General Fear Monger Warns of Civil War, Coup

| December 20, 2021

Three Generals, actually. These retired US Army Flag Officers warned in a letter there could be a civil war and ‘another coup attempt’ after the 2024 presidential election because of a ‘politically divided military.’

The Washington Post published the letter in its entirety in the Opinion section, and the agitprop is so over-the-top I first thought it was satire.

AW1 Rod and Poetrooper send.

Retired US army generals warn of insurrection or civil war in 2024 if rogue military units pledge loyalty to a ‘Trumpian’ loser

Alia Shoaib

Three retired US army generals warned of an insurrection or even civil war if the results of the 2024 presidential election were not accepted by some in the military.

Former Major Gen. Paul Eaton, former Major Gen. Antonio Taguba, and former Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson made the warnings in an op-ed in The Washington Post on Friday.

They wrote that they were “increasingly concerned” about the 2024 election and the “potential for lethal chaos inside our military.”

The generals highlighted the “disturbing number” of veterans and active-duty members of the military that took part in the January 6 attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters – more than 1 in 10 of those charged had a service record.

They outlined a possible situation in which, after the 2024 election, some service members might pledge loyalty to a “Trumpian loser” who refuses to concede defeat and tries to lead a shadow government.

This is red meat for the Left. That “Freedom of Assembly” part of a document these men swore to uphold and defend no longer applies for just anyone. For the record, Eaton is a shill for the progressive group VoteVets, which is already endorsing Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg for President in 2024. The other two? Never heard of ’em, but thanks for playing.

Washington Post

The Real Gateway Pundit

PJ Media

Thanks, gentlemen.

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Honestly… are any flag grade officers or their opinions in this day and age worth anything?

Payton and Eisenhower are rolling.


Patton* damn autocorrect….

Slow Joe

Payton List from Frequency is pretty hott.


Many years ago, I worked directly for MG Eaton and MG Taguba.

At the time I worked for MG Eaton, his Father, Air Force Colonel Norman Dale Eaton, was still listed as a Vietnam MIA.

MG Eaton used to share stories with me about his Dad.

Was elated when I found out years later that his Dad’remains were finally recovered and identified:

MG Taguba was best known for authoring the Taguba Report, an internal United States Army report on abuse of detainees held at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The report was leaked, then published in 2004:

I had very high regards for both General Officers when working for them. They were both very professional, yet down to Earth when it came to taking care of Soldiers.

Based on circumstances, ones’ opinions and mindset can change throughout the years when it comes to politics, our leadership in the White House, etc.etc.

I may not agree on Eaton’s and Taguba’s current stance on their political beliefs, but I still respect them for their service to our Country and for taking care of the Troops during the early stages of OEF and OIF.


Ninja, it’s not just his “current” stance. From his Wikipedia bio:

“In 2008 Eaton served as an advisor to Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Following Clinton’s concession of the Democratic primary, Eaton has made several appearances in support of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. In July 2016, Eaton appeared in a political campaign ad critical of Donald Trump, using the catchphrase “Too Dangerous for America.”

Sounds like he’s been a lib a long time. As for Taguba, this almost two-decade old article makes him sound a bit petty and vindictive:

That said, having served on both battalion and brigade staffs, ol’ Poe understands your viewpoint. One point Jonn never agreed with me on was my contention that sergeants major could be good guys, truly concerned about the welfare of their troops. His dislike of CSM’s was truly visceral.

A Proud Infidel®™

“In 2008 Eaton served as an advisor to Senator Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Following Clinton’s concession of the Democratic primary, Eaton has made several appearances in support of Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. In July 2016, Eaton appeared in a political campaign ad critical of Donald Trump, using the catchphrase “Too Dangerous for America.”

IMHO he’s worse than Wesley Clark.

Mustang Major

I served in an infantry battalion with Eaton in (then West) Germany. I thought he was an excellent captain and a role model for many lieutenants. The Army thought well of him and sent him to the Sorbonne Université in Paris, if I recall correctly.

Eaton doesn’t come off looking like a fool. Without a doubt, Eaton is a focused guy. However, he forgot about troops from being away from them too long. I guess the millions of former service members who took no part in the January 6th activity don’t count, in his opinion. So, as with all overlords, he wants to impose restrictions on the freedoms of Americans. I guess he hopes FEMA will appointment him commandant of the FEMA camps.


“more than 1 in 10 of those charged had a service record”

The horror.


and given that most vets lean more right than left (the usual estimate I read is 75% or so) one would probably think that at any gathering of conservatives you would expect three times as many vets as you would at the same size liberal conclave. Think I have read that around 3+% of our country can be considered veterans? So three times that would be…yep, around 10%. Not sure if the logical string is valid but sure works out nice.


Outside of a broken window, I still can’t seem to find much in the way of evidence of an actual “attack” that occurred on January 6th.

Walking uninvited through the Capitol building and some idiots taking things that don’t belong to them is a bit of a stretch for deeming it an “attack”. If this is the terminology that we’re using, then I can’t think of about a dozen cities and Federal Buildings on US soil that have been attacked (and to a much higher degree) over the past two years.

Can’t think of any casualties of this “attack” either. Unless you’re referring to Ashli Babbitt.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Yep. Ashli Babbit is the only attack on 6 Jan 2021.

The Capitol Police also flashbanged the peaceful crowd that had gathered on the steps, before the inner cordon was even breached at The Great Pushing Match. TGPM was over a CP punching a senior citizen when he had been knocked agains the bike rack fencing and some dude in a Vet hat pushed the CP back and yelled at him.
I guess “”””””coups”””””” have started for less?

Instead of losing at a game of rugby the CP should’ve challenged the crowd to backgammon.


A (1) broken window?
Rephrase.. How many broken windows?


That’s it. You’re getting the £@r5 treatment:

hy·​per·​bo·​le | \ hī-ˈpər-bə-(ˌ)lē \ noun

: language that describes something as better or worse than it really is


Do you want videos of 2 windows?
I have them right here.
You know about the 1 being smashed out with a police shield.
Here’s another. Not the same window.
So, I can fairly and accurately ask again.
How many WINDOWS?


Someone should find those responsible for breaking windows, and they should be dealt with accordingly, regardless of what Kim Fox says.


KF didn’t ring a bell, so I went to the Fu of Google.
Ahhh, the Jessie Smollett case.
And.. Kim Foxx is in the news, again, TODAY.

[Report blasts Kim Foxx on handling of Jussie Smollett case
The just-revealed report by Special Prosecutor Dan Webb is unsparing in its criticism.]


Bingo, two xxes. I had typed it correctly but ifone had other plans.

To hell with the cancer that took Steve Jobs from us.


Glow Worms DETECTED!


As for hyperbole,
perhaps you can now ask QMC to count the windows.. AND the doors.
I only asked for broken windows.


Spare me. You, he, I are all adults. I’m done with my admonishment. If Q would like to continue that’s on him.


Dude, c’mon now. Go take a look at the damage that has been inflicted at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland, Oregon on numerous occasions over the past two years for actual evidence of attacks by real domestic terrorist groups.

Spare me the faux outrage that the rest of the MSM spews 24/7 over a few idiots that took things in the Capitol Building after walking in.

Was it right? No, of course not. Does it deserve the 24/7 coverage? Only if your pushing for an extremely slanted political narrative.


I agree with you on the lib slant, which if awful.
I specifically called out fake use of “insurrection”,
and called it, at best, individual knuckleheads who had their own ideas of an attempted insurrection,
that not only failed, but backfired,
not only on themselves,
but setting back the GOP,
and giving Dems years of ammo.

I track the local January 6 knuckleheads,
in my area and neighboring counties.
No Antifa. No FBI plants.
Just local far off rightwingnuts, including a police officer who got himself AND his chief fired, and the son of a nationally known conservative media transparency pundit
(Brent Bozell (III), see his son
Leo (IV) in the window climbing video),
and a local (former) follower of a wannabe next PA Governor,
who 1 by 1 are now disavowing their actions, and (past) beliefs,
which most assume is only for lenient treatment,
meaning, less jail, or probation.


Ryan Nichols’ court hearing, today.
Read the details of what was discussed in court, and it’s clear why his travel and rally bud was released in April,
but Nichols remains locked up.

Simply, his bud Alex Harkrider was there to rally, protest, and more, but Nichols was there to play wannabe insurrectionist.
It’s all on video, his own video,
now used against him.
He’s no innocent Marine,
even if TGP denies reality,
and plays up the Marine pity card.
What a knucklehead.
Trial by spring 2022.

[Federal judge denies pretrial release for Longview man accused in Jan. 6 riots at U.S. Capitol]


Heh, you resisted the link on the story but you finally bit…😜

Truth is, ol’ Poe never paid much attention to Gateway Pundit until you inspired him.

Now their icon is on his favorites bar and they’re a part of his daily reading list.

And hopefully the source of many future articles that Poe forwards to TAH.

Poe and Jim Hoft thank you for highlighting the site, Dad…😜😜😜


Good luck with that.
Better check the lawsuits.
TGP may not survive 2022.
Major sponsorship is already tanked.
And he’s now begging for donations from readers.


By pulling up a Nichols article,
you set me up to prove my point
in my reply to QMC.


We’ll see how that turns out.

What puzzles ol’ Poe is the relish with which you seek to prove the TAH community, whom you have repeatedly identified as “rightwingers”, as wrong.

Poe honestly doesn’t understand your need to pounce and gloat.

As others have said here, it’s truly unbecoming…


Just don’t link false crap.


False crap? You’re sounding increasingly more like one of the liberal freedom of speech destructionists.


Morning Poe Scarborough,
Liberal freedom of speech destructionists?

You’re sounding like
the best friend of the
Phony Navy SEAL of the Week.

Take Roh-Dog’s advice.
You need it a fuck of a lot more than I do.

USMC Steve

The socialist democrats don’t need ammo, given the fact that they are all seditionists currently violating the law and the constitution on a daily basis. With the assistance of the RINO’s/establishment republicans. People keep conveniently forgetting that that place belongs to THE PEOPLE, not the political assholes who hang out there.

USMC Steve

A significant number of those people have been identified as antifucks and BLDM types from facial recognition. As well as some Feebs to complete the false flag operation.


Enough, evidently, to put Jan. 6 right up there with Kristallnacht on the outrage scale..

USMC Steve

The capitol popo ushered them in so yes, they were indeed invited. And the only actual violence came when the capitol cop murdered that unarmed lady from ambush.


“…another coup attempt”?

Wow! I musta missed the first one. Was it the successful one in 2020 where Mark Sucksaberg, Registrars and Courts not-so Supreme allowed rampant, unverifiable, unregulated and, in certain locals, illegal mail-in voting? Then yes, Generals, you be correct. We, the few Americans left have a moral obligation to fix that isht.

Don’t start none, won’t be none.


Why do I get the feeling that these guys with stars on their collars are more worried that when push comes to shove, their troops aren’t going to be on “their side”.


Add OK NG Mancino (mentioned in the letter) to the list.
He didn’t totally cave, but he has clearly backed off,
with a warning to the OK NG.

[However, the message quickly pivoted as Mancino began to note that his and Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt’s authority is limited.]

[Oklahoma Guard Leader Tells Vaccine Refusers to Prepare for
‘Career Ending Federal Action’]


And why should they be? The General-to-Boardroom pipeline is real. And even when they fk up in the DoD or cooperate, there is zero accountability.

Mattis was on Theranos’ board, with others
Austin was at Raytheon, screwed up AFG
Milley is a fat ‘threat to good order and discipline’
I bet Petraus is up to no good somewheres…
I’m waiting to see what dirt the asshole Admiral that let Hunter go without penalty has got in his fking closet. I’m guessing whatever it is was too young to consent legally.


So when does Moe, Larry and Curly start their new commentator gigs on the Crappy News Network and/or Moronic Sucking News Being Crappy network?

Green Thumb

Good point.


Any comparison between Moe, Larry, and Curly to the three generals
is an insult to The Three Stooges.


Well, you got that one right.

See? We can agree when you don’t go labeling those who may be more conservative than you as “rightwingers”.

Truly, Dad, it is unbecoming…


I’m right / center.
And almost always vote for the Republicans.
Rightwing is fine.
Rightwingnut is not fine.
And those who can’t tell the difference between rightwing and rightwingnut,
like followers of websites like TGP,


Last thing before I gotta sleep. You can’t paint every article or writer, or even every article by the same writer with the same brush.
TGP covers a wide range of stuff and has anything but a monolithic cast of contributors.

Imo, no journalist alive has done more for Julian Assange then Cassandra Fairbanks, who I’d add is a disaffected ‘old school’ Liberal, much like Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, John Sewart, heck even that loud-mouth shitstain Bill Maher. All of whom I respect (obviously to varying degrees) for being true to principles and anti-dogmatic when it comes to party. I believe now and again the Hofts do the same, from what I’ve seen. It could be a grift but the only way you, i or anyone could every really know is by observation and challenging their logics.

Ease up. Most people are good most the time. Right?


I’m happy to ease up.

However, if a small few others here
think they can toss the jabs and pokes,
even including AW1Ed with the renamed links,
especially if the jabs are unearned in my absence
(like their piss attacks on Lars/Commie)…
Well, I can absorb a lot.
But if the linked story is lies and fake crap,
like some are,
I may let it go, or
I may not let it go.
Either way, they should know better.


If VG was pushing leftwing and leftwingnut attitudes and fake news, and linking to CNN, Joy Reid, and The View,
well guess what happens here??
I’d be on it with the artillery, too,
just like most here.


You are right, they are a thousand times better than those 3 General Orifaces. I will now contemplate pushups.

Green Thumb

VoteVets = Softshoes.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Any of these 3 on he list of “Intelligence Officials” that stated the Hunter Biden laptop was more “RUSSIAN” misinformation? We know that that sorry fucking crew was just sniffing around for DC jobs by trying to curry favor. With how much all things they got wrong/lied/are corrupt make anything the x-Generals & x-CIA/NSA/Intel officials say just more hot air.

MI Ranger

So we have two Two Star and one One Star Generals who seem to be of a political mind set. None of them were entered into the Government record, so I guess they are free to speak their mind.
Wonder why they got out before their fourth star? Were their peers not impressed with their capability to serve in a higher capacity? Did their realize that their upward mobility was a futile attempt at the legitimacy of their leadership skills? Or did they stop seeing the process of mechanization as rewarding?

To me they seem to be the intelligence tipper I would slip in early in an exercise to forewarn a unit about an impending attack I have planned for the end of the exercise! Taguba at least has the street credit for his part to be accepted as learned knowledge!

USMC Steve

They are correct that there might be a civil war if the socialist dems try to steal many more elections. But they are incorrect that there was any coup. I have been in two different countries that actually had coups, and that January 6th shit does not even rise to a warm up for a real coup.

Of course, those countries didn’t have FBI operatives and Antifa/BLM types doing most of the heavy lifting for them when they had their coups, like we did on 6 Jan.


The Left consistently telegraphs intentions through accusing their opponents.

Let that sink in, folks.

Skivvy Stacker

You mean, as Veterans we’re supposed to keep following the leader no matter what? Follow every order to the letter? Follow the orders of the President of the United States, and the officers and NCOs appointed over us?
I barely did that while I was IN.


It’s officers like those three that give meaning to the phrase “salute the uniform, not the man”. Perhaps someone should remind them that the Army and its officers they fear and distrust was built, trained, selected, and promoted by them and their friends.
If they have some untrustworthy officers in mind they should name them and the reasons. I have a low regard for officers in general, but these three exceed my expectations.


The lefties who keep mentally masturbating at the thought of a “civil war” assume it’ll be like the last one (1861-65). They need to realize it’ll be more like Northern Ireland and the Balkans.
It’ll make the last Civil War look like a Boy Scout summer camp (pre-trannie era Boy Scouts)

USMC Steve

And we (the real Americans) have over three quarters of the last 20 years’ combat vets that we can call our own, should it kick off. They will not like this should it happen.