| September 4, 2022

This video comes from The Texas Boys’ video blog about what the World Economic Forum actually wants to do to the Humans on this planet.


It is extremely disturbing to witness this kind of arrogance and disdainful attitude toward other human beings, aimed at them by allegedly intelligent people. They are part of the World Economic Forum, and frankly, I think they are far worse than Hitler ever thought of being…. or Stalin….. or Mao. I will not speculate on what might happen if I ran into any of them.

They’ve been part of the WEF since the 1970s, adding people like that pasty-faced skank being interviewed by a reporter, as they went. It is very likely that there are more of them who are part of the WEF.

The arrogance of these people is only topped by their callousness and disdainful arrogance. They are superior to no one at all, except in their own little world.

I would enjoy having a chance to find these scumballs and their associates tied to chairs they couldn’t get out of, just to be able to ask “Who the Hell died and made you God?”

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Horizon Corp personified. We’ll know when they are preparing the last steps for their “Final Solution” when The Oracle of Omaha builds rail lines and provides box cars leading to the vast acreages that Gates has bought up around the Country.

Welcome Home Mi’Lady, you’ve been missed. The Hummingbirds have been massing near Firebase Magnolia of late. Slurping up the nectar in the feeders for the rest of their trip South. Guess I’ll be seeing your m r ducks before too much longer.


Not box cars, likely auto carriers. 89′ long, 19′ tall and 9′ wide. This is the interior of one, if it’s a bi-level, there’s another level, same size.


I was thinking Umbrella Corporation but whatevers.

Anna Puma

The self selected Elites of Ark B think they’ve got it covered.


WEF will own everything for you, comrade!
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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The picture reminds me of the story “God Is an Iron” (Spider Robinson) 1977.


The Klaus Schwab type is who Orwell was thinking of when he created Big Brother.


Or that Ian Fleming had in mind when he created his villains:

Amateur Historian

So, after listening to those nut jobs carefully, all of that is going to look like this?



The most unbelievable bit is these guys don’t believe in evolution? The basis of all modern medicine? I mean, I know there are people out there like that, but I rarely encounter them these days.

Anyway, here’s the full speech – it’s from 2018, and it’s a lot more clear in context that he’s talking about trends and not some Illuminati or WEF-inspired plot to enslave humanity:


In short, a ‘futurist’ is making predictions about the future and how ‘information is power’ becomes a problem when you’re constantly analyzed by AI algorithms that could know everything about you.

From 15:19 in the video:

This is why the ownership of data is so important. If we don’t regulate it, a tiny elite may come to control not just the future of human societies, but the shape of life forms in the future.

It’s a warning, not an endorsement.


Yeah. So were Animal Farm and 1984.


Sure, and these two yokels would claim that Orwell was arguing for Big Brother.


So, LC, you haven’t even considered the possibility that this globalist spokesman is telegraphing the intentions of his fellow, self-anointed elites?

Much as did Obama when he announced the intentions of the left to “fundamentally change” this country.

Or an even better example: Hitler laying out his plans for the socialist future in Mein Kampf.

 🤔  🙄  🤔 

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Whatever the speaker’s role, complicit elitist or cursed Cassandra, it does not alter the accuracy or seriousness of his informed predictions.

One thing we probably agree on, LC: ol’ Poe would love to see that daddy backhand that smug-ass kid in his smirking mouth and tell him to knock off all the too-cutesy crap.

That kid must think he’s a liberal college student… 😜 


I do always enjoy finding the few areas where we can agree, yes. But I wouldn’t want to see that kick backhanded… I feel he’s got enough problems as is. 😉


It must be interesting to live in your world, Poe – you see unending intrigue in the utterly mundane.

I saw an academic giving a talk about his area of expertise. No game-within-a-game, no telegraphing of ‘new world order’ machinations to some secret cabal of ‘elites’. Just a guy who spends a lot of time talking about the future… talking about the future.

Hell, if I had a dollar for every wild prediction made by futurists, I’d be at the WEF, too. Want a wild read? Go check out “The Age of Spiritual Machines” by Ray Kurzweil.


Ah yes, LC, it must be nice to more discriminating in your liberal intrigues, such as anthropomorphic global warming; melting icecaps causing rising seas that will inundate coastal cities; extinction of polar bears; a flu variant wiping out mankind unless all mankind is quadruple injected with an unproven and ultimately ineffective vaccine; Russia collusion; evil MAGA white supremacists led by that diabolic Trump overthrowing the government; and on and on ad infinitum.

Your side has their intrigues–we have ours. Ours generally turn out to be more grounded in reality… 😉 


LC – I personally know a couple who not only do not believe in evolution, but fervently believe the earth is flat. I will withhold their political stance.


Birds aren’t real!