Independent review of Mar-a-Lago documents opposed by DOJ

| August 15, 2022

Donald Trump’s attorneys have asked for a review on the records seized from Mar-a-Lago. The Trump side requests a special master to conduct the review. This individual would be independent from Trump and from the DOJ. The Department of Justice does not appear to want this review.

From Newsmax:

A decision will be made soon, she added, but “optically, it’s a good idea,” said Habba. “I think that you need to look impartial, especially given the negative impact that this has had on the country right now. I would try and look as open to having as much transparency as possible.”

Meanwhile, there has been a great deal of speculation about whether Trump would be disqualified from running for office in 2024 if he would be charged and convicted of the statutes listed on the warrant to search his home.

According to the warrant application, which was unsealed Friday, the DOJ said it had probable cause to believe Trump violated the federal Espionage Act, which prohibits possession or transmission of national defense information.

Further, the warrant application said the DOJ believed he allegedly broke other statutes in connection with mishandling government records, including one law that says it’s illegal to mishandle government documents, classified or not.

“If you look at this old, antiquated statute, which is probably part of the reason why they brought these three statutes in on the warrant, they say that if you are charged and convicted of these, you would be disqualified from running for president,” said Habba. “You can take from that what you want. What people are saying is that it had to do with Jan. 6, that it had to do with a lot of things.”

However, she warned that banning Trump from running would “cause so much mayhem” and would be a “monstrous mistake.”

“Just understand, he was cooperating,” said Habba. “They had been on-premises prior. He had had a subpoena that they coordinated an effort with his team to come in. They told us to lock it up. They locked it up. So why? Why did you need after two months to have this insane raid?”

Newsmax has the rest of the article here.

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Of course they don’t want an independent review. To paraphrase their in-house propaganda platform, the Washington Post,

“Democrat rule dies in daylight.”

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The information includes national security information and classified, dumb ass.

Even in a regular criminal trial he would not be granted the right for an independent review.

Besides he gets several “independent reviews” during his prosecution.

Courts of Appeal


How do YOU know what’s in there?


He knows no more than anyone else. He just has to keep proving it by making shit up and calling people “dumb ass”. Just a screeching fraudulent mynah bird.


He’s back on the Democrat troll payroll from now until the election. That explains these recent daily showings.

We probably should cut him some slack since it’s the only time he can find a job.

Nah, fuck ‘im… 🖕  😒  🖕 

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OK 👉  👌  👈 

Commissioner Wretched

Hey, guys, he’s the Commissar.

I’m the Commissioner.

I had the handle first.


can’t blame the day drinking


Lars claims to be an Antifa street medic, right?

Can you imagine how terrifying it would be to have something like that kneeling over you doing chest compressions?

You’d be praying your heart out he didn’t collapse on you and crush your ribcage.

Or smother you… 😜 


I didn’t know he was an antifa scumbag. I just thought he was a wannabe intellectual douche with a mental health problem. Antifa is about as dirtbag as it gets, below drug dealer, and just above pedo.

Commissioner Wretched

It’s all good, my friend. No worries.


Well, duh, dumbass, select an independent reviewer who possesses the requisite clearances.

See how hard that is…dumbass? 🙄 

And you claim to have a graduate degree? In what, gender studies?


Jonathan Turley

“Justice Department Accused of Taking Attorney-Client Material at Mar-a-Lago

“Fox News is reporting that the FBI seized boxes containing attorney-client privileged and potentially executive privileged material during its raid Mar-a-Lago. When the raid occurred, I noted that the legal team had likely marked material as privileged at the residence and that the collection could create an immediate conflict over such material. Now, sources are telling Fox that the Justice Department not only took attorney-client material but has refused Trump requests for a special master to review the records.”


Shut up, commie douchebag.

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, once again you proudly parade your brainwashed stupidity for all to see.


Oh, go stick yer dick in a light socket…


Wow, just wow! Another cogent legal opinion from the never been in a courtroom “legal expert” with the brainpower of a mollusk. What a dimwit. Juries only see the evidence presented to them. There will be no jury examining all these documents; nor will any judge or court of appeal. Wish I had a quarter for each of the pieces of paper in my litigation files that were never presented in court, let alone admitted into evidence so the jury could read them. Cuttlefish, you don’t have a clue how things happen in any level of our court system.

Boy, I sure wish I could have examined the files of my opposing attorneys, especially their attorney-client and work product privileged documents. That really would have been a leg up at trial.


But…but…Counselor, Lars is an aging graduate student at Berzerkly, so he must be an expert on absolutely everything…no? 🤔  🙄  🤔 


Uh…that would be a massive No! Somehow, before I went to law school and became an actual lawer, I never opined on issues of law. And who says he has any college degree. I doubt he even has an undergrad degree. He has admitted he dropped out of grad school because of his vague “illness.”


There is a whole lot of angry little professional students without jobs or prospects, and tons of debt they’ll never pay back. Self important little twits spending years on degrees with limited to no job possibilities. If you are going to go to college major in something that will make you money. Seriously the only reason to go is to punch the ticket to a better and higher paying job market. Experiencing different view points and honest debate of issues is not going to happen anymore. Engineering, business, law, finance, and others will get you paid. Political science is only useful as a way to law school or maybe a second major with business or something. The former major must like poverty.


Peter, that guy with the weird eyes from the FBI assures Joe (missing 1 Intern) that there is no bias in the agency and with a straight face too.

Bath House Berry: You can keep your Doctor if you want…your Country too, maybe, no really, trust me…


There will be an independent review.

It is called a “jury”.

Stop being a simp and propagandist for this grifter sociopath.

He has been lying constantly.

He had plenty of them to return these documents. He violated the subpoena by only returning some documents.

His multiple lies, and excuses about the documents are idiotic and contradictory.

He is fucked.

On the bright side, Giuliani is soon to be indicted for his efforts to steal Georgia.

And since Trump did not pardon or even pay Giuliani there is zero reason for Giuliani to go to jail to cover for Trump.

New witness for the prosecution in the Jan 6th conspiracy. I am sure when Georgia is done with him the feds would like to hear what he has to say in cooperation.


Surprised it took him this long to show up.


Doesn’t Adam Schiff still owe us some “bombshell” evidence? I forget which impeachment that was.


What Democrats term bombshell evidence is that which blows up in their faces… 😉 

Amateur Historian

I’m still waiting on the raids for Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Carter to happen. Who knows what classified documents they took when they left and a precedent has been set with Mar-a-lago.


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Rumor is his emotional support dog ran away again also.


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“He has been lying constantly”

So basically what you do almost every single time you comment here?


Is Stacey adams still claiming she is the rightful governor of Georgia?


That’s it I’m leaving. I’m never coming back.


Ok I’m back.

You just wait. They are going to prove beyond any doubt that Trump colluded with the Russians to cheat on the election. There will be an impeachment and everything. Power to the People! #trustmsnbccnnabccbsnbcnpr


No doubt he also robbed that bank with Patty Hearst and knows the location of D.B. Cooper.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Off topic but has to do with the fbi. Joyce Kauffman on her pod cast this morning read a letter addresed to the fbi from the Missouri Gov. that the State will not allow the feds (fbi) to come and review every resident that has a concealed carry permit. The State does have a law to prevent that. The Gov. mentioned in the letter how corrupt their dept is. Anyone else hear about it also????


Heard that this morning on 97.1 talk radio in st louis. I believe it was also in the st louis post dispatch, both today’s date 8/15/22.


They even took his passports so he flee the county!




Might mean something. Been going around the last couple of days. I you haven’t saw it:

“September 11, 2018

“7. The Obama Foundation agrees to transfer up to three million three hundred thousand dollars ($3,300,000)to the National Archives Trust Fund (NATF) to support the move of classified and unclassified Obama Presidential records and artifacts to …”


Since we’re dealing with one Democrat dumbass here, ol’ Poe thought you folks might like to see another example:

Democrat Asks Election Official: ‘Do You Find There’s a Difference Between Credible Individuals and Kooks?’ | CNSNews

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A Proud Infidel®™

WELL GEE WHIZ, if it’s legit, then why won’t they let everyone see it?

Anyone? Bueller?

Old tanker

If he had only use a private unsecured server at his home for official government and secret communications, he would have been just fine.

Right killary?

AFAIAC the picture of killary smirking in her emails cap, the one she had to have had made before the raid, indicated to me that she was the confidential source. A second suspect would be pelosi of course.