Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for VA healthcare personnel

| July 27, 2021

Veterans Affairs has mandated that VA healthcare personnel must take the Covid-19 vaccines. Those that will be required to take the vaccines in the VA include doctors, dentists, nurses, and those who interact with patients. According to the VA, this measure is to ensure that veterans who receive care know that the VA is taking efforts to ensure their safety. This includes a reduced risk of being infected with the Delta variant when they come in for healthcare services.

From Fox News:

“Whenever a veteran or a VA employee sets foot in a VA facility, they deserve to know that we have done everything in our power to protect them from COVID-19,” he continued. “With this mandate, we can once again make — and keep — that fundamental promise.”

An administration official stressed the importance of the move, saying it was imperative for patients to feel safe and not risk getting COVID from their health care providers. At this point, the Department of Veterans Affairs is the only federal agency that will require some employees to be vaccinated.

The announcement comes after the VA lost four employees to COVID-19 in recent weeks. All four were unvaccinated. The agency said at least three of the employees died due to the delta variant of the novel coronavirus.

The announcement also comes amid an outbreak among unvaccinated employees and trainees at a VA Law Enforcement Training Center, which the VA says it the third such outbreak during the pandemic.

Fox News has the rest of the story here.

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Can they file for disability with the VA for the VA giving them disability because of the disability of the VA to disable disabled Vets?
Just asking.

Mike Gunns

Next on the agenda is to make vets get the shot or lose their benefits. You heard it here first.


You see, while maintaining a sprinkler fire suppression system it’s very easy for a crew to accidentally swap the water feed and the NatGas line.
It literally happens. all. the. time.


Well stated Mike Gunns. They have been hounding me for the last year to
contact them about a Covide shot. Postal mailings, phone messages so far.
God help the person that is going to show up at my door. I will be polite
but in a military manner if know what I mean.


Will it start with, “With all due respect, if you don’t unass my AO…”
I have been wondering what I’d say next, maybe ‘offer a prostate massage with a sidewalk paver’?
Gotta work on it.


Start counting cadence as you show them out.


Coffee spew! Thanks.

USMC Steve

Don’t even be polite. It isn’t required. First post your property, no trespassing. Then if they show up order, not ask but order, them off your property immediately. If they don’t turn right around and leave, they are then trespassing and can be arrested, at least in most of the free states.


Saw this elsewhere on Al Gore’s invention:

This household charges $50.00 _per minute_ to listen to _any_ sales pitch, religious messages, or fundraising stories.
By knocking or ringing our doorbell you _agree_ to the terms stated above.


That’s strange. I have not had one bit of hassle at all about a covid vaxx shot from anyone except my sister, who had a major freakout last fall when one of her advanced bio students reported she’d tested positive for the bug.

If you take all the hype with a grain of salt, you’ll realize that it is all coming from the lefterds, not from anyone else.

Don’t let the zombies get you down, OK????


Provided without comment. There are more covers out there.

Longest two weeks fuh king eva.


Lawsuits falling like Autumn leaves in 5, 4, 3…


Here’s a cheerful list of movies/TV shows for you all to watch: Children of Men (2006): women somehow become infertile, no more children are being conceived or born, but one poor girl gets an escort to safety at the end of the movie, because she has, by some miracle, become pregnant. Meanwhile, lawlessness is everywhere but there’s no need to hide it if you want your ganja. Michael Caine was good in this one. “Survivors” (2008 British TV series) about a “superflu vaccine” that is supposed to prevent all flu viruses from spreading, but instead, creates a cytokine storm (lethal reaction that kills off the host) to the vaccine, and only a few people are left to fend for themselves. Then it shifts its spectrum and becomes lethal to birds. (Oops! There goes the food supply.) The Andromeda Strain – space-residing virus somehow gets down to Earth, lethal to all animal life (maybe even insects, but didn’t seem to address that), and at some point, the virus decides it’s done enough damage and returns to space. I could bring up the fact that when Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened, there was enough live mold and other nasty things on the walls to kill off anyone who went in there, and yes, a bunch of people died after entering the tomb itself. There are villages in Europe that were wiped out by plague diseasez such as bubonic plague, never recovered, and can’t be rehabbed because the bug is still in the soil… Read more »


Welp, anybody here that DIDN’T see this coming?

The Mark of the Beast. Show us your papers, Citizen!


I must be alone here. We both got the shots – the Army already tagged us with Swine Flu shots ‘way back when, plus whatever other mystery ‘ remove your shirt, pull up your t-shirt sleeve and shut up’ shots they tagged us with over the years. Don’t glow in the dark, didn’t get sick, and the black helicopters haven’t been tracking us.

Mike Gunns

Ah.. here’s the rub. If you’re still on active duty, you don’t have the autonomy that a private citizen has.

Your superior officers say jump and you ask how high on the way up. Been there, done that. Also how I got Hep C from a service required vaccination back in the mid 70’s.


Good for you. (golf clap)

Do you think those of us who won’t take the jab do so because of concerns of glowing, getting sick, or being tracked? I couldn’t tell if you were joking or being serious.

If you are serious, you should do some personal research.


The headline of this blog post made Lars and LC spooge in their pants.