An inspiring tale of 5 ANZAC soldiers who escaped the Nazis

| July 11, 2021

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was a World War I formation that fought with distinction, most famously during the ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign. To Australians and Kiwis, ANZAC Day, which commemorates Gallipoli is a major national holiday. Soldiers of both countries still greatly identify with the spirit of the ANZAC troops.

I came across this great article about five ANZACs of the Second World War who fought in the ill-fated Battle of Greece. Two of the men escape a German POW train and spend weeks on the run. Along the way they meet up with three more men from Australia and New Zealand.

They make their way through Greece in a stirring odyssey before making their way to neutral Turkey, right through the Dardanelles Strait that lead directly to Gallipoli, where their ANZAC brethren fought so valiantly.

The article is a great Sunday read from the Australian Broadcasting Company, documented with photos, maps, and supported by contemporary diaries of the journey. Take a moment and read about something we here in the states often don’t hear about, and remember the sacrifices of our allies in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Steve 1371

This is an awesome story. Thanks Mason. A great read for sure.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Holy Moly, what a story.


Truly, an amazing story of courage, resiliency and unmitigated temerity. Loved the son’s descriptions – “a bit of a ratbag”, “hard bastard”, and(my fav!) “He was really tough and he didn’t take a backwards step.” Wow. To know that such men lived…and prevailed!! Cheers and Thank you for posting this, Mason.


I can empathize with these brave men. I once pulled off two hang nails at the same time!!

What? Not the same thing at all? It did sting though. OK, shutting up.


Open up any avionics suite in a fighter jet and you will find
all kinds of stuff with the ANZAC logo.
Just sayin…