Blasts detected by Swedish network at Russian pipeline

| September 27, 2022


A Swedish seismic network reports detecting explosions equivalent to a minor earthquake near where the Russian Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines run. As you should know, pressures in the one functional pipeline dropped to near zero so for all purposes, Russia’s natural gas pipeline to Germany is cut. Amazing how a natural disaster like that happened the same day a pipeline from Norway to German was opened. almost as if the Russians were escalating the pressure on Euro energy markets.

“We can clearly see that this is an act of sabotage, an act that probably means a next step of escalation in the situation that we are dealing with in Ukraine,” Morawiecki said.

Anders Puck Nielsen, a researcher with the Center for Maritime Operations at the Royal Danish Defence College, said the timing of the leaks was “conspicuous” given the ceremony for the Baltic Pipe. He said perhaps someone sought “to send a signal that something could happen to the Norwegian gas.”

“The arrow points in the direction of Russia,” Puck Nielsen said. “No one in the West is interested in having any kind of instability in the energy market.”

The extent of the damage means the Nord Stream pipelines are unlikely to be able to carry any gas to Europe this winter even if there was political will to bring them online, analysts at the Eurasia Group said.


The Russians are coyly admitting it without saying it..

Asked if the leaks may have been caused by sabotage, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “no version could be excluded.”

“This is an unprecedented situation that requires an urgent investigation. We are extremely worried by this news,” he said in a conference call with reporters.

Sure seems like someone should have warned the Germans about trusting the Russians on this, huh…


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The pipeline died from falling at a great height.


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Zelensky recently SOLD his 35 million dollar villa in Forte dei Marmi, Italy. Zelensky’s 2018 declaration indicated that he and his wife Elena began to own a 413 sq. M. House in Italy. m. since 2015. It cost them UAH 88.5 million (EUR 3.1 million at that time). “For the last three years, the estate, which is located just 400 meters from the sea, has been rented for 12 thousand euros per month. Now it is rented by a US citizen with his family. They have been living there since July, but should leave in early October.”

The acquisition in Israel cost them 790 thousand euros. The Villa is a 50-square-meter mansion located in Rishpon, Israel. On its territory, there is a large swimming pool. The four-man British special forces act as bodyguards for Zelensky’s parents. On May 6, 2022, Zelensky’s parents became citizens of Israel.


I read on the internet that Kid Rock sucks a bag of Russian Dicks. You read it too so it must be true.

Zelensky is rich, his net worth is at least $20M, but he earned it the same way Kid Rock did by pimping laundry soap, cars and lite beer.


Well Deutschlanders, how are you feeling right now? Good thing it’s still warm outside but winter will knocking on the door soon.

What’s the over/under on riots breaking out in Europe this winter.


Nah, the global warming will keep them toasty. Unless it gets colder in which case it is climate change instead and they caught a bad toss.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Thinking similar.
The Germans had best hope that Greta’s dire “predictions” about GloBull Worming come true this winter to keep them a little bit less cold than normal.

Now that I think about it, it is a win-win for Germany. They will get major kudos for reducing their carbon footprint this year. If most of them survive the winter they can do it again next year.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, I’m a thinkin’ they-a-gonna WANT some of that glowbull wormening this winter.


Mutti Merkle is a disaster IMHO


Stationed at Ft Wainwright, we called the desperately cold weather of forty below, “The Hawk”.
The old timers took great pleasure in welcoming the FNG’s to the weather that will freeze you solid in about 45 minutes if you let it…
“The Hawk Cometh, ready or not”….


Saw this. Cui bono?

You could say open and honestly, without reservation imho, all sides do.

Details of note: where was the Carter last spotted and why’d she in-and-out at “a whale’s v_g_na”?

The P8s have been running that area’s international water’s airspace the last week…

I’m watching the LNG price spread at the waha and henry hubs is -$2.00 MMBtu respective. That’s freaking huge.

Big problems in little Gerrrmany tho, we simply do not have enough carry capacity to save the EU from their own bad decisions of backing the Zelenskyyites.


Germany re-thinking whether they want to shut down their last nuclear reactors again yet?


Earlier this month, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s ruling coalition approved measures to extend two of the country’s three remaining nuclear power plants through the end of this year and into next if needed, reversing planned shutdowns of the plants. — Zerohedge

I’ve been DCAing into Sprott Physical Uranium Fund for a hot minute, waiting for the collective world to unf*ck itself.

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey, WAITAMINNIT, wasn’t wind and solar supposed to have given them all the power they need by now and then some? Wo’dathunkit?


One would think Germans might like plutonium for some contingency or other. (Abwarmen die Panzers, Fritz; wir urlauben in Paris!) Though I may be getting old and cynical…

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Oh, here… They’re certainly acting like they once did at home now already:


Just ask Patton:
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Nice gas supply ya got there, would be a shame if an accident happened to it. –Russia


Or who? They we’re having fun keeping the Germans hooked on natural gas.


Out of curiosity; the Russians are apparently hurting from West’s sanctions but were still selling gas to Germany which is covering for lot of losses in Russian economy…

So do we really think Russia would blow these pipes to cut off a source of significant funding to their economy knowing it makes negotiations with Western governments less favourable to them?

This in spite of the Pedo Joe promising the US would shutdown the pipes if Russia mounted a larger invasion? Oh, we also had 3 ships in that area with around 4k personnel – I am sure none were trained UDT teams or underwater submersible drone teams.

So sick of our corrupt government doing it’s best to destroy our nation at our expense. Maybe they can patch the pipes with all the billions we’ve sent over.


Alligator: you’re suggesting the US sabotaged the pipeline. It is not out of the realm of possibilities. IF so, this would be another gigantic blunder on the part of the US and a prelude to WWIII. The question becomes, are there people in the US that really desire WWIII? For the last few weeks, well before Putin’s nuke bomb threat, we have been routinely hearing “is Putin planning to use tactical nukes?” Pure speculation in these messages, but are the messages prepping us for a nuclear war? Proving what happened in the Nordstream explosion will probably be impossible, but if both sides start blaming the other, all hell could break loose.

Losing the Nordstream pipeline will bite into Russia’s finances, but with Russia now selling gas to China and others, losing the Nordstream probably won’t affect the Russian economy much. It does bite Germany.


One needs to do a lot of mental gymnastics to see how Russia could benefit. It is illogical that
Russia would do the sabotage after investing so much, garnering monetary gains from selling the gas, and giving them great political leverage. From what I have gathered, the US or Poland are the likely suspects. Poland having just opened a new gas pipeline is a strong incentive for them, but it is weird given their strong hatred for Germany – other than they can extract a lot of bucks and leverage from Germany. The US incentive is weaker but leverage over Germany and supplying gas are still in the mix. There are reports of the USS Kearsarge (sp?) within recent months doing operations in the area of the blasts. The US has remote underwater capabilities, but I am unsure if the Polish do. A lot of questions remain. I fear this is another Archduke Ferdinand event.


True, but doing things that don’t benefit the US is Brandon’s specialty.

RGR 4-78

I agree, why would Russia cut off their nose to spite their face, just does not make sense.


Get back
I’m alright, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack
It’s a hit
Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit”

If you can make the same amount for selling less of a finite and dwindling resource it makes a lot of sense.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I Gas that the pipeline is kaput now, Real Gasser reading the Gas article

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande



I bet the Krauts are feeling sick over this. Fortunately, laughter is the best medicine.

I encourage them to watch on a loop the video of the German delegation laughing at Trump as he admonishes them for relying on Russia for their energy.

No doubt, that laughter they all share, will be the medicine they need for what ails them.

Meanwhile, back at the Boar’s Nest, I will continue to pay less than $50 a month on electricity.


You mean this one? Good times.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, Das Duetsche folk have gotten themselves in a nice pile of Schiess!

Hack Stone

This seem like the appropriate comment to post this video:




The Clinton Foundation is up and running?


Lars dream date!




The cray-cray is strong in this one….

A Proud Infidel®™

And she was groomed to be that way.

Herbert J Messkit

Russia can probably sell all of their oil somewhere (India, China). without the pipeline. Since Brandon threatened to do this several months ago, Putin could have done it hoping we would would be blamed by our allies. Sowing a little distrust between us.


Funny how this happens just as a new Norway to Poland pipeline opens, no?


I am a firm believer there are no coincidences.

To those that doubt that our government blew the pipes, how many NATO forces including our own ships and aircraft we’re watching this site?

It was either done by us through action and clear motivations to disrupt Russia selling to Germany (oh hey the SP 500 is up a little today), or a product of sheer incompetence by us or stupidity or perhaps a combination of both in neglecting to protect this asset with our forces and allies abound…

Why does the US government desire WW3?

It’s called the Great Reset friends.

But thankfully millions of third worlders have poured into our nations to replace us when the bombs start dropping.

Old tanker

The russians had no need to blow the pipelines since they control the on / off valve for it anyhow. What was announced in Tucker’s video is that both biden and one of his security advisors both had mentioned ending the pipeline should russia invade Ukraine. They both said it would go away.

Coincidental timing with the new line outside of russian control? Given how stupid biden’s foriegn (and quite frankly domestic) policies have been it is not out of the question that they did end the line.


One of my duties while stationed in Germany was to tend the
coal fired boiler. It was like a pizza oven where the door folds
down and you rake the bed of coals then shovel in some more.
Nice and toasty warm.

Germany has plenty of coal reserves.
They should tell the Grettas to fuck off.

Skivvy Stacker

I’m sorry, that was me; I always get like that after eating Tex-Mex…