A Little News From Across the Pond

| January 21, 2022

Rose of York w/Princess Elizabeth (then 18) attending the ceremony

Regarding the current health status of the Queen of England, she is doing as well as can be expected but has reduced her expected duties to a simpler list.


Her Platinum Jubilee will be coming up in a few months. She’s recently had to put up with a sprained back, among other things, and has had to dial back her usual public appearances.

She’s in her 90s now.

Lest we forget, both she and her sister Margaret served Great Britain during World War II. Her Majesty was an Army ambulance driver in London, while the Nasties were bombing the city.  She’s had family problems that were the meat and potatoes for the press and in spite of the silliness surrounding most of it, she held her head high and did her job with no quarter expected. And a few months ago, she lost her husband.

The current Prime Minister (BoJo) is rapidly losing his following, and she’s letting him slide right into oblivion.

She is one tough lady, as was her predecessor Elizabeth I, who survived attacks by the Spanish, as well as smallpox and a cabinet that didn’t believe she could do the job, and brought England into prosperity.

I think we should wish her good health and a quick recovery.

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Relax all you want, Liz. You’ve earned it and then some! Now, about those boys of yours, and that grandson…


Well, she’s no Betty White. 😀
She’s probably a lovely lady and I wish her to skate past 100.


Her mom made it a bit past 102. Elizabeth II might have another 5+ years in her.

She looks like she’s holding up better than Charles. He’s starting to look rough. I got even money that he croaks before she does.


A Class Act…All The Way! God Save The Queen.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

We went to Plymouth Naval Base for liberty right after OP SteelPike 1 back in 1964 and I got scared shitless when the taxi was driving on the wrong side of the road. First liberty port was La Pallice France where the U-Boot pens were across the channel.


You’re so old you still had to worry about U-boats? ;P


One tough lady – in all facets of her life.

Her son and grandsons are stains on her honor.

Mustang Major

“God save the Queen.”


Queen Elizabeth has been a class act for years, even when her kids were being idiots.

God Bless her and give her many good years of health..


Dad said the best day between bombing missions, was when the Queen visited his Bomb Group. Being the randy sort, he spent the day figuring out how he could ask for a date.

Yeah, didn’t happen.

Old tanker

A grand Lady indeed. Served her nation in wartime when no one would have blinked if she stayed safe on the side lines.

She does have a weird family with the shenanigans they have been up to.

Personally, I think the “royalty” has served it’s purpose and just needs to fade away. They just aren’t relevant any more and serve more as a distraction than anything else.

Slow Joe

Agreed. I suspect Britain might become a Parliamentary Republic after the Queen is gone.


The last Queen of England was Queen Anne. Perhaps you meant Queen of the UK?