LTC Mansir Relieved of Command

| October 9, 2021

According to a few articles – Lt. Colonel Richard Kane Mansir was relieved of duty after the U.S. Army concluded its investigation of him.

Lt. Col. Kane Mansir had been the commander of Army Support Activity for Joint Base Langley-Eustis.

Mansir was “lit up” on Social Media by several women claiming to have a relationship with him.

A woman by the name of Chelsea Curnutt posted on Instagram a few weeks ago claiming she had a relationship with Mansir, who is married, for one-and-a-half years but he abandoned her while she was pregnant with their child.

The Army Times writes:

She [Curnutt] claims that Mansir showed her fake divorce papers from his wife Krista, to whom Curnutt says he is still married. Curnutt also claims Mansir left her while pregnant for a fellow soldier named “Jessica Smiley.”

But wait, that’s not all…  Task and Purpose writes:

Over the course of the relationships, Mansir reportedly lied about his service, from made-up deployments to claims that he had been awarded the Silver Star Medal. He even went so far as to give one woman a set of deployment papers that appeared to have been faked, according to the Daily Beast, which published an exposé on Mansir’s deceptions back in July. In one bizarre instance last year, Curnutt saw Mansir on base even though he’d told her he was deployed — he’d even texted her on WhatsApp while he was allegedly away and claimed to have broken his his foot and that he was going to be medevaced to Germany. When she confronted him, Mansir initially denied it, before claiming that he had kept his return a secret in an attempt to surprise her.

“He played it off as if he was trying to surprise me post-deployment and that he had to quarantine, and that I ruined the whole surprise,” Curnutt told the Daily Beast.

According to Mansir’s service record, he commissioned as a second lieutenant in 2003, and has received the Bronze Star, four Meritorious Service Medals, Joint Service Commendation Medal, and three Army Commendation Medals, and has served with the 91st Civil Affairs Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, and Army Special Operations Command.

Mansir’s record makes no mention of him having been awarded a Silver Star, the military’s third-highest award for battlefield bravery.

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Keepin' It Real


…An overachiever, but for all the wrong reasons.


With a rare name like Richard Kane Mansir,
the Fu of Google is no longer his friend.

#3. Steal a little valor.
[The Making of a WTF? Moment:
5 Ways to Become a Military Legend]

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Considering the asshole Orson Welles played in the movie as Citizen Kane, there is a strong influence in the name.

Pennsylvania has its own Special K(ane).
Married into the Kane trucking family,
went on to become PA state Attorney General,
and then went down, and to PRISON, on a scandal.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Especially when you let the little head do all the thinking for the big head… How long did he figure he was going to get away with it? Especially being in the military?

James Haltom

Back in my day, I saw several Sp/4 that were better appt at juggling affairs than this officer.


Not lying is ingrained in occifers so they lie poorly.


Not only does he look like he’s about 12 years old, he acts like it, too. Silly boy.


Looks like RICHARD KANE MANSIR is a real weiner…

Green Thumb

What a fucking clown.

Used to have a PFC in the unit that told a bunch of chicks in town he was a SSG SF/Ranger, etc.

One day a woman called CQ looking for the SSG but the only one in the unit by that name was the PFC.

SO next formation, they had him bring down his “other” uniform. Yeah. In front of the formation. Did not see him around long after that.


That must have been when first sergeants were allowed to first sergeant.


I remember those days. I worked for an S-3 Major that got so pissed of about how decision making got so elevated due to a zero-defects mentality that he said “D, one day I’ll make LTC and have a battalion of my own, where I’ll essentially be a company commander.” Couldn’t argue with him. I was having to approve shit at the S3 NCOIC level that shouldn’t have had to go beyond the PSG.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone’s wife Rosetta Stone has a friend in what is affectionately known as The Filipina Mafia, a collection of women who no one can keep a secret from. One particular Super Bowl, The Family Stone was hosting the viewing party. The friend’s husband, an Air Force Major working in the Intel field, used Hack’s home computer to “check his email”. Dumbass didn’t even clear the browser history. Yep, Plenty Of Fish.


Air Force intel, eh?…….Hmmmmm…..

Nah, too easy–fish in a barrel.

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) – with his new supporters – is cool with this.

Remember when Phildo was picking up the young girls with his Navy SEAL claims hanging with that poser-supporting North Florida MC? The one with Keith “The Big Turd” Keeton?

Yeah. Keeton’s sorry ass got the boot. Clown.

Phildo hung around because he was paying for the drinks for a while.

Anyway, this clown can definitely roll down to All-Points Logistics and teach a few courses.

I wonder if he knows anyone on the Board?

Hack Stone

Hate the game, not the player.


With only a little over one and a half years left until he could have retired as an O-5, his WTF? actions finally caught up with him. He obviously let the little head do all his thinking with regard to the ladies. He should have focused on civilian females with no military experience, then he might have been able to keep all those balls in the air until retirement.

Well, at least he wasn’t a leader of trigger pullers, as he was apparently a Civil Affairs officer. Civil Affairs is one of the REMFyist branches of the Army. Their purpose is to teach third worlders how to create a rule of law government and a successful western style democracy. They were amazingly successful at this mission in Iraq and the A-stan, as demonstrated by recent events in the latter region. (Note: I didn’t call A-stan a nation or country, as it is now only a terrorist controlled tribal region.)


Nah, no way they are remfs. According to Wikipedia Civil Affairs is “…Army Civil Affairs personnel are Special Operations Forces-qualified and as such undergo rigorous assessment and selection…”. Sounds so high speed.

All I know is that when I commanded at company level we had fellow commander who was the absolute wonder kid. He had played football in the NFL, obtained a doctorate degree, married Miss Georgia and had all kinds of civic awards and trophies for saving babies and doing other nice things all over his office. He was the apple of the Battalion Commander’s eye and he eventually he requested and got picked to go to Civil Affairs.

Problem was that he was kind of dick and a little bit psycho so his soldiers hated him somewhat. He also didn’t anticipate that one day there there would be this big thing called the “internet”. Put together a pissed off soldier with a little time on his hands and the internet… and one day said solider drops a very big dime that the commander isn’t all he appeared to be. Things unraveled rather quickly after that.

It followed him to his new assignment and he ended up with a GOMAR getting passed over for that promotion to O-4 with peers, during the war time army when rates were like 91%. Strangely he got promoted the second time though. At least he was in the right arena. Getting paid to lie for a living.


In the air? More like focused keeping those balls drained.


IF the wifey waited 2 years,
she could have cashed in on 50% of his retirement
when she divorces his ass.

Now, she gets nada.


True dat.

Good thing Big Green wasn’t so fixated upon who was sleeping with whom back in my day, as I was shacked up with an Army buck sgt. back in Germany when I was a 1LT. But then she was a sgt in the Norwegian Army I met on a NATO exercise in Norway. Prolly would have married her if I hadn’t received orders for the Viet of the Nam.


Back in my day (80s) in Germany (Ramstein AB),
when the Comm Group XO (1LT) was caught in a room
on the (enlisted female) 4th floor of the unit HQ/dorm,
he was promptly PCSed to Elmendorf (Air Force Base, Alaska).

He was really fat,
so I doubt he ever made Major,
or if he even made Captain.


Read again, she was in the—Norwegian Army ( Army of Norway). Somehow I doubt there was a reg or UCMJ section against our romance.


I understood. You’re good.
Didn’t cost you 50%, either. 🙂


…From my own unpleasant experience – the MAXIMUM a spouse can get is 50%; the rule is that they get a chunk based on how many years they were married to you while you were in the service.

In my case, I joined in ’78, married The First Mrs. Coast in ’83, and retired in ’98. Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case) Mrs. Coast and her counsel only heard the ‘50%’ part and had it in their heads that she was going to get exactly that much…but our judge explained to her – quite patiently – that the only way she was getting 50% was if she had been married to me for every minute I was in the USAF. She had not; it worked out to a few months past 15 years. Therefore she was getting just a bit past 40%.

The look on her face and that of her counsel was worth every bit of what I’d gone through to be at that point. Turned out she had made a lot of plans based on certain things that turned out to be…less than accurate.

/Got better when she lost the house a couple minutes later


Again, you prove you have no clue what Civil Affairs does.

They are it even close to REMF. Few soldiers shake hands with the enemy and sit at their tables in their homes and operating spaces on a daily basis. No REMF element does that.

Civil Affairs have one of the highest casualty rates in the military.

During combat operations they are on the ground meeting locals in the communities that hate us the most.

They alsomeet militia leaders and community hostile actors at times and places that exposes them to ambush, assassination, and kidnapping.

There are plenty of other activities I can’t discuss on an open forum. But civil affairs establishes and develops has access and relationships with key individuals that few conventional ground elements develop. This allows for a great deal of opportunities to effect the operating environment or support critical operations at critical moments.


And yet again you prove that you’re completely and utterly incapable of composing even the simplest, spelling and syntax-correct statement. Pathetic..


Who gives a fuck at this point?

I shouldn’t even waste my time responding to this dumb shit, much less proofreading my responses.

You know fuck all about the military, Hatchet..,and rgr769 has not learned a damn thing since the early 90s and retained none of what he did learn.


Commissar snivels:
October 11, 2021 at 12:18 am

– Who gives a fuck at this point?

I guess if you’re making mention of my name and rgr769’s, we must be in your head. And based on the profundity of your response – I’d hazard a further guess that you’ve got a lot more fucks to give than we do. *shrug* No worries Lars. You’re still a pathetic FRAUD..


In the words of Yoda:

“Butthurt I sense. Fuck up the shut, you should.”


Yes and return to the Darkside, he should.


“ Few soldiers shake hands with the enemy and sit at their tables in their homes.”

Nice Lars, real nice.


So, I guess he and Bergdahl have something in common, as both have shared a falafel with a few of the ‘Slamonazi enemies of Western Civilization and humanity. Since he is in Commiefornia, maybe the mendacious mollusk could visit and share a meal with some serial killers at San Quentin.

As far as dining with the enemy, I say so what. When I was briefly a battalion S-5, I ate with some Vietnamese in a hamlet I later learned was largely VC once the sun went down.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Indeed Special Operations is the recruiting agency for Civil Affairs.

In this instance Commissar has it spot on, the requirements to get into Civil Affairs is no small thing.

Special Operations calls Civil Affairs their “Warrior Diplomats” for good reason.

It doesn’t change the fact the assclown in the OP is still an assclown, but it does mean Commissar is providing an honest and accurate reply with respect to the nature of Civil Affairs who are decidedly not REMFs…


Obviously, a little man..

A Proud Infidel®™

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, things don’t always go well when an adult male lets himself be a total slave to his dick!

John Seabee

When you take fancy dick steppin to the far reaches of extreme.


What legacy for your kid(s): a steaming pile of internet infamy. Say no to drugs, say yes to safe sex, and don’t Google your father’s name.


The lying conniving romancing Phony Navy SEAL
that attempted to infiltrate my family
is a Sr.

Dumbass Sr. gave his son the same name.
And, Jr. is now a MAJOR in the Army National Guard.

Worse, do the Fu of Google on the Army Major,
and his shitbird dad (Sr.) comes up on Page 1 of Images.


Actually, Sr. comes up on Google Fu primary Page 1.
It’s right here.


Wow. I sincerely hope Steve the Younger can overcome his dad’s BS.


He’s fine.
He was a Captain
when his old man was caught and exposed in 2015.
The gif graphic of Sr. went up in 2017.
I’m sure Major Jr. gets the occasional
“Do you know the Phony Navy SEAL with the same name?”


Douche– serves him right.


Wonder if he thinks the pu$$y was worth it now?


Veritas Omnia Vincit

Ain’t no pussy worth that…not that I’m any sort of Casanova by any stretch…

As much as I enjoy the romantic aspects of female companionship I have yet to find one that’s worth my salary, future pension, half my shit and potentially time in prison…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I have enough trouble keeping the truth straight being married to one woman….

I do not believe I have the mental capacity (never mind the lack of moral capacity) to entertain the notion of 6 women in a 5 year span while still married to one woman close to eighteen years…

That seems an inordinate amount of lying and effort for some pretend intimacy…