyotes. Went into depth (well, RD depth) on their survival skills and adaptability, and mentioned that far from being solely Wild West critters, they had been sighted as far east as Ohio.


Can be domesticated, too… which confirms what cats think out dogs anyway.
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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

That’s funny.
“A Native American”.
Can’t argue with that.


IMHO, it is the two legged ones who are a threat, not the four legged ones.


When you’re only allowed a pea shooter with 6 rounds…