About 1.8 million avoided work in favor of pandemic related benefits (report)

| July 25, 2021

Many are avoiding looking for work as they benefit from pandemic related unemployment benefits. These individuals did not want to lose their weekly payments, which total to a decent monthly paycheck. The potential exists for some to clear “six figures” on just government benefits. It’s as if they’re asking, “Why look for a job when Uncle Sam is paying me not to?”

From the Daily Wire:

Under President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, the federal government funded $300-per-week enhanced unemployment insurance — a policy that has caused sluggish labor market recovery. Twenty-six states — all but one of which are led by Republicans — have therefore opted out of the program.

As personal finance company WalletHub recently found, nine of the ten states with the most robust labor market recoveries — Vermont, Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho, New Hampshire, Alabama, Kansas, Montana, and Oklahoma — have Republican governors. Meanwhile, all of the bottom ten — Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, the District of Columbia, California, Connecticut, Nevada, New York, New Mexico, and Hawaii — are run by Democrats.

Another recent report explained that many blue states are offering benefit packages “equivalent to $100,000 a year in salary for a family of four with two unemployed parents.” Even without considering “food stamps, school breakfast and lunch programs, rental assistance, and the fact that some unemployment benefits are not subject to federal income tax,” analysts discovered that “the maximum benefit package when including the $300 a week supplemental UI benefit” vastly outweighs median household income.

The Daily Wire has details here.

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Free Sh*t!! (Vote Democrat for more… )

RGR 4-78

I hope you enjoy your enhanced communist bribes, Margret Thatcher warns you from her grave that it will all come tumbling down.


When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can count on Paul’s vote.


When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic. —Benjamin Franklin

But hey, the Constitution was a compromised document…


‘ the Constitution was a compromised document…’ – only according to our resident ZEK…


6 million people in this country facing foreclosure or eviction at the end of this month, Joe hand-in-hand with the Uniparty and it’s elite handlers are going to throw even more of your money at this problem, intently flying this b*tch right into the side of Mount Usury-ruin, all while paying themselves huge bonuses, lapping up resources, selling this country out to foreign interests, insider trading, all whilst patting each other on the back and having a good laugh that the socialists burn down the areas they wish to purchase and the patriots look to government to solve problems.

Complete inversion of reality and ethics.

The only solution is absolute destruction of systems that subsidize zombie businesses and vampiric banks, then hopefully by derivative, the state-made servile class.

Buckle in, folks. We’z in it now.


Spot on -Dog. Seems like we’ve had this conversation before. Seeing it up close and personal every day. My little village doesn’t have very many businesses, but EVERY DAMN ONE is screaming for help…at decent wages. Even the major sports equipment retailer distribution center down the road can’t fill positions.

The little big town up the road? Downtown area allowed to go to sh^t back in the 70s/80s until the buildings and real estate was dirt cheap. The same grifting grubermint officials that allowed it to happen went in, bought the places up for little or nothing and converted a lot of them into lofts and little shops/cafes and such, high dollar rent all around. Then they all started to “go woke” and pushed to have more minority owned businesses (grubermint subsidized) move in, raising the rent to the former tenants to get them out, and then using tax money to set up the new ones. With the influx of said minority businesses, the trash and gang bangers moved back in and now, per capita, the shooting and killing rate is as high as Chiraq. My Lady Friends appreciate the fact that I always, literally, ride shotgun for them when they have to go there.

And you’re right, it’s no longer coming, it’s here…now.


Now I don’t always apply to malice what could be attributed to dumbheaded, but well intentioned, actions. As you said, these programs are a grift for move votes paid for by the tax base, too often enriching the friends, families and allies of the politicos greasing the wheels.

Corruption is corruption, no matter who it ‘helps’.

I pray the area’s rabble go towards peace and the inhabitants find faith to become unencumbered from the external causes.




So, people would prefer to sit at home and do nothing while receiving the same amount of $$$ (or more) from Uncle Sugardaddy that they’d have received if working, eh?

This is my shocked face. I’d never have guessed that to be the case.

(Hopefully the sarcasm in the 2nd para is obvious, even to reading-comprehension-challenged folks like Commissar.)


👊😎*bump* on ALL counts


Pardon my Canukian two-bit’s worth but – “Why look for a job when Uncle Sam is paying me not to?” – because THERE’S NO FREE LUNCH. That one point nine TRILLION hard-won AMERICAN-TAXPAYER’S MONIES have to come from somewhere and it cannot come from the taxpayer’s(it’s not that they can’t, they shoulder more than their share and pay it when they’ve got to – it’s because, given to wealth-holdings of the Gov’t itself, THE TAXPAYER’S SHOULD’NT HAVE TO). Give me a red ear and a boot in the butt with a cold mukluk but in my humble opinion – this isn’t an ‘Emergency Program’ for the benefit of The American People, the good-of-all etc, this is Biden and Company outright STEALING the future from a fuck-ton of really gullible people(present company notwithstanding). And RGR 4-7 – well said, Sir. ‘Tumbling down like the very walls of Babylon..’.


The Free Shit Army is getting what they want… and contributing nothing in return. The only thing that would make things right in their eyes is someone wiping away all their student debt for their worthless degrees in SJW Studies.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Simply put, IMHO it’s politicians who think they’re everyone’s guardian wanting to “redistribute wealth” by confiscating it from those of us who produce and handing it to those conditioned to be lazy and feel special about themselves no matter what to buy their votes! I’ve seen “HELP WANTED” signs and ads everywhere, but as long as the freebies are offered…. That and the illegal aliens the left wants our Nation infested with who will work under the table and keep wages down!


Agree with the above, but…
I’d say the illegals often get treated closer to farm equipment than people, and the gov has shown that it doesn’t really *need* anyone to pay taxes.
It’s all lies and retribution.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO the illegal aliens are bottom rung pawns in the left’s control games.


Too true. The trained seals on the left and neo-right applaud this unnatural migration, as if our resources are infinite, unbeknownst this flood is planned and will shift the political sands underneath their feet for a lifetime due to reallocation of representation.
Not to mention it hurts the poor most in terms of wages.
Nothing good has or will come from this. Nothing.


Reply to API @ 8:33. Damn fat fingers or stupid iOS?


For those of you (like me) who are “Cold Warriors” from the 70s/80s, you may remember the book “MIG Pilot” about the defection of Soviet Air Force Lt. Viktor Belenko. He defected from a Soviet far-east AFB to Japan with his MIG -25 Foxbat. In the book he talked of how the Russian’s ultimate goal was “true communism”.
It looks from the above article looks we are almost there.

Slow Joe

How much has the national debt grown under Biden?