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| July 9, 2021

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Officer’s daughter cleared in parking lot shooting

Becky Campbell
A Johnson City police officer’s daughter was cleared by a Washington County grand jury of any wrongdoing for shooting a man earlier this year after he pointed a gun at her.

District Attorney General Ken Baldwin confirmed that the grand jury reviewed evidence from the April 24 shooting that happened in the Cherry Street parking lot around 2:30 a.m.

According to Baldwin, Cheyenne Marie Rooker shot Levon Hinton once in the back as he walked toward a group of people he’d been in an altercation with earlier that morning.

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Johnson City Press
Stay away from places where stupid people do stupid things.

Bay Area homeowner shoots and kills intruder who kicked down his front door during breakfast

Homeowner CaliforniaThe Bay Area shot and killed an armed intruder he claimed to have kicked his front door while he and his wife were having breakfast.

Fairfield police received a 911 call about the shooting around 8:30 am on Tuesday.

The homeowner told police that he and his wife (both in their 60s, but unnamed) heard a knock on the door before the intruder kicked the door down.

He says he ran to regain the legally owned gun he used to shoot the man twice before he scrambled the street, fearing the safety of his wife and himself. It was.

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California News Times

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Hack Stone

Who the hell wrote that Northern California home invasion story? No review of grammar or context, sentences start and stop in random places. Overall, it gave Hack Stone a headache. Looks like something that a drunk Vice President of a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland would Post on a Military blog at 03:00.

AW1 Rod

C’mon, man! Modern “journalism” doesn’t require knowledge of syntax, grammar or punctuation!

MI Ranger

I thought it was a joke and that Yoda wrote it!

“fearing the safety of his wife and himself. It was.”


What are the chances of two people in their 60’s not having name’s
yet somehow meeting each other and getting married?

MI Ranger

Cheyenne’s parents should be proud of her, not just for her aim, but fact that she ran to the sound of gun fire. Took it upon herself to understand the situation, not get shot while doing so, and to protect innocent lives when imminent danger presents itself!!!

Also kudos to Tennessee for recognizing that good guys (and gals) with guns save lives and should not be penalized for acting in the defense of others! Also for eliminating all impediments to lawful carry .

AW1 Rod

Tennessee’s new permitless carry law isn’t quite everything it could’ve been, and we had hoped it would be: • The new law is not true constitutional carry. True constitutional carry means that everyone who can legally purchase or possess a firearm can carry the firearm in or on substantially all public properties. The Governor’s law does not do this. • The law did not repeal the law that makes it a crime for an individual to carry a firearm with the intent to go armed. That could have been done but it is not what Governor Lee and the majority of the Republican controlled Legislature decided to do. Instead, they retained and perpetuated the prohibition that keeps individuals from carrying firearms in Tennessee for personal safety and non-criminal use. • The new law is a qualified exception to the criminal charge of carrying a handgun (not all firearms) with the intent to go armed. The law has at least 7 conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for the individual to rely on it. • Under the new law, there are numerous classes of individuals who can legally purchase and/or possess firearms including handguns who cannot take advantage of the new “permitless carry law.” • There are geographic traps that were needlessly created by the permitless carry law. For example, while an individual who has a permit can carry in a public park or on a greenway it is a crime for an individual who is carrying… Read more »

MI Ranger

Sounds similar to what SC did AW1 Rod. SC allows people who have a permit to now carry in the open or concealed, and got rid of the $50 fee for a permit (shall issue), but you still have to complete a course, and file your fingerprints along with the request.
It is a step, but not the step! Personally I am in favor of people having to get trained. Not a fan of people flagging weapons all over the range like a toy. I also believe open carry (with some exceptions like hiking or hunting) is just an invitation for someone to shoot your first or try to steal your weapon.

I tend to agree with the statement: “Better to remain silent and people think you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Better to let them think you are harmless until it is time to demonstrate proficiency.


You have a valid point.
Tactically it is better to carry concealed so you are not targeted.
Politically it is good to open carry as it normalizes guns to the public.
When the soccer moms see people with guns every day in the grocery store, and nothing happens, it is a step towards changing the culture to view guns as something regular people use.